Yoga classes in-studio, LIVE online, or via on-demand yoga videos

Transition & Intermediate Yoga

Transition to intermediate and Intermediate levels provide the stepping stones between Beginner and Experienced classes.

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SPECIAL OFFER 1 week of FREE Transition classes when you move from Beginners.

Experienced Yoga

These classes provide ongoing teaching to suit those who have been practising yoga for a few years.

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Advanced Yoga

The Advanced class provides Experienced Students with the opportunity to work towards more challenging asanas, including pranayama

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Non-Beginner Hatha Yoga DEALS

Free and paid passes for non-beginner hatha yoga & breath meditation. Learn more

Unlimited entry to any Flametree classes except Beginners, subject to an appropriate level of your yoga skills. (New Flametree students only).

Low Cost Subscription Yoga Passes

Save money by paying by regular, weekly subscription. In-Studio subscriptions are via the orange button. Online yoga subscriptions are here are here

Ten Class Yoga Passes (Online or In-Studio)

Buy a Ten In-Studio classes pass for our regular non-beginner timetable. A Concession card discount is available.

Yoga Insights

Beginner Yoga Online For Libido, Insomnia, Mood, Eating Regulation, & More.

At times, we all have experiences of feeling irritable, angry, exhausted, or anxious. Sometimes, we also find we gain weight easily, or have low libido, insomnia, or mood swings. When any combination of these conditions happen, the chances are that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue. Adrenal glands are your “stress hormones” […]

When I Do Heaps Of Gardening, Yoga For Lower Back Pain Is My “Fix”

When Susie appeared last week in The Wednesday night Yoga for Backcare class, complaining of a sore lower back as a result of overdoing the gardening, I (Chris) totally understood. We live in Darwin. This year there has been lots of rain. I am not complaining because it has been just the best Wet season […]

Why Any Gym Near Me Is Not For Me!

Yoga, instead of the gym near me, gives everything I by way of fitness, strength, flexibility and calmness. It’s easy & time flys. Try it.

The Wonders of Chair Yoga

Try Chair Yoga at Flametree. It can be easier or harder but either way you get a bunch of improvements & benefits.