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Budget yoga deals for BKS Iyengar yoga online videos, & Iyengar video yoga classes, with combinations of Flametree Yoga video, LIVE online, studio, & pranayama for beginners videos. Plus, see: “Why Iyengar yoga?”, & “How to start Iyengar yoga”. Check out these affordable yoga and fitness deals, & with some at HALF price. You get highly affordable yoga & fitness videos, with or without LIVE online or LIVE studio packages. If you want “affordable yoga studios near me”, then videos, or online, are as nearby as you get! Fantastic for yoga on a budget.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD), but when you look at the detail of each package, press the buttons in the top right to get prices in major currencies.

Most popular budget yoga video or combination deals

From all the packages listed below, here are some that are very popular.

If these affordable yoga & fitness options are not exactly what you need, then see the other yoga on a budget deals below.

Especially if you’re using some videos, there are great budget yoga options for whole households.

By the way, at the bottom of this page, there are also suggestions on when and why these BKS Iyengar video options can be especially useful for you.

If the pranayama for beginners videos are not what you need, then also remember that all most video and other passes include many pranayama classes for non-beginners.

Access videos via your “Your Account Page“, & these steps

Towards the bottom of this page, you’ll also see the simple steps to access your videos.

Plus, if you need it, there’s also a tiny video about accessing your videos.

FREE 1st LIVE class, & other HALF price packages of budget yoga

Alternatively, if these packages don’t suit, then try a FREE 1st LIVE online or in-studio class.

Or, see the LIVE online or in-studio full list of yoga passes, including more options like HALF price newcomer and lapsed deals online or in-studio, or both (including 2 FREE classes).

Don’t miss these yoga on a budget deals.


Video Packages Below Are Videos, With Or Without LIVE Online, & Studio Option.

Beginner Course Video & Class Options. Or, Non-Beginner Weekly Or Yearly Plans.

Click on each package for more budget yoga details, from a dollar a day.

Once you have a Flametree Yoga package that includes Playback access, here’s how to use and access it.

How to access your Iyengar yoga online videos

  1. Buy the Flametree package that has the playback package that you want.
  2. You’ll get an email to confirm your purchase.
  3. The email will say you can view more details about your membership from YOUR ACCOUNT on the Flametree site.
  4. Follow the link to “Your Account
  5. In your account, you’ll see the list of playback videos you have subscribed for.
  6. You can sort them based on options such as “Experienced” or “Intermediate”.

Video on accessing your Iyengar yoga online videos

If you need extra help with getting access to your BKS Iyengar video packages, please watch this very short video on accessing your videos.

In addition, you can contact us via the Customer Service Contacts. Or, the contacts are also at the bottom right of this page.

pranayama for beginners videos for BKS Iyengar

Accessing your Iyengar yoga online videos as you need them

  • After the first occasion, when you want to access your videos, go to the Dropdown menu in the top right of the Flametree site.
  • In the Dropdown menu, select “Yoga Class Playback Videos (On Demand)

Get affordable yoga deals with certified Senior Teacher, Chris Lalor.

Iyengar yoga online videos & affordable yoga

Check out a large library of classes from beginner to advanced, with more Iyengar yoga online video classes being added each week.

Why Iyengar yoga?

Top reasons for why Iyengar yoga, include highly trained teachers, precise “show & tell” with doing poses, & a focus on being correctly aligned in the asanas. In turn, that best gives you the immense benefits of yoga, & all the other learnings from classical yoga.

In addition, BKS Iyengar yoga is taught at a wide range of levels, from gentle beginner classes, through intermediate, to advanced. Iyengar yoga classes allow you to avoid the “one size fits all” approach of too many yoga styles.

The innovative techniques, and insightful learnings, taught by the late Mr B K S Iyengar in India, are steadily included in Flametree’s budget yoga videos, LIVE online classes, and in-studio classes.

Because Iyengar yoga is high quality, it’s also often quite expensive. That’s why these yoga on a budget deals are great for Iyengar yoga videos, or any other yoga styles you may know.

How to start Iyengar yoga?

To start Iyengar yoga, use any mix of video, online, studio classes you choose, or learn at home via other guides. Like learning any new skill and approach, it’s faster & easier if you have a certified Iyengar teacher. That’s also likely to motivate you more.

Via the BKS Iyengar video packages, or other mixes of online and studio classes, you can see and get all these advantages and recommendations, and many more.

So, try the best Iyengar yoga online videos, with easy ongoing access for B K S Iyengar video classes. Or choose other packages so you get the best of all approaches.

Remember, also try our B K S Iyengar pranayama for beginners videos. This can be done with any of the many pranayama videos in the library, or via Flametree’s introductory pranayama video course (including 10 free pranayama video classes).

Don’t miss these these highly affordable yoga and fitness deals, especially the HALF price budget yoga options.

Get quality yoga classes for as little as a dollar a day.

Advantages of Iyengar yoga online videos

If you’re still thinking about a video package, or pranayama for beginners videos, then here are some of the other advantages of using video packages, with or without studio or online combinations.

So, consider videos, or video combination packages, when you’re:

  • Doing yoga when you’re free of child minding activities for the day or evening
  • As an option when you can’t travel to the yoga studio, or the online class times don’t work for you
  • Or, when you’re travelling for work or play and don’t want to miss yoga
  • If you’ve got a health condition that needs regular yoga and you need to not miss it
  • When classes are at times you need with the family
  • You need to attend key events, or you don’t want to miss them
  • You can schedule times in your diary when you’ll do a video class, thereby helping you to more regularly look after your fitness and wellness.

Plus, on top of all that, both online yoga, and video classes are excellent ways to motivate yourself to actually do a full class, with each necessary part of a yoga class sequence.

affordable yoga and fitness via budget yoga videos

This picture shows the front page of one of the recent videos, taught by accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor. She’s also the founder of Flametree’s affordable yoga studios. Don’t miss these these affordable yoga and fitness deals, especially the HALF price budget yoga options. 

Flametree’s affordable yoga studios

Remember, you get highly affordable & fitness videos, with or without LIVE online or LIVE studio packages.

Flametree also has LIVE online or in-studio daily classes at its range of affordable yoga studios.

That means further class videos are made daily. Then, they’re checked and edited by Flametree’s certified Senior Yoga Teacher (and mostly only taught by her).

So, you get a useful and even transformational variety of LIVE studio and online classes, plus yoga videos combinations.

As a result, you also get a complete range of portable yoga classes videos. 

They range from BKS Iyengar video classes (in all formats), to pranayama for beginners videos and courses.

Yoga on  a budget for whatever you need

It means there is a yoga on a budget class, and class type, for every season, condition, mood, or whatever you need.

Plus, wherever you go, you can conveniently take your wonderful  Flametree yoga and meditation teachers with you.

In summary, add some Iyengar yoga videos to your yogic activities (including powerful pranayama meditation).

Don’t miss these these affordable yoga and fitness deals, especially the limited time HALF price budget yoga video or other online and in-studio options.

Get your best yoga on a budget mix.


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