Yoga Gift Voucher For Online Or In-Studio Yoga

Check out this easy to use yoga gift voucher. It can be used for a yoga retreat gift voucher, or for yoga class gift vouchers of many types. For instance, use it just for ONLINE yoga packages from the high quality Flametree Yoga Studio, or for its IN-STUDIO yoga (in Darwin, Australia), or both. So try out the best gift vouchers for yoga.

If you give the gift card to someone who is new to Flametree, they use it like a coupon code.

The person getting the gift, just goes head and gets the Flametree package they want, and credit the amount of the gift towards it.

The person you make the gift to will get an email, with easy instructions on how to use whatever yoga gift vouchers you choose.

To get on with it, just choose a Gift Card displayed below on this page.

Gift cards are used for any package of classes the new student chooses

The person receiving the gift card has to visit the Flametree website, and buy a yoga class or package of yoga classes.

In other words, they use it like a gift of yoga class gift vouchers.

They can also use it for yoga retreats or workshops. So it also works like a yoga retreat gift voucher.

In the process, they create a student account.

They then redeem the gift card code they have received. (That’s why it works a bit like a coupon code that are used for giveaways or price reductions).

So the gift voucher is a credit against a future purchase, whenever the new student chooses to make the purchase.

In other words, the gift cards are setup as a monetary value to be redeemed against any package of classes that the person receiving the gift wishes to use.

Use the gift cards on this page as a pre-paid, multi-purpose gift voucher

The Gift Cards, such as you see on this Page, allow you, as a Flametree customer, to buy and send a prepaid, multi-purpose gift card.

In addition, the gift card can can be digitally redeemed, by the receiver of the gift, at our Flametree online store.

At our end, when Flametree receives an order for a gift card that you have bought, a unique gift card code of equal value is created. It’s sent to the recipient of the gift voucher that you have chosen.

The lucky owner of the new gift card can:

  • Use it to pay for orders by entering the code directly at checkout from Flametree’s online store.
  • Add the gift card to their Flametree account for later use.

The voucher amount is stored in the new student’s account at Flametree

If you are an existing Flametree student, and you receive a gift, you can credit the amount of the gift towards whatever Flametree yoga package you want, now or later.

For example, it might go towards buying a ten pass, or a yoga intensive, or a yoga retreat.

For existing students (and new students once they have a Flametree account), the amount of the yoga gift voucher will stay in a student’s Flametree yoga account until it is all used up.

So try it by giving a gift to someone who does yoga at Flametree, even if they are a bit lapsed!

Or, even better, send a gift card voucher for someone totally new to Flametree.

If you, or the receiver of the gift has any difficulties or questions, the Flametree Custom Service Team will sort it quickly. The Teams contacts are at the bottom of this page.

Gift card vouchers are sent by email, on a date your choose, with your message

With the Gift Card yoga gift vouchers, you can:

  • Choose a delivery date for your voucher gift to be emailed to the receiver of the gift,
  • Send a personal message to the lucky person getting the gift voucher.
  • Add multiple gift recipients (like when you buy a yoga beginner pass for two),
  • Choose a gift card variation to suit the occasion, like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, workplace rewards, and more.

All you need to do is specify an amount for the Gift Card (via what Gift Card you choose). The amount you choose may or may not be guided by the price of any particular package of classes at Flametree.

After that, you leave it to the recipient to choose exactly what Flametree package best suits them.

So go ahead now and choose a Gift Card from those displayed, or read more on these options below.

To get on with it, just choose a Gift Card displayed below.

  • Yoga Gift Certificate
    Buy gift card

    $20 Gift card

  • gift of yoga
    Buy gift card

    $50 Gift card

  • yoga gift set
    Buy gift card

    Yoga Gift Card (Or Gift Set) For Various Amounts


Yoga class gift vouchers

By way of recap, you just choose the Gift Card at the amount you want to give.

So, ideally, choose a gift voucher value that is close to the value of a particular package of classes that you think would be suitable for the person receiving the gift.

It can be any amount you want, within the range of the gift cards above.

The Gift Cards, for your convenience, include one where you can choose from several different amounts, in the range from $11 to $195.

Some popular Flametree class packages

As a guide to some amounts you may want to choose, for instance, here are some typical yoga class packages at Flametree.

As indicated below, there are online & in-studio options. In addition, some class package are both online and in-studio.

If you wish, you can write in your email message the name of the package that you have in mind for them. But you don’t have to even bother to do that.

Instead, for instance, you can just say that its entirely up to them how they choose to use the yoga vouchers.

In other words, no matter what you have in mind, they can choose to use the amount for some other yoga class gift voucher classes that suits them.

To get on with it, just choose a Gift Card displayed above on this page.

Yoga retreat gift voucher

The person receiving the gift can use the voucher for a yoga retreat gift voucher.

The amount you give would be an amount they credit towards the periodic retreats that Flametree offers.

Flametree offers these retreats or workshops from time to time.

They’re advertised when they are current, and students can choose to use the voucher at that time.

Choose any voucher value, or choose based on the price of a package

At the class package links above, you can see more about particular class packages. This may help choose value of the gift voucher that you select.

At this link, you can also see all Flametree yoga packages.

If you have been given a yoga gift voucher, or when others have, it’s possible to check the gift card balance, at any time, on a student’s account page.

Obviously, the person getting the voucher, can also do this, once they have a Flametree yoga account.

In conclusion, try out these retreat vouchers, or yoga class gift vouchers now.

To get on with it, just choose a Gift Card displayed above on this page.

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