Bhramari Pranayama Benefits May Save Your Life

Brain surgery led Stuart to breathing meditation (pranayam)

Below, hear how Stuart decided he needed Bhramari Pranayama benefits. I’ll also outline why they’re another reason to use this type of breath meditation. In fact, Bhramari, or Bumble bee Breathing, is the best nitric oxide supplement Australia has. You can also get a breath meditation Introduction via an online meditation course in breathing meditation (aka pranayama). Flametree’s breathing meditation center also has other high value deals. They include in-studio or online meditation classes in breath meditation, and more. Check out this type of online guided meditation classes, or pranayama online course. So try pranayam, or read more about it below.

Recently, Stuart, a Flametree student, got two new and unexpected holes in his head!

They were made by brain surgeons to drain blood that had accumulated between his skull and his brain.

Apparently, for every extra decade of our age, the greater is the tiny gap between the inside of our skulls, and the brain itself.

The doctor said that if older folks get a bump on the head, like Stuart did, they’re more likely to have blood accumulate in the gap.

Anyway, Stuart has recovered well, including with the help of his fitness and good health from yoga.

Bhramari breath meditation increases nitric oxide by 15 times!

At the same time, I (Chris), have just heard a very good presentation by another brain surgeon. It strongly emphasised what I already knew, and what I discuss further below.

That is, nitric oxide is especially helpful for the brain.

There are various ways that we naturally produce nitic oxide.

Most importantly, in Bhramari pranayama, we increase nitric oxide levels by 15 times!

What I’m talking about may sound like quackery. (Yes, that’s a word!)

But in 1998, three scientists got the Nobel Physiology and Medicine prize for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide on these issues. I talk about it more below, in this discussion of Bhramari pranayam.

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Online meditation course

Due to his injury, Stuart (pictured) could not type, talk or walk. Bhramari is helping him a lot. It’s a Sanskrit word for the breathing technique. In your breathing practice, I’ll show you how to use the index fingers and middle fingers, so you get all the benefits of Bhramari pranayama practice. It’s suitable for pregnant women too. Bhramari pranayam is a great breathing exercise will have a positive impact on your life. 

Among other things I also outline below, you’re likely to see significant improvement in heart rate variability of even healthy individuals.

Below, I’ll also show you the important role of even a simple technique like Shanmukhi mudra. It is a simple process done with the hands to make your conscious flow inward by closing the senses towards the outside.

Stuart takes up breath meditation pranayam too

As a result of what happened, Stuart is making some big changes to his life.

I’m pleased to say that Stuart has now also started coming regularly to my pranayama classes at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays (online or in the Flametree yoga and breath meditation center, in Darwin, Australia).

So you see that Stuart got a new perspective of the importance of looking after his brain as well as possible!

Stuart has in fact done another type of daily meditation for 40 years. He also plans to continue with that too.

But he’s also now doing regular breath meditation, including Bhramari pranayama.

Stuart got more mental clarity, energy, and a better brain!

As well as the Bhramari pranayama and nitric oxide benefits for his brain, Stuart says that Bhramari (and the other pranayama techniques used in each practice), gives him more mental clarity, and additional energy. It also helps him (and many others) with sleep, stress, anxiety, and much more.

Below, I’ll outline more about the other Bhramari pranayama benefits that he’ll now also be getting.

Meanwhile, if you want to join my in-studio or online meditation classes, see our Introduction at the orange link below, or our weekly classes.  Almost every class includes some Bhramari (or so-called Bumble Bee breathing).

In the classes, you’ll notice that over ten weeks, you actually get an in-the-studio or online meditation course.

So I hope to see you soon at the Flametree breath meditation center, and / or in our Bhramari pranayam Introductions.

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Using the chair, with belt support, is a comfortable position for the early morning or anytime. Lotus pose, or even cross legged, is not needed. Nor is any other Sanskrit word! Bhramari is just doing a humming sound of a bee, as part of your breathing patterns. Have an empty stomach for the practice of Bhramari pranayama. Take a deep breath and mix in the humming sound vibrations as you exhale. Any humming sound will do. It does not have to sound like a black Indian bee, or many others! 

The outcome of in-studio or LIVE online breath meditation is huge.

As I outline, it makes a significant difference for your cranial nerves, mental stress, getting better sleep, negative emotions, life force, any bronchial asthma, any high blood pressure, and much more.

Obviously, have a quiet place for your breath practice of yogic breathing.

What is Bhramari pranayama?

Bhramari pranayama (or breathing meditation) is where one makes the sound like a bumble bee in the base of the throat.

Yoga and Bhramari breathing have been around for thousands of year. It’s because they both work very well.

As well as being another type pranayam, it’s also sometimes also called bee breathing, bumble bee breathing, or Bhramari breath.

Exhaling is done with a sound that is a bit like a bumble bee. The slow humming sound slows down the length of exhalation.

The basic Bhramari technique, of humming as you breath out, is very simple, and makes for a highly effective pranayam.

In-studio or online classes

In my in-studio or online breathing meditation classes, I guide people through through the process, using demonstrations and verbal directions.

These pranayam classes are very easy, using some of the props I demonstrate in pictures. It’s worth using these pranayam classes, because breathing meditation (aka pranayama) classes, are a type of in-studio or online guided meditation classes.

in other words, I gently and discretely show you, and lead you verbally, in what to do.

Bhramari pranayam comes with various additional techniques too. In the picture below, I’m demonstrating one of them.

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Bhramari pranayama Breathing

It’s me, Chris Lalor, the Senior Iyengar Teacher at Flametree, demonstrating Bumble Bee breath. In this version of this pranayam breathing meditation technique, I’m blocking the eyes and ears, to draw the senses inward, and quieten the mind. This is done while humming. 

In the picture above, I (Chris) demonstrate an addition of Bumble Bee breath. The technique makes you calmer, and the technique more powerful.

As you can see in the picture, some middle fingers are on my left nostril and right nostril. My little fingers are just below my nose.

It’s all done while I do the humming bee breath as I breathe out.

Use of the hands produces an additional sense withdrawal to enhance the power of yogic breathing.

How the Bhramari Pranayam benefits are produced

Bhramari Pranayam soothes the nervous system.

The sound draws the mind inward away from all external distractions. So it allows the practitioner to focus on the vibration of the breath.

Bhramari breathing meditation is recommended when the mind is very busy, or when feeling agitated or distressed. It will also help with insomnia.

So this post will also discuss Bhramari pranayama steps and benefits.

Recently, science has been able to explain why this type of pranayam is so effective in lowering stress levels. For a start, it works via the autonomic (unconscious) nervous system.

It turns out that the slowing down of the exhalation initiates the so-called “rest and digest” part of your nervous system.

It’s also called the parasympathetic nervous system. The vagus nerve is a key part of it.

Pranayam, or breath meditation works partly via your nervous system

Activating this part of your nervous system, instead of the alternative sympathetic (“fight and flight”) nervous system, calms us down.

But that’s only part of the explanation.

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Flametree breath meditation center deals with in-studio or online meditation classes in breath meditation

breathing meditation

Here, I’m using a meditation stick to help sit upright. These breathing techniques, using deep breaths, and the other breathing exercises you can learn, will bring you into the present moment. It’s a type of mindfulness meditation. The techniques are each a simple exercise that are one of the easiest ways to quickly have a positive effect for you in stressful situations. The deep breathing exercises are using diaphragmatic breathing, (but not belly breathing).  

By the way, in pranayam, or breath meditation, you’ll notice the mind wanders.

Further more, you may have a stressful thought, or there are background sounds, or other physical sensations that distract you. If so, just follow the teacher and return to your breath.

Pranayam, or regular meditation practice on the breath, is a good way, and one of the effective ways, to get the same or better outcomes of mindful breathing meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and more.

Bhramari pranayama and nitric oxide

But let’s get back to how Bhramari works.

In Bhramari pranayam, the humming produces nitric oxide in the nose.

During Bhramari Pranayama, studies have shown that there is a staggering 1500% increase in nitric oxide.

Yes, that’s right, nitric oxide increases by 15 times.

Nitric oxide is therefore one of the key factors in producing the Bhramari Pranayama benefits you experience.

Bhramari Pranayama benefits

This pose, or any version of it, is one of the 2 or 3 used to prepare, at the start of the practice of meditation.  At Flametree yoga and breathing meditation center, you’ll get breath meditation sessions that are sometimes also called guided meditations. It works no matter what amount of daily practice you do. But the more you have a daily meditation practice in breathing meditation, the better it will work. 

The course material is told to you verbally as you are ready for it. Chris will steadily explain what’s useful to know, when it’s useful to know it. For example, that includes how nitric oxide works, and is maximised.

So you can work at your own pace, and steadily get all the benefits of meditation.

Keep at it and closely observe the changes in your physical health, stress reduction, and achievement of your full potential.

Ask someone who knows you to keep a watch too. They may see it more than you do.

Chris Lalor, the certified Senior Teacher at Flametree, is one of the most experienced meditation teachers you’ll find.

That’s a key reason why this as the studio or via the online meditation course is one of the best meditation courses you’ll find.

What is nitric oxide? Why is it so important to breathing meditation?

But again, back to nitric oxide, and how it works.

In 1998, three scientists got the Nobel Physiology and Medicine prize for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide. They found it was a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.

It a colourless gas that relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels. The vasodilation causes blood vessels to widen and increase circulation.

So the ability of your body to produce nitric oxide is incredibly important for so many aspects of our health. Take heart disease, which is our number one killer.

Nitric oxide released into the respiratory tract during Bhramari pranayam helps lower elevated blood pressure, improve the tone of the blood vessels, and keep the respiratory system healthy.

Sinus ventilation dramatically increases with humming pranayama (compared to other quiet exhalation pranayama or breathing meditation).

online meditation classes

Initially, you’ll spend much time using the beginner meditator set-up in this picture. Breath meditative practices are an effective way for you to steadily work towards more advanced technique. As in real life, one of the best ways for a meditation progress is to learn basic techniques first. Flametree yoga and breath meditation center has the best course because you’ll first learn core practices first. It’s experiential, without any esoteric concept or hard to understand western scholars. Via the in-studio or online LIVE course you will always get a short meditation practising each of the techniques taught. So your skills and better health benefit will build with every breathing meditation class.

Use Bhramari pranayama and nitric oxide for major benefits

Nitric oxide is also anti-inflammatory.

In addition, it helps fight bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections in the body.

There are actually a number of studies that are underway to look at the role of nitric oxide in fighting COVID19.

For all yogis, I suggest you continue to practise Bhramari pranayama, or seriously consider taking up pranayam regularly.

In turn, it will deliver you all these Bhramari pranayama and nitric oxide benefits.

In short, it will be a major help to maintain respiratory health, immune system health, de-stress, and quieten your mind.

So, if you’re looking for the “best nitric oxide supplement Australia has”, or similar, then give I suggest you try our Introduction to Breath Meditation, or our weekly pranayama classes. See how it works for you.

If you also search for pranayama topics on this blog, there is also much more information, as well as links to pages about other types of breath meditation or pranayam.

Remember, Bhramari is easy to do, and the time goes very fast. They’re easy, and it’s worth using classes, because breathing meditation (aka pranayama) classes, are a type of in-studio or online guided meditation classes. You are gently shown and reminded of what to do.

No difficult posture needed!

No particular meditation postures are needed, as long as your back is straight.

Build this breathing meditation into your daily life, at Flametree’s breath meditation center, and your mental health, neural networks and immune systems will be improved.

An in-studio or online meditation course is a first step towards reducing psychological stress, and making ongoing physiological changes.

Bhramari Pranayama benefits

At Flametree yoga & breath meditation center, you’ll always finish with a relaxation pose like this. If doing LIVE online meditation courses, use as big a screen as you can. Notice how Miriam has her PC plugged into her TV. Then you can see the teacher’s demonstrations well. The teacher (Chris Lalor) also has a big screen, and can see you well. Keep you screen on, as you’ll then get better feedback from the teacher. 

In the studio & online, from your first class, you’ll be part of a group meditation that is also a LIVE meditation.

Class by class, the meditation group will learn different meditation techniques.

Among other things, you’re likely to quickly notice you will get more more mindful movement, Moreover, you’ll get more deep sleep (without a yoga nidra class), the reduction of any negative feelings and anxiety levels, and a feeling of inner peace.

Yoga deals to get Bhramari pranayama benefits

For beginner meditators, Flametree yoga & breath meditation center is a great way to do in-studio or online courses for the first time. You just come along to the weekly classes, and you’ll learn new skills in a sequential manner.

The teacher adjusts course material for whoever is in the actual class on the day. So the class it always a a level suitable for you.

Best of all, online meditation classes in breath meditation are more convenient (and cheaper) than finding a local studio (even if one is available at all).

Breath meditation, or pranayam, is a practical mindfulness practice. From Darwin to Los Angeles, and far beyond, use each simple tool that you will steadily learn in each in-studio or online session.

Try this breath meditation weekly classes (but note that it’s best to have done the breath meditation Introduction mentioned on this page, or the equivalent). I say more about that below.

By the way, in another post, I (Chris) also wrote how pranayama keeps me sane! Check it out for more about the benefits of pranayama and breath meditation.

Packages and class times

All non-beginner packages at Flametree include pranayama breathing meditation weekly classes.

In the non-beginner timetable, the two existing breath meditation classes are at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The two weekly pranayama classes are both LIVE online or in-studio. Pranayama works especially well online, and is extremely convenient.

Pranayama is taught by Flametree’s popular & certified Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor (pictured above). She’s been studying pranayama, and doing pranayam, for over 25 years.

If you wish, check out the many very positive reviews and stories from students about Flametree yoga and breathing meditation center.

Both pranayama classes include regular Bhramari pranayam. You’ll get plenty of Bhramari pranayama and nitric oxide benefits, and more.

If you’ve never done any yoga at all, please do at at least 3 months of beginner yoga before you start pranayama breath meditation.

The objective of the beginner yoga is to develop your strength and flexibility (including in your back), and to strengthen your lungs, so to allow you to then practise the breath meditation.

On this page, you’ll find our most popular packages for both beginner and non-beginner yoga.

Newcomers & lapsed online only: 30 days for $14.95, with the online meditation course too

Flametree breath meditation center packages with in-studio or online meditation classes in breath meditation

Pranayama Breath Meditation Video Mini Course. Learn more.

best nitric oxide supplement australia

Using a belt around the knees is easy way to sit for pranayama. Another good option is to sit in a chair, supported by a belt. Get some Bhramari pranayama and nitric oxide benefits in your body and mind. They’re easy, and it’s worth using classes, because breathing meditation (aka pranayama) classes, are a type of in-studio or online guided meditation classes. You are gently shown and reminded of what to do. So try Flametree yoga and breath meditation center.

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