Beginner Yoga Courses, Packages & Prices

(Non-beginners get 14 days unlimited classes for just $29, here).

Beginner yoga courses, or beginner week-to-week options, are outlined below.

All Beginner deals offer up to 2 weeks of FREE beginner yoga, with daily classes by experienced teachers.

Beginner classes are LIVE online, or in-studio in Darwin, Australia, or both.

Each of the week-to-week passes have 2 weeks of free yoga before any money comes out of your account. During the 2 weeks, the pass can be cancelled, for any reason, at no cost to you.

There’s also a money back guarantee in the first paid week of the packages.

Once you’ve chosen the package you want, click on the relevant link below. It will take you to a link for that package, where you can see more details, and buy the package via our secure e-commerce.

Beginner Yoga Courses or Week-To-Week

All Beginner Level classes run every week, and can be joined at any class. Every so often, we run quick start, 2 class, beginner yoga courses. These mini-courses give you some background, and beginner poses. However, for those joining Beginner Level classes at any time, the teacher will give you particular help if required.

At every class, there’s also demonstrations and descriptions of every pose, and plenty of revision of poses done at other classes.

Week-to-Week Beginner Subscriptions (all with 2-week FREE trial from the date of your first class)

  • Beginner In-Studio for unlimited classes in our studios at $15.95 a week. It gives you access to all of the many in-studio beginner classes on our beginner timetable.
  • Beginner Online for unlimited online classes at $9.95 a week. It gives you access to all of the many online beginner classes on our beginner timetable.
  • Ultimate Beginner at $19.95 a week gives you unlimited beginner classes in our studios, online, and also access to Beginner Videos (Playback or On-Demand). The everything pass!
  • Beginner Videos (Playback)is $6.95 a week. It allows you to access the recorded (on-demand) classes.

Pay per class

  • Beginner 10 Pass for $99. It’s good if you are not sure how many classes you can attend each week. (Newcomers also get their first 10 pass at HALF PRICE).
  • Casual Beginner Pass for one class in-studio or online: $11

There are also a 10 pass deal for just online classes. There’s also concession ten pass options you’ll find via these ten pass links.

Mini beginner yoga courses deals

These mini-courses are added to our website at least 2 weeks before the course date.

The mini beginner yoga courses costs $29 for online, in-studio, or both.

If you’re not buying  a course, the best option for the 2-week free trial is a week-to-week pass. See the above week-to-week subscription deals.

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