Iyengar yoga Sydney? Try these free classes & sequences to help in these COVID times

Being inactive puts you at a greater risk from COVID

Beginner Iyengar yoga online course, or in-the-studio, with 2 weeks free

Non-beginner Iyengar style yoga, online or in-the-studio

No matter where you are, research shows these free video classes, and pictorial yoga sequences, are a form of exercise that can be critical in these COVID times. See why below. For now in Australia, it’s especially true if you’re looking for any of Iyengar yoga Sydney, or Iyengar yoga Melbourne, or even “Iyengar yoga near me”. But no matter what exercise or yoga you want, or where you are, try these very helpful, free resources.

Here are hours of FREE beginner level yoga videos.

At the end of this post, there’s also free, specific, pictorial yoga sequences for beginners & higher levels of yoga.

There’s also specific menstruation sequences, or menopause sequences.

Save the links so you have them for later.

The yoga videos include Yoga For Backcare, and Gentle Yoga.

All these classes and sequences can be used for free for as long as you like.

Iyengar yoga SydneyWith LIVE online classes, Iyengar yoga near me is always available

Access the insights of a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher

The beginner video classes & sequences are all done by me Chris Lalor, a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

I, Chris, have found that the Iyengar style gets you the best outcomes.

This Iyengar yoga page on our Flametree Yoga site, and our blog, also tell you why.

For Iyengar Yoga Sydney folk, or anyone, see the benefits of a LIVE, online class

I suggest that you use these free resources, as well as come to classes that suit you.

Some of the advantages of doing LIVE classes, online or in-studio, are:

  • with on-the-spot guidance, you’ll get more yoga benefits
  • with regular class times, it’s easier to get around to it
  • when you’re with others, you push yourself a little more
  • online classes are even more affordable than in-studio classes.

Our students tell us that they find no difference in the power and effectiveness of online yoga. Try it.

Here’s all Flametree’s packages, deals, and prices.

The power of exercise like yoga

Last, but not least, a new study of 50,000 people, found that  being inactive puts you at a greater risk from COVID-19 than any other risk factor except age, and having had an organ transplant.

I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but it’s important to know that it suggests people who exercise for 150 minutes a week are half as likely to die from COVID-19.

The exercise needs to be at least the equivalent of a brisk walk. So yoga definitely fits this definition. But there’s no need to exhaust yourself with too much pushing, pulling, or racing about!

Others like Harvard Health have positively reviewed with this same research.

Here’s all Flametree’s packages, deals, and prices.

See you soon.

Iyengar yoga MelbourneThis more intense pose is excellent for Iyengar yoga Melbourne folk, or anyone. There’s also easier, preparatory versions.

Free yoga sequences

Here’s pictorial sequences of yoga poses for all levels, & menstruation or menopause.

Plus there are free pranayama (breath meditation) classes.

Whether you are part of the Iyengar yoga Melbourne folk, or anyone, these sequences will work wonders. Try them.


1  Sequences for Menopause

Sequences for Menstruation


Beginners home practice sequence

Intermediate (Level 1) & Transitional home practice sequences

Experienced level (Level 2) home practice sequences 

6  Seniors, & All Home Practice Sequences


Any 2 breath meditation classes, online or in-studio

Here’s all Flametree’s packages, deals, and prices.

Iyengar yoga near meChris Lalor, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Flametree Yoga

Try Flametree Iyengar yoga, online or in the studio

Try online yoga, or in-studio, via these generous package for high quality Iyengar yoga.

The links below will also show you the easy set up for online classes. If you want, our Customer Service team can talk you through the once only setup.

For Iyengar yoga Sydney folk, or anyone, the wonderful thing about online classes is that you get high quality yoga benefits from the convenience of home.

For example, you can access our large beginner or non-beginner timetable, including some hard-to-get options.

Beginners get an unlimited mix of up to 9 beginner classes a week. The timetable includes options like Gentle Yoga, Backcare Yoga, Women Only Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga.

Do a course package, or just pay by the week. Whichever way you do it, the first 2 weeks are free, with no-obligation.

BEGINNER Iyengar yoga courses, online or in-studio, with 2 weeks FREE

Non-beginner classes give you a timetable of up to 30 classes a week, online or in-studio.

You can do 4 different levels, including Advanced or Experienced classes.

Many of these are taught by a Senior Iyengar teacher.

There’s also a range of special options, including Women Only Yoga, Pranayama, Restorative Yoga, and 50 Plus.

NON-BEGINNER Iyengar style yoga: 14 days for just AUS$29

OR, learn more via the Class Types menu on the Flametree Yoga site.

Before you leave this page, use this summary link to save all the above free pictorial sequences, or video classes.

TOTALLY FREE yoga sequences, video classes & breath meditation classes

See you soon.

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