Flametree’s Meditation & Pranayama Packages, Including Free Trials

Introduction To Breath Meditation is an online and playback class for both non-beginners and beginners.

Pranayama are follow-up classes (online & in-studio) for non-beginners.

All these classes are outlined below

These yogic practices delivers dramatic benefits, either done by itself, or in combination with yoga classes.

Benefits of breath meditation

The benefits include:

  • reducing stress, anger, anxiety, and blood pressure
  • improving sleep
  • restoring energy
  • helping maintain your immune system
  • bringing about deep relaxation
  • improving emotional and mental stability
  • changing consciousness (if that’s a goal).

Better outcomes for sleep, or anxiety, are two particularly popular reasons that our students do our breath meditation, or pranayama classes, or both.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment. It can also be achieved via breath meditation, with the same benefits.

Some practices you’ll learn

Some of the particular practices you’ll learn over time include:

  • Ujjayi (or Ocean Breath)
  • Bhramari (Bumble Bee Breath)
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing.

You’ll also learn how to combine these with Mudras, so the breathing practices are even more soothing, and powerful.

There’s more about how these practices work, here.

Beginner & Non-Beginner Deals

If you’ve already heard enough, you can go straight to Flametree’s starter deals at the two buttons below.

How the Beginner and Non-Beginner deals and timetable work

Any of the breath meditation classes can be done either by themselves, or in conjunction with various types of yoga classes.

The Introduction to Breath Meditation weekly class can be done as part of any of our existing packages, such as the weekly subscriptions at any level, or the Beginner Course.

It’s a weekly class on Sundays, via online, or at any time via streaming video playback 24/7.

It’s a great way to start your day, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. It works especially well when done online.

For those who have never done any of our Pranayama classes, this class is an easier way into the two Pranayama classes we teach each week (at 7pm Mondays, and 6.30am on Fridays).

Please note that Beginners can only come to the two Pranayama classes after they have completed the 4-week Beginner Course, or equivalent. This is because the beginner course, or several weeks of the Beginner Level classes, will not only train you in introductory practices, but will also teach you more about how to extend your breath and chest in a way that supports Pranayama.

Restorative yoga too

As part of the Introduction to Breath Meditation class, you’ll also learn do some restorative yoga poses.

The restorative yoga helps you expand the chest, strengthen the body, and calm your senses.

In Flametree’s packages, you can also include our restorative yoga classes.

There’s more about Flametree’s beginner restorative yoga options, here.

There’s more about Flametree’s non-beginner restorative yoga options, here.

More on Pranayama or Breath Meditation

There’s more information about our non-beginner Pranayama classes, here.

There’s even more about breath meditation, including the particular types of practices you’ll learn, on the Flametree blog page, here.

Summary of breath meditation options

In summary, Flametree’s Beginner and Non-Beginner packages include Breath Meditation, online, in-studio, or on-demand.

We recommend that Beginners who are especially interested in breath meditation, should do the Easy Restoration class at 4pm on Saturdays, and the Introduction to Breath Meditation class at 6.30am on Sundays. (Please check our timetable for seasonal times).

Non-beginners, and those who have done 4 weeks of our Beginner breath meditation classes, can also do our two weekly Pranayama classes, at 7pm on Mondays, and 6.30am on Fridays. There’s also two non-beginner Restorative Yoga classes each week.