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Yoga videos for beginner or non-beginners.

Transition & Intermediate Yoga (Level 1)

Live yoga classes online, or in Flametree’s 2 Darwin yoga studios. Transition to intermediate and Intermediate levels provide the stepping stones between Beginner and Experienced classes.

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SPECIAL OFFER 1 week of FREE Transition classes when you move from Beginners.

Experienced Yoga (Level 2)

These classes provide ongoing teaching to suit those who have been practising yoga for a few years.

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Advanced Yoga (Level 3)

The Advanced class provides Experienced Students with the opportunity to work towards more challenging asanas, including pranayama.

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New Non-Beginners: 14 Days For $29!

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Ten Class Passes (For LIVE Yoga Online, or In-Studio Darwin)

Buy a Ten In-Studio classes pass for our regular non-beginner timetable. There are separate In-Studio & Online Ten passes. Choose based on whether you are a Darwin yoga student, or beyond. A Concession card discount is also available.

Yoga Insights

Gentle Yoga For Beginners Is Part Of An “Easy Beginner” Group Of Classes.

Gentle yoga for seniors, and others, helps you start yoga. How & why yoga can be for everyone. Gentle yoga for beginners, or gentle yoga for seniors, or for others, evokes a chuckle from some of my students. Even beginner yoga at home students who learn yoga at home, and who I chat to online, […]

Nadi Shodhana Benefits & How Alternate Nostril Breathing Works

Including how to do nadi shodhana pranayama. Nadi Shodhana benefits are what you get from nadi shodhana breathing pranayama. In short, it’s breath meditation using alternate nostrils. Each nostril has a separate and different “pathway”. So it makes sense that directing your breath through those different pathways can have very different affects. Nadi shodhana breathing […]

Bhramari Pranayama Benefits Are Large Enough To Maybe Save Your Life

Bhramari pranayama steps and benefits Bhramari Pranayama benefits are another key reason to integrate it into your yoga and pranayama. Yoga and Bhramari breathing have been around for thousands of year. It’s because they both work very well. It is a pranayama (or breathing meditation) where one makes the sound like a bumble bee in […]

Free Yoga Online Got Me Started, But It’s Not Where I’ve Ended Up

Every Tuesday morning, as Mum taught us school, we waited for the weekly mail truck. We were all of course dependent on snail mail. Anything like online yoga was science fiction. With any luck, on the mail truck, our Grandpa in Brisbane might send us a parcel of popcorn, and some new toys. Mum had […]