Best Yoga & Breath Meditation Packages In Australia

Introduction To Breath Meditation is an online and playback class for both non-beginners and beginners.

Meditation delivers dramatic benefits, either done by itself, or in combination with yoga classes.

This class can be done as part of any of our existing packages, such as the weekly subscriptions at any level, or the Beginner Course. It’s a weekly class at 7.30-8.15am Sundays, via online or streaming video playback 24/7.

Breath Meditation is a great way to start your day, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. It will start your day and week in a way that has everything work better for you. The latest research shows how breath meditation helps both brain and body.

For those who have never done any of our Pranayama classes, this new class is an easier way into the two Pranayama classes we teach each week (at 7pm Mondays, and 6.30am on Fridays).

Beginners can also come to the Introduction to Breath Meditation class.

(However, Beginners can only come to the two Pranayama classes after they have completed the 4-week Beginner Course. This is because the beginner course, or several weeks of the Beginner Level classes, will not only train you in introductory breath meditation, but will also teach you more about how to extend your breath and chest in a way that supports Pranayama.)

Non-beginners can of course come to the Introduction to Breath Meditation, taught by Margi, plus either or both of the two weekly Pranayama classes … which are each taught by Chris. (In other words, Introduction to Breath Meditation is what we call an Open Level class).

If you are doing the Beginner Course, or the Beginner Level classes, this Introduction to Breath Meditation class is an exciting addition to the beginner yoga packages. For the same beginner deals you can get access to both yoga and meditation. It’s taught by a certified teacher, and done in a highly supportive manner.

As part of the Introduction to Breath Meditation class, you’ll also learn do some restorative yoga poses.

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