Yoga Poster Set For Students & Trainee Teachers


Yoga Poster Set For Students & Trainee Teachers


Top value package of 3 posters of main 62 Iyengar yoga poses

Here’s an easy way to learn Iyengar yoga poses, as well as their English and Sanskrit names. In the process, you can of course get more of the many benefits of yoga.

Plus, if you’re an Australian Iyengar Yoga Teacher Trainee, it’s an easy way to learn the sequence of asanas done for certification.

So, if you want some easy reminders of poses to practise, then please consider buying this new package of 3 yoga poses posters.

3 yoga poster set, ready to print

This Iyengar yoga poster package precisely illustrate 62 Iyengar yoga style yoga asanas (and some extra variations), in these 3 different sizes:

  • A4 poster of 62 main Iyengar yoga posters taught, with various alternatives, across Flametree Yoga Studio classes, and any good quality Iyengar studio.
  • A3 version of the above, with all the poster names in Sanskrit, and the ideal time to hold the yoga pose (including for yoga teacher training).
  • A2 version of the above, with English names as well.

Complete Iyengar sequence for yoga teacher trainees

The posters actually also show the sequence of poses that Iyengar yoga teacher trainees get assessed on, as part of their certification. So, the posters are also an indispensable guide to how to become an iyengar yoga teacher in Australia.

This Iyengar yoga asanas poster is the exact Iyengar sequence that an Iyengar yoga teacher needs to do, in front of an Assessment Panel, in order to be certified as an Iyengar yoga teacher.

If, in the back of your mind, you think you may someday become an Iyengar yoga teacher, then use these posters to start learning steadily, from now.

Or, for more detail, see an outline of Flametree’s teacher training course, with up to 90% OFF.

Valuable for every Iyengar student

But, these yoga posters also very useful to all Iyengar yoga students.

Obviously, many of you can print with either an A4 or A3 printer.

You can easily print the A2 version at the Australian firm Officeworks, in colour, or black and white, including lamination. Or, Officeworks can print all the sizes.

Buy now, or see more details below. Or, flick through the pictures that are extracts from the posters.

Remember, the posters are PDFs, so you need to use an app that opens PDFs.

To buy, select the number of posters you want, Add To Cart. You can make a secure e-commerce payment at our online checkout.

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Colourful, professionally designed yoga poster set

Yoga poster of yoga poses in the highly regarded Iyengar yoga style. So, it’s an excellent Iyengar yoga asanas poster for teacher trainees, or any yoga student from any style. Plus, see how to become an Iyengar yoga teacher, including the part these posters can play for you.

In summary, you get:

  • 3 posters that are correctly set up correctly in different PDF sizes, so they will print in high resolution color
  • Each size has different levels of detail, such as names, languages, and times to hold the poses
  • The poses are precisely and correctly done, showing the alignment, posture, and straightness of limbs that Iyengar yoga asanas are famous for
  • Some common variations of poses in an Iyengar sequence (as illustrated below).

So, the different sizes allow you to put them on appropriate walls, or in frames, and memorise the asana names and attributes.

If you ever want to get the status and expertise of a top yoga teacher, the posters, and what you’ll read below, also let you see how to become an Iyengar yoga teacher.

But, way beyond yoga instructor training, almost anyone doing yoga, will, over time, be greatly helping with learning all and practising all of these key Iyengar yoga poses.

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Reclining big toe pose one and two

The Iyengar yoga asanas poster also includes common variations to key yoga poses. Obviously, you can use a belt, or other props, to do any of these yoga asanas. Your posters will print out in perfect resolution.

Use the yoga posters as reminders

Each Iyengar yoga asanas poster is great for putting in appropriate places around your house, or workstation, or both.

But, put them where you’ll see them regularly.

Maybe also put one wherever you currently practise most, or where you could practise.

Or, maybe put a yoga poster:

  • behind the toilet door
  • on your phone or tablet
  • on the fridge
  • wherever else they can remind you to practise a pose regularly.

Having the yoga posters and Iyengar sequence handy will even remind you of the next yoga class or classes that you could attend. We all know how easy it is to forget!

Tree pose and Mountain yoga pose

The Iyengar asana sequence is a key learning tool for how to become an Iyengar yoga teacher. Each yoga poster goes from pose 1-62.

Iyengar yoga poster set for just AUD$13.99

This new ecommerce product is set up so it’s difficult to get the yoga poster set without paying it, especially in the detail that make them easy to read the detail.

(Earning a small return helps us create new resources for yoga students on other issues too).

Of course, getting a yoga poster while you breach the yoga honesty (asteya) principle is also not cool.

But, the picture above is one very tiny example of what the individual poses look like.

The yoga poses poster set include:

  • the illustration of the asana (in the exact Iyengar style),
  • the names of each pose in the Iyengar asana sequence
  • pose numbers for ease of reference, and
  • the suggested time to hold the pose if you want to see how to become an Iyengar yoga teacher.

Obviously, once people buy, they get the PDFS in all their clarity, scaled up to the correct size for printing etc. If you have any trouble with them, please use the CHAT button, or contact us.

Please also consider giving away a yoga poster set as a gift, with or without one of Flametree Yoga’s gift vouchers?

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how do you become a yoga teacher

The major backbend pose in the yoga poster set, with and without a chair, plus the number of times that yoga teacher trainees should do it at their certification assessment.

How to become an Iyengar yoga teacher

To become an Iyengar yoga teacher, you’re assessed by a panel of Senior Teachers as you do the Iyengar yoga poses sequence of 62 poses, & also teach a class 6 poses in 30 minutes. You also do 5 essays on key issues. Preparing takes 3 years; with 3 years of Iyengar, before starting.

For more detail, see an outline of Flametree’s teacher training course, with up to 90% OFF.

In Australia, the 62 poses used to assess yoga teachers, are those illustrated in this poster set. Plus, the timings, and suggested variations, are shown.

These poses show so-called Sequence One for how to become an Iyengar yoga teacher.

However, there is also a Sequence Two. But, in the bottom right corner of the A3 or A2 posters, you’ll see a list of the half a dozen poses that are different in Sequence 2.

In these yoga posters, every asana is numbered. Plus, the list of Sequence Two poses is numbered. So, to get your Sequence 2, you can just substitute the poses that are listed.

So, get the yoga posters, and start learning or perfecting these poses now. You never know where your love for yoga, and its many benefits, may take you.

Plus, of course, the yoga posters will help you regularly improve your yoga at home… no matter where you are, or what you do.

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