Best FREE Yoga For Seniors

Save the link to this page. Do the poses in the pictures, or come to class, or both.

Yoga Home Practice Sequences for Seniors

The pictures show a free yoga for seniors practice. It can be done via our beginner sequence, or one of the other sequences of poses in our series.

A “sequence” is the order in which poses is done.

Using poses in different orders produces different results. For example, slower poses that calm you down are done towards the end of a sequence of poses.

Particular conditions are also addressed by doing certain poses in a certain order.

These poses are best done to supplement some formal classes by a trained teacher. The teacher can give you guidance on the spot in a way that will highlight particular issues, and also help you accelerate your learning.

Many free yoga options to try

The poses at the bottom of this page are all suitable for Seniors. Others will also get plenty from each posture.

Many of the poses shown in Flametree’s free Beginner sequence are also suitable for Seniors. The style of yoga is known as Iyengar yoga. 

In addition, Flametree also offers special focus options such as Gentle Yoga, Fifty Plus, Backcare Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga. They are all listed in the all level Flametree Timetable.

There’s also free online classes by live video. You can do these classes anytime. They also include some options like Backcare, or Gentle Yoga.

Other levels of yoga, or special options, such as menopause or menstruation, are all in our free yoga sequences.

LIVE class options

Or try Flametree’s Beginner LIVE online or in-the-studio (in Darwin) beginner classes.

Because both of these Beginner packages start with a FREE 2 week trial, you can get started as soon as you like.

In additon, check out the large mix of beginner classes and options on the Flametree Beginner Timetable.

Poses for Senior, or those with stiffness, or other conditions