Effortless Effort In Iyengar Yoga, Online Or In-studio

Yoga is not about “grunt” or effort

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When I first started yoga I tried so hard to understand what it was all about. In those days, the closest we had to online yoga Iyengar style was CD’s and cassettes. Over time, I wore out some of each! For your yoga, or if you try options for an Iyengar yoga online course, or do it in-studio, here are some tips for doing it with effortless effort. I learned them the hard way, via using a lot of “grunt”. Try out what I’m talking about via some top deals, including free Iyengar yoga online classes.

When I was younger, I put in a great amount of effort to learn and do the poses I was attempting.

I used to sweat heaps. I tried so hard.

At some point it gradually dawned on me to back off a bit. Instead, I tried to become calmer about what I was trying to do.

Then, I not only gained new insights, but began to enjoy my yoga practice even more.

I can sum it up by saying that less grunt leads to more mindful reflection and progress.

I came to see that it was about effortless effort. The yoga masters have of course known this for a very long time!

Applying yourself in this manner means you make more progress too. Plus you get more from your yoga.

It’s especially true for offline or online Iyengar yoga. This style has plenty of experienced iyengar yoga postures that you can and and should steadily work at.

But there is a smart and more mindful way to work at them.

Online Iyengar yogaOnline Iyengar yoga, or in-studio, needs to be mindful

Manage your effort!

For example, I used to find full arm balance a frightening pose.

I would wear myself out throwing myself time and time again at the wall, trying to lift both feet off the floor.

I now understand that managing effort is key to progressing in yoga.

There is this concept in yoga that dates back thousands of years called “effortless effort”. It means that perfection in asanas comes when the effort to perform it becomes less.

Props help us work towards effortless effort. They allow us to enter the pose without expending so much effort. In the process, they also allow us to stay in the pose in a way that lets us become quiet and reflective.

I remember Richard telling me that when he first started to practise backbends he found it near impossible to lift up.

I agree with him. Initially it took so much effort. It seemed impossible to imagine that such a pose could be practised in a calm way.

But overtime you do learn how to refine your effort. You also learn how to use your breath so you can decrease muscular effort.

Instead, you can come into and stay in the pose in a calm way that lets you enjoy fully the experience.

You will need to find that balance between building up arm strength to lift up into this backbend, and staying calm. Then you can perform it without overdoing, and causing the wrong tension in the body.

Iyengar yoga backbend online

 Effortless effort is an approach that makes your yoga more enjoyable. See more below.

More about effortless effort

Effortless effort is about finding a point of relaxation, moment to moment.

It does not mean letting everything go loose, floppy, or insufficiently used. Instead, in a pose, you are steady, alert, quiet and reflective.

You can observe yourself, and reflect.

Effortless effort is a clarity and calmness that you bring to the practice.

For example, when you do forearm balance, you have to be able to step back from the pose, and reflect.

Among other things, it lets you see how to do the pose better. In other words, an effortless effort approach allows you to make better and further improvements.

Effortless effort definitely requires effort. However, it’s not a puffing and panting type of effort.

In the process, you are not goal driven in the way we (Westerners) normally understand goals. Doing yoga is not about achieving the pose, or a level of perfection.

I mean it’s not at least achieving it in this way… as a goal in itself.

Instead, in yoga, you are working to become more meditative in your actions. Then, at the same time, you can step back and reflect.

Of course, you do have to have use effort. But  what I’m talking about is where it leads to, and the nature of that focussed effort.

Without the approach I’m suggesting, yoga would be just the hot and panting physical focus of a gym, or we would be sluggishly inactive!

The mindfulness that comes from effortless effort is also what delivers the wonderful mental relaxation, and calm intentionality, that you’ll get with yoga.

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