Best Yoga For Beginners Pass With Both Online & In-Studio Unlimited Classes, Plus Videos.

USD$13.14 / week with a 2-week free trial

Best Yoga For Beginners Pass With Both Online & In-Studio Unlimited Classes, Plus Videos.

USD$13.14 / week with a 2-week free trial

COMBINED, unlimited in-studio and online beginners yoga classes each week, plus access to beginner yoga videos.

If you want to buy this $19.95 weekly pass right now, click the “Sign Up Now” button below, and go straight to checkout.

Or, see Beginners Yoga ONLINE ONLY weekly pass at $AUS 9.95 a week.

Alternatively, check out Beginner Yoga IN-STUDIO ONLY weekly pass (Darwin Australia region, at $AUS 15.95 a week.

To see the price in other major currencies, click on the currency icons to your right.

Another good option, that allows you to start any mix of our many, ongoing beginner level classes, is the newcomer’s HALF price 10 pack. Plus, if you start within 7 days of getting the discount code, then you get 2 extra classes for FREE.

Please note that pay-by-the-week passes can be paused on cancelled at any time.

The low cost, high value, pay-by-the packages will debit until you pause it or cancel it. (For instance, they’re like a Netflix subscription). If you don’t attend, the cost of the classes you miss, for whatever period, is NON-refundable. 

The weekly direct debits start and continue on the day of the week that you first start them.

Free 2 week trial

This Combined weekly pass, and the above week-to-week passes, all include an extra 2 weeks FREE.

However, this pass, like our other pay-by-the-week deals, is only available to you if you have already bought some other paid, introductory pass, such as the newcomer’s HALF price 10 pass (as above). In other words, this pass is designed to give good value to ongoing students.

You need to supply a credit / debit card number, but there is no charge made to the card until after the 14 day FREE trial.

There’s no obligation either. If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero.

To get this pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button below, and go straight to checkout.

All packages, including ten pass

All yoga for beginner deals and prices, including casual classes, ten passes and more are at All Flametree Packages.

To see all beginners yoga class times, including in your time zone, go to the Beginner Yoga Timetable.

Non-beginner deals

The Non-Beginner Deal is 14 days of unlimited non-beginner classes for just $29, both online & in-studio (Darwin region).

Or see Non-Beginner ONLINE ONLY deal of 30 days for just $14.95 (for those new to Flametree or lapsed 6 months).

3 Locations across Darwin

Flametree Yoga Studio teaches yoga in each of Woolner, Palmerston, & Casuarina. Details are in the Beginner Timetable.

All classes are also online.

More details below, including videos

For more information, read on, or scroll to the bottom of this page to see short videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals.

There’s also videos on Gentle Yoga, and Backcare Yoga. But all beginner classes are easy yoga. You’ll get introductory poses that all can do. No flexibility is needed to start.

If you want, in the next sections, there is also a lot of further yoga for beginners details.

Remember, the first 2 weeks are free, without any charge. There’s no risk to you. If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero.

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Best yoga for beginners COMBINED online LIVE online yoga & in-studio (Yoga Darwin) pass

Best yoga for beginners pass because you get unlimited online and in-studio (Yoga Darwin) classes. Check out the very best yoga beginner classes deal.

This weekly pass is for any mix of Flametree Yoga’s many in-studio and LIVE online beginner classes each week.

Do them at home, or do them at Flametree’s 3 Darwin yoga locations.

If you want to buy this $19.95 pass right now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

beginners yoga near me

For the physical practice of Flametree’s hatha yoga, all you need is a yoga mat. If you’re at our 3 locations in Darwin, your yoga teacher will also have props like a yoga block, and a yoga strap. Plus, bare feet are a great way to get a good grip.

Check it out with a FREE 2 week trial & guarantee, or see videos below

The pass starts with a two-week FREE trial. As soon as you buy the pass, you get 2 weeks of free beginning yoga classes online.

This paid week of online classes will start at the end of the 2 weeks of free beginning yoga classes online.

You also get a money back guarantee for that first paid week of the pass.

So there is absolutely no risk to you. You can try out free beginning yoga classes online and see what you think.

If you’ve done yoga in the relatively recent past, checkout the NON-BEGINNER yoga deal.

The TIMETABLE for all beginner classes is via the class reservations app below, or find the yoga class timetable here.

If you need it, here’s more information on the numerous benefits of yoga. (Alternatively, look under the BENEFITS tab on the Flametree site).

You can start our ongoing beginner classes at any time. Alternatively come along to the next easy, fast, and guided Beginner Introduction. See more at the link below.

Yoga Beginners Introduction.

Beginners yoga

The beginner yoga practice will work for weight loss, your nervous system, any chronic pain, improving range of motion, strengthening connective tissue, and many other aspects of your physical health. Poses will include sun salutations, child’s pose (a simpler version than in the picture above), downward dog, restorative yoga poses, and many other physical postures.

Beginner course is included each time it runs

Flametree runs regular beginner yoga courses. They are simultaneously online and in 3 Darwin yoga locations.

With this pass, you can attend this beginner yoga course, in any week it is running.

At other times, you simply attend the Beginner LEVEL classes that run each and every week.

The beginner level classes are structured so you can attend them with or without doing the formal beginner course.

yoga for beginners classes

Breathing techniques are part of basic yoga poses for the complete beginner. Our beginner student yoga postures are simple poses suitable for all. As you’ll see in your first class, our style of yoga is broken into easy steps. Every yoga session just adds a little more, depending on what’s best for your body type.

LIVE online classes at home or when you travel

LIVE classes mean that the teacher can see you and hear you as you do the class.

You can of course turn off your video, so the you can hear and see the teacher, but the teacher can’t see you.

If the teacher can see you, you’ll get ongoing feedback and guidance during the class.

The feedback is discretely done in a very helpful manner, so as to cause no embarrassment.

You’ll also be able to hear the teacher giving feedback based on what they are generally seeing others do in the same LIVE class. Many of the teachers comments and instructions will be useful to you as well.

If appropriate, the teacher will also give you on-the-spot alternative postures that may be more appropriate for any situation or condition you are managing.

The option of online classes, or in-studio classes, gives you maximum opportunity to do yoga.

Like so many things, doing a little bit, at least several times a week, is a key to getting all the wonderful benefits that yoga offers.

If you want to buy this $19.95 pass right now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

Start now, or come to the next Yoga Beginners Introduction.


Low back pain is one good reason that many do yoga. After different people have made no progress with a physical therapist, lower back pain is often fixed relatively quickly at Flametree. Raj, in this picture, used yoga to fix the major medical condition with his back. Many come with other needs, from core strength building, to getting inner peace in everyday life. Try it.

Check out the many class options for the best yoga for beginners pass

This pass can be used for any mix of the in-studio or online beginner classes.

There’s no need to do the same in-studio or beginner online classes each week.

As you will have the option to go to many classes, your per class price is very low.

Even on days when you don’t want to do a stronger physical class, you have options like Gentle Yoga, or Easy Restorative. Some even do 2 classes a day.

Chris Lalor

With this unlimited pass, first time yoga students have the best opportunity to start a regular practice. It’s the best way to move steadily towards more advanced poses. The important thing is to start with the simple poses that work for your entire body, Then this ancient practice will deliver huge benefits for your mental health, fitness, & much more.

Even easier beginning yoga classes are available

If you want easier than average classes, try any of this group of classes. We sometimes call them “pre-beginner classes”. They can also be done with this online beginning yoga classes pass.

If you wish, there’s more about each of these classes, & other beginner classes, at the “Class Types” tab on this site.


Unlimited access to beginner classes allows you to move more quickly to advanced levels. It’s a good idea so you can regularly do the physical practices you’ll learn. With unlimited access, you can also attend all class styles, assess the different styles of yoga, and see which variety of classes work best for you. With studio, online, and video access, you can also easily go to whichever mix of Flametree’s three local studios across Darwin that suit you. Try it.

Beginner yoga videos as well

This pass also includes access to Flametree’s library of beginner yoga video classes.

These are excellent options when you can’t get to an online or in-studio class.

The videos are different from many other videos, because they are real classes. They are just like the other beginner yoga classes you’ll be doing.

Among other things, it means you can also try out Special Focus classes, and various different teachers.

best yoga for men

Breath work starts with beginner postures. But after at least 6 weeks of the strong foundation you get from beginner level, new students can also do breath meditation. Flametree’s yoga styles give you a better foundation than yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga. It’s because Flametree teaches in five levels, so you can progress at your own pace. Too many beginners class new students have had a hard time with “one size fits all” studios that teach yoga newbies as if they were already advanced yogis.

Buy the best yoga for beginners & book a class at Flametree

This pass is bought and paid weekly by an automatic transaction via a debit or credit card.

There’s no charge until after the end of the 14 day free trial.

Once you start, you can pause or stop at any time, as outlined further below.

Once you’ve bought a pass, reserve your spot in each class, and see the timetable, here.

For all packages, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

To get this pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

Separate online OR yoga Darwin in-studio options

You can also get a separate ONLINE only pass here.

There is also a separate in-the-studio pass for beginner classes at Flametree’s main yoga studio and Palmerston & Casuarina in Darwin Australia.

Here are the prices for these weekly payment options:

  • Unlimited IN-STUDIO weekly beginner classes, including Special Focus classes for $15.95 a week. Buy or learn more.
  • Unlimited ONLINE weekly beginner classes, including Special Focus classes for $9.95 a week. Buy or learn more.

Learn more about all beginner deal options, including casual beginner classes.

No lock-in, & pause at any time

  • This pass is for one person only, and is not transferable.
  • The pass continues by automatic debit each week. But there’s no lock in contract or fixed term.
  • The pass can be paused, changed to another package. Just reach out to Customer Service at the contacts at the bottom of this page.
  • There are no refund or no credits on part weeks you may have used, and no make-ups carried over week to week.
  • If you are sick, or on holidays etc, please advise us to pause, or downgrade your pass.

If you’re looking for top yoga for beginners, then this yoga beginner program is the ultimate combination you’ll find.

With four studios, and online yoga, it’s also an excellent option for “yoga classes near me”.  You’ll get easy yoga, at a beginner yoga level that works for you.

With the many options offered by Flametree, you’ll find a “beginner yoga class near me” at an unmatched quality and price.

Don’t take just our word for it, use the free 2-week trial, and a money back guarantee, to make sure you get the many yoga benefits available.

To get the FREE trial, click the “Sign Up Now” button

Flametree yoga Darwin delivers top quality Iyengar yoga. It’s the “rolls royce” of yoga quality. Try the best yoga space in Darwin, & the best yoga in the Territory.

If you don’t proceed beyond the first 2 week FREE trial, just let us know and it costs you zero.

To get this pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button at the top of the page, and go straight to checkout.

Videos on beginner yoga benefits and deals

Still thinking about beginner yoga? Check out these videos of some beginner poses, their benefits, & the beginner deals. See why this is the best yoga for beginners.

Gentle Yoga Classes

The Beginner Course, and weekly beginner class deals include two Gentle Yoga Classes each week. This video tells you more about Gentle Yoga.

Raj’s video story of how yoga fixed his back

Video on benefits of beginner yoga

Kim’s video story of her yoga journey.

(Kim is one teacher of beginner classes)

Video on Flametree’s Online & in-studio beginners yoga classes.

Try any mix of the 3 in-the-studio yoga space options at Flametree, or the online classes, or both.

Get started with the two week free trial for beginners yoga classes, either online or in-studio, or both.

To get this $19.95 weekly unlimited beginner pass now, click the “Sign Up Now” button at the top of the page, and go straight to checkout.

What students say about Flametree Yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, check out reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.

If you want to buy this $19.95 pass right now, click the “Sign Up Now” button above, and go straight to checkout.

Start beginners yoga classes right now, or come to the next Yoga Beginners Introduction.