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Try Flametree Yoga Darwin NT. Online & Studio Classes.

Flametree Yoga Darwin NT offers the best deals for yoga online, or in-studio. In short, there’s both beginner or non-beginner introductory deals. In addition, Flametree Yoga Studio has a Darwin yoga space in Woolner,  Palmerston & Casuarina. So you’ll get classes to let you easily experience the best yoga space Darwin.

To get started, check out the deals at the orange buttons below, or find a yoga class time via the yoga timetable, or via the timetable and reservations page. Further down this page, there’s also useful information & links to Special Focus classes, & more.

Yoga Darwin deals

Chris Lalor, accredited Senior Teacher, leads Flametree Yoga in Darwin & online. Flametree’s main studio is a gorgeous space in Woolner (near Parap). It’s one of the hidden gems of Darwin. If you’re one of our interstate visitors, then try 14 days of unlimited non-beginner yoga for just $29. Try an excellent studio today. 

At Flametree Yoga Studio, try class types & options for all levels of experience

For a class styles range, choices include many class types. For example, try Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, Fifty Plus Yoga, Women Only Yoga (for hormonal systems focus), & Immune System Yoga.

In addition, Flametree’s timetable is in five levels, from gentle beginners classes to experienced yoga. So classes will always be at a suitable level for you.

Moreover, you get top quality yoga, in a supportive environment, with beautiful studios. Flametree’s experienced yoga posture (asana) teachers will also ensure a serene atmosphere in a beautiful space.

Most importantly, it’s all taught or supervised by an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher with over 12,000 hours of training. All of the teachers are experienced asana practitioners.

Above all, there’s many generous in-studio yoga classes options, or online yoga deals. So you start your fist class, or re-start yoga, at no risk to you.

Mountain pose

Our live stream classes, including special events, reach from San Francisco to Darwin, & far beyond. For new students, Flametree is a divine yoga studio because you can start with easy poses that all can do. You won’t have to race into a demanding sun salutation. Instead, for example, postures like this Mountain Pose is engaging many major muscle groups just by standing straight.

Flametree Yoga Darwin quality for all age levels

Meanwhile, even a small amount of regular yoga classes will get you many of the benefits of yoga.

Moreover, the yoga you’ll practise is for people of all ages. Put on comfortable exercise clothing, and do the free 2 week trial.

Start right way. There’s no need to wait until the first Sunday of every month, or whenever.

For both yoga in Darwin & online, you’ll learn modern classical yoga (also know as Iyengar yoga). It also has similarities to several other styles. This means it’s also a good option for Ashtanga yoga Darwin. Flametree’s restorative yoga classes are also another good way to get yin yoga Darwin classes.

Flametree’s way of using 5 levels of yoga means that it is absolutely possible to work just at the level that suits you.

With the Iyengar yoga links to classical yoga, you do poses worked out over thousands of years, and now proven by modern science.

Benefits of Darwin yoga at Flametree

Beyond all this, if you want more, check out the yoga benefits link, or see Yoga Insights at the bottom of this page. For instance, you can explore more details of yoga in Darwin or online, or see studies of yoga. In the same vein, you can read stories of how yoga has worked for many others.

In short, the benefits of yoga classes include improving fitness levels, as well as calming your nervous system. Contrary to what you’ve heard, you don’t have to be flexible to start. Beginner classes have appropriate challenge, but the physical rigor will suit anyone.

Over time your flexibility and fitness will steadily increase. With the guidance of great teachers, you can work at a level that suits you.

Many do yoga for holistic health. Others do it for better sleep, better relationships, managing weight, happiness, menstruation, menopause, men’s health, personal growth, or trauma.

For instance, there’s currently at least 117 health conditions that yoga has been proven to help.

yoga in darwin

Chris Lalor, is just one of the amazing teachers at Flametree Yoga. All packages are also such good value. Try them to experience a great yoga studio. Flametree’s virtual classes are also a great way to create your own yoga room, with your own yoga classes. If you want, try our yoga class videos too, at many different levels, for a single class, or many. Make your own perfect place for yoga in the convenience of your home.

Ten FREE breath meditation classes for yoga in Darwin & beyond

Furthermore, Flametree’s Senior Yoga Teacher (Chris Lalor), has 25 years of experience teaching pranayama breath meditation.

Above all, breath meditation and yoga practices work very well together (or separately).

Moreover, Flametree Yoga Darwin is one of the few studios that gives you two important services. It is both a top yoga course provider, and a studio providing regular, full length pranayama classes. You get all of it with high quality teaching.

Most importantly, non-beginners can do TEN FREE full length pranayama classes.

By the way, Flametree nearly always sticks to English terms. For example, we don’s ask what are Chitta name meanings. (It means Mind, which enables a person to be aware of the world.) At Flametree, from your first class and forever, you will never be confused by jargon.

In summary, we do modern classical yoga, and breath meditation, Unlike Agoy Yoga, we don’t do more than one style of yoga, and we don’t think its necessary to do so.

Four easy steps for Flametree Darwin yoga online classes

To sum up, we suggest you get set up for online yoga or pranayama (breath meditation). Then you try an even wider range range of classes and yoga class times.

Further, with online, you can also take your favourite yoga classes with you when you travel for work or play. Share our yoga space Darwin anywhere.

Here are the four easy steps to set up for online yoga classes, so you never miss your weekly classes yoga.

Then get settled and wait for the teacher’s easy instructions on what to do. When it comes to yoga teaching, we’re not about creative expression of the teacher. Instead, we just give you simple verbal help, along with demonstrations of poses.

Online & in-studio Beginner Introduction from Flametree’s Darwin yoga studio

6 Week Beginner Yoga COURSE deals, with 2 weeks FREE, from $AUS38.

OR, see deals for new or lapsed non-beginners. Up to 30 days, from AUS$15.

See all other deals for yoga in Darwin or online

beginner course

When it’s useful, a first time yoga student is encouraged to use yoga pose blocks. It’s one of the unique features of the type of hatha yoga you’ll learn. So, unlike vinyasa yoga, & other different styles of yoga, props take the hard work out of doing yoga in a way that gets you yoga’s maximum benefits.

Summary of Flametree’s Yoga in Darwin options, with 2 week FREE trial, & unlimited classes

Certainly, if you prefer privacy, or you have particular conditions, we offer private classes. They can be done as yoga in Darwin, or online. So you can create your own very private Darwin yoga space, no matter where you are.

After you get to class, if you don’t have a yoga class pass, please pay before class starts.

During class at 19 Bishop Street, Woolner, all yoga props are provided. But if you wish, you can bring a BYO mat.

When at yoga Casuarina classes, or Palmerston, please bring your own mat.

Also during the year, watch our Instagram or Facebook for regular workshops & yoga retreats. Over the year, there are options for lots of workshops and extra training. Sometimes, there are other experiences classes.

Similarly, there are other annual training options, or a visiting teacher to broaden your skills. Sometimes they are part series (or parts of a bigger training).

Flametree Yoga Studio discounts for staff of organisations, & gift cards

Gift cards are available for Flametree yoga space Darwin.

So the 2 week FREE trials, or generous non-beginner deals, to try a world class yoga class provider.

Above all, check out the top deals on this current page to start your re-start your practice of yoga. Enjoy a top Darwin yoga space.

Please also contact us if have an opportunity where we help with more community engagement, or you want a yoga discount for those in an organisation.

Ph +61 468 362 641  or  +61 448 11 22 51 for Flametree’s sales team, or for any other help.

Check Out Darwin Yoga Deals

If you wish, get more information from our yoga teachers at our 3 Darwin yoga studios. Teachers can act as a yoga lifestyle guide, as well as offer classes that are the best fit for your yoga classes. As a result, you can get maximum lifestyle support.

Alternatively, reach out via our phone number or email address.  (Or stay in touch to hear about our community activities).

Get free 2 week trials, including beginner courses, at the NT’s home of yoga.

Yoga students with at least 6 weeks of yoga can also get top quality meditation on the breath via 10 free pranayama classes.

So use all these different class offerings to get the highest quality instruction in the Northern Territory, for a top-notch education in yoga.

On any day, you can try general classes, or Special Focus classes. For example, for a yoga class Wednesday evening, try Mixed Non-Beginner, on a Back, Neck & Shoulder class.

Try the NT’s place of high value yoga. Most importantly, use the unlimited passes to try a range of excellent teachers. In addition, enjoy getting to know a fantastic group of yoga students.

yoga in darwin

Chris Lalor, demonstrating the good alignment principles for which Iyengar yoga is famous. If you’re also after other yoga flows, yin yoga, or Ashtanga yoga, then Flametree Yoga NT is also an excellent option. Of course, all yoga in the NT is hot yoga (or an escape from hot yoga). We mean that you can retreat to our aircons if you choose. Try the best yoga territory in Darwin today. The best way is to buy a free trial pass and then book sessions as you go. If your visiting Darwin, then our introductory deals are better exercise than a swimming pool in popular hotels. Maybe you are from Alice Springs? Visiting our Darwin classes is how many of them got started 

Above all, Flametree acknowledges Larrakia Nation. They are the traditional custodians of the land of the yoga territory in which we practise.

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