My Dad Didn’t Have To Die So Early

Yoga For Heart Health, & Parkinson’s Disease, Could Have Helped A Lot.

For my father, yoga Cairns was not an option. He died of heart disease and Parkinson’s Disease. But studies now show that a yoga studio, such as yoga school Cairns Qld, or yoga from anywhere, could have helped him enormously. In his younger years, my Dad lived in the Cairns, North Queensland hinterland. He lived not much further away than Trinity Beach is from Cairns, Australia. But again, it was before the popularity of yoga in Cairns, and everywhere else in the West. So unfortunately, he never had the many options of yoga classes Cairns, or the opportunity to create his own online Palm Cove for yoga.

Dad died much younger than he should have. He had the classic A-type personality style (known as a Pitta type in Ayurveda). Dr Tim McCall, in Yoga As Medicine, identifies how getting calm with yoga can help all personality types with heart disease, especially A-types.

The even sadder thing is that my father’s vigorous lifestyle didn’t sufficiently help prevent his battle with heart disease, or even Parkinson’s. For example, Dad managed cattle stations. So he spent plenty of time on horseback, and doing physical labour outdoors.

But it was obvious to me (Stuart), when I was a young man, that he was still out of shape. It’s one of the things that influenced me to choose physical health practices, especially including traditional hatha yoga.

As I travelled, wherever I went, from Papua New Guinea to New Mexico and Santa Fe, I looked for things like beginners yoga Cairns, or hatha yoga Cairns. As I steadily listened to more seasoned yogis, and my own personal practice developed, I would even look for public classes that ensured I found yoga styles that offered what an Iyengar yoga Cairns would offer.

I experienced Iyengar yoga when I lived in Port Moresby and New York. I quickly found it was the highest quality yoga, and the best taught. Even since, I’ve always found it the best yoga style for getting results.

My father, who ended up taking us kids to live in tropical Darwin, Australia, had plenty of pleasant palm trees in his daily life in Cairns. Sadly, he had nothing that online yoga, or a Cairns yoga centre, could have offered by way of improved health.

Dr McCall’s Table of over 100 conditions helped by yoga

For instance, Dr Tim McCall has published the Table below. It shows over 100 health conditions that are helped by yoga. It’s based on Dr McCall’s study of the scientific studies of the health benefits of yoga. The Table includes includes Parkinson’s Disease, and heart disease.

By the way, as cardiologist Dr Clara Chow has pointed out, heart disease is as deadly and prolific for women, as it is for men. For women, she says it often starts in their 40s and 50s.

Online beginner yoga with 2 week free trial. Up to 8 classes a week for $9.95 a week.

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yoga studio cairns

For most of his professional life, Dr McCall, a medical practitioner, has studied the reports on clinical trials where yoga has made a significant improvement, or better, to over 100 health conditions, as listed above.

In addition, at Flametree Yoga Studio, which I now attend online or in-studio at Darwin, Australia, there are many students who are using yoga to successfully manage, reduce or avoid many of the above health conditions. I’ve heard plenty of their personal accounts of how well it works for them.

The Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher at Flametree, Chris Lalor, has helped many these students with suitable online or in-studio sequences of yoga postures for their individual situations.

My father was alive and well at a time when a yoga practice, and yoga in Cairns, Qld, or beyond, would have helped enormously. In addition, during the Second World War, he travelled enormously. He did not have to be limited to what may or may not have been available by way of Cairns yoga classes.

Like me in my later life, he could have just taken his own mat, and been a yoga student anywhere.

Again, sadly, it was the Western perception of yoga that stood on the way of him being a yoga student. In this regard, as I talk to many folk around Darwin, I notice they still let that perception get in the way of a yoga practice that could hugely improve their physical and mental fitness.

At the time when Dad was a younger man, there were definitely early pioneers of yoga teaching. They wrote some of the early books that offered you a yoga journey no matter whether you could attend yoga in Cairns Australia, or not.

I set out to follow a yoga path

By way of contrast, once I decided I wanted to explore yin yoga and other yoga styles that were offered, I simply read one of the earliest yoga authors. I learnt a heap of useful yoga practices.

It was of course better once I got the clear instruction that an online or in-studio yoga class could offer. As I got more fussy, and kept travelling, I also started looking for what the best studios could offer.

In the process, I benefited enormously from the unlimited access to many yoga classes offered by the very best yoga studios. That allowed me quick progress, with plenty of access to a range of styles.

By range of styles I mean yoga classes like the Special Focus Classes at Flametree, such as Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, Fifty Plus Yoga, and Restorative Yoga For Heart Health.

Along the way, in my own yoga journey, I did of course at least try out the offerings of what a Bikram yoga Cairns studio can offer… even though that option definitely did not exist for Dad. For me, the drawback of Bikram yoga was too little variety in their yoga poses. Bikram yoga also only teaches at one level of postures. In contrast, Flametree Yoga, where I now practice, teaches yoga at six different levels, from very easy to advanced.

Of course, on many days, I now don’t look for different class, or a different level, whether online or in-studio. I simply do the regular yoga class at my level. As all seasoned yogis know, success at yoga is all about regularity. As long as the level of the class is broadly aligned with your skills, you simply take each posture to the level that works best for you.

For the many days on which I practise online yoga, I have all my yoga props ready for use. My own small ashram is part of my home!. I have my own wild heart yoga tribe right in my front room. I also often go to my local Darwin beach for yoga.

If only Dad could have had the same access to something like a Cairns beaches yoga, or Kewarra Beach, or ideally their online equivalent, then myself and his grandchildren would have enjoyed his company for so much longer.

Of course, yoga retreats are the wonderful when you can fit them in. But its the daily yoga practice that makes the biggest difference to my life. I’ve also started some yoga teacher training courses. But that’s another path I’ll take further down the track. Maybe it would help if one hr yoga teacher trainings in Iyengar yoga were more available. I’ll mention the idea to my Flametree Yoga teacher.

If you’re looking for a yoga studio Cairns, then please consider the benefits offered by Flametree Yoga. Or call 0468 362 641, or email to address [email protected]

Flametree also offers a weekly class called Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. It’s both online and in-studio, at 4pm Saturdays, in the local time of Darwin Australia.

Do yoga in the comfort and convenience of your own home. No water bottle is needed, but here’s some information about the yoga props to consider.

Online beginner yoga with 2 week free trial. Up to 8 classes a week for $9.95 a week.

Beginner Course Online. 2 Weeks Free & From $1 A Class

Non beginners: 30 days for $14.95, for online, unlimited classes. Just 50 cents a class. 

yoga classes cairns

Inverted poses over chair, like this Supported Shoulder Stand that I (Stuart) am demonstrating, are immensely calming, and have many other benefits. Such poses could have helped Dad’s heart, and given him time to enjoy his grand children. This pose one of the many poses you’ll learn and do in Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. 

Flametree Yoga Studio class times

Flametree beginner classes are LIVE online, at the local time of Darwin, Australia (+9.30GMT). That’s just a half hour different from any yoga school Cairns.

The classes are all standard, introductory hatha yoga poses.

The online format allows you to get a wide range of beginner yoga classes Cairns, or for wherever you are.

There’s also many options, including Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Back (& Neck & Shoulders), and Restorative Yoga For Heart Health.

For both beginners & non-beginners, there are also excellent yoga of pregnancy options.

At the non-beginner level, there’s extra options like Yoga For Immune System, Fifty Plus Yoga, and more advanced levels.

If you’ve already done some yoga, you can also get ten FREE breath meditation (pranayama) classes.

As you can see, there much wide range of useful options that any yoga studio Cairns can offer in the studio.

In addition, you get top Iyengar yoga Cairns opportunities. This high quality yoga is otherwise very hard to find.

If you like, check out what other Flametree students have said about Flametree’s online classes.

If you’re looking for a yoga school Cairns, then please consider online yoga. Among other things, because Flametree Yoga understands tropical weather, you’ll get yoga that is adapted for the tropics.

Yoga School Cairns options, or for far beyond

The online Flame Tree Yoga Studio beginners yoga for Cairns and beyond, can be started at any time.

There’s also a two week free trial. You need a credit or debit card, but unless you continue after the trial, you pay zero.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about the most popular of Flametree’s beginners yoga deals.

Beginners can just pay week to week, or there is also a beginner course, in-studio or online.

Some students also start with a private class or two, and then move onto regular online or in-studio classes.

If you’re still unsure about things like how yoga helps with critical issues like lowering blood pressure, then check out why yoga helps lower blood pressure. 

It’s worked for me. My doctor is always amazed by my normal blood pressure. My teacher, Chris Lalor, says the same about her blood pressure.

As I said, yoga Cairns was no option for Dad. But a yoga school Cairns, or its online equivalent, could have extended his life.

Flametree’s many online options will give you the best yoga classes in Cairns, Qld, or wherever you are. Try the 2 week trial to check it out for yourself.

Online beginner yoga with 2 week free trial. Up to 8 classes a week for $9.95 a week.

Beginner Course Online. 2 Weeks Free & From $1 A Class

Non beginners: 30 days for $14.95, for online, unlimited classes. Just 50 cents a class. 

Flame Tree Yoga Studio private classes, online or in-studio

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