Yoga poses for menopause hot flashes, or yoga for menopause overall

Here are yoga poses for menopause hot flashes, plus yoga for menopause generally. It’s all part of high quality Iyengar yoga for menopause, with numerous top yoga poses for menopause. You’ll also learn learn why I prefer Iyengar yoga for menopause (or anything else), rather than yin yoga for menopause. Depending on your situation,  check out these yoga poses for menopause, or just try the yoga for menopause hot flashes poses.

If you already do yoga, you’ll notice that many of the poses below are postures that you already do regularly. That means that if you maintain your practise, you’ll naturally handle the issues that can arise with menopause and pre-menopause.

If some of the poses are not ones that you do in your yoga, then one option is to build them into your home practise.

Alternatively, consider our LIVE online classes, or in-studio classes, as I regularly teach most of these poses.

At a minimum, this post will tell you why the poses are working for you, or could be working for you if you were doing them.

I’ve always found that knowing why to do a pose, helps motivate me to do it!

Menopause basics

Menopause is when you stop ovulating and stop bleeding.  It is a transition stage in a woman’s life that can last several years. Every woman’s experience is different. For some the transition is relatively smooth. For others, it can be a real challenge to stay “sane.”

Essentially, in menopause, your hormonal system is in a state of flux, and out of balance. Estrogen which has been produced in a woman ovaries eventually will come to be produced by her adrenal glands.

Plus, when a woman stops ovulating, progesterone stops being produced.

But while the hormonal system adjusts to these changes, it is in a state of imbalance. This causes a wide range of issues for women.

For a start, in the pre-menopause phase, energy is a challenge.

Woman feel constantly fatigued, exhausted and stressed. Therefore, as a woman nears her late forties to early fifties, it’s best to take steps to get healthy and de-stress.

Woman who suffer high levels of stress have been found to have a very difficult time during the premenopausal and menopausal phases of their life.

Iyengar yoga sequence for menopause

I am a certified Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Iyengar yoga has also been called modern, classical yoga. It’s draws on ancient wisdom and modern science to give you top quality outcomes.

The information and yoga poses for menopause below draw on all that I have learnt over my many years of training. In addition, from practising these poses myself, I had a very easy time with menopause. I’ve told my own story of menopause and yoga elsewhere.

I will start with some more introductory background, and then I will go on to the actual yoga for menopause poses, and why I suggest them.

Yin yoga for menopause?

Iyengar yoga, has a much wider variety of poses for menopause, than does yin yoga for menopause.

Yin yoga for menopause, or otherwise, consists of around 25 poses, while Iyengar yoga, including restorative Iyengar yoga, consists of around 200 poses.

In the poses below, you’ll also see plenty of examples of restorative yoga. That’s because many of the challenges of menopause arise from stress. Restorative yoga systematically addresses stress, and allows you to consciously relax.

As you look through these poses, see what you think, especially if you’ve even done yin yoga for menopause.

Yoga is exercise, & much more

Exercise is important to help supply the energy to go through these phases.  It is important to not overdo or force your body to exercise too strongly and become exhausted.

Yoga is exercise, but it is a special sort of exercise. With yoga, you learn how to use the postures to invigorate your body. It also helps quieten your mind as you systematically rest and relax.

Among other things, you learn to look at yourself, and look at your habits.  This is a time to look after yourself.

It is most likely the case that during this time you will need to look at your diet, look at your sleeping habits, and be willing to make changes.

For woman there are issues around body image, weight gain, and fear of less sexual attractiveness. Many find it very confronting.

A regular yoga for menopause practise will help you find inner strength, as well as help you to like yourself more, and be more compassionate  towards yourself.

The poses in the sequence below address  fatigue, overheating hot flushes (or hot flashes), anxiety, sleep issues, head aches, mood swings, brain fuzziness, & urinary incontinence.

Because hot flashes can be a major issue, I have some focus on yoga poses for menopause hot flashes. However, if you just focus on yoga poses for menopause overall, then that will deal with the hot flashes issue as you go.

Post menopause

Post menopause brings another set unique challenges. I will address these in another post.

Yoga has a lot to offer women to help minimise postmenopausal symptoms.  It also offers woman a pathway to freedom and inner peace.

I think women are fortunate to live in a time where there is far more openness around menopause.

There is still a way to go; but it is not such a taboo subject as it was 10 years ago.

I suggest you talk to your teacher if you wish to address a specific issue. Your teacher can help design a sequence that will help you find relief and some peace.

In particular, avoid yoga inversions when there is any bleeding.

I will now work through the poses I suggest, and why.

Yoga for menopause sequence

Yoga Sequence for Menopause 2Bound angle pose. 

The pose above is excellent to start your practise, but can also fit into many other places in your sequence of yoga poses for menopause. For a start, the pose will help with insomnia.

It also improves circulation around abdomen, and chest, as well as calms your nerves.

It is cooling pose that will help with hot flushes. Hold for 8-10 minutes.

Seated cobbler pose, with support.

Seated Cobbler pose.

The pose above will help increase circulation to the pelvis, as well as circulation to ovaries.

It will also lift and tone the uterus. Plus, it’s very calming. Hold for 1 minute.

Seated wide angle pose

Seated wide angle pose

The next pose, as shown above, increases circulation to the pelvis, and also stimulates circulation to ovaries.

In addition, it lifts and tones the uterus, and is also very calming. Hold 1 minute.

So-called “hip-opening” yoga poses for menopause

Yoga Sequence for Menopause 6Lying down big toe pose

This pose, with the belt tied around the foot and hip as shown here, can help relieve back ache, and tone abdominal organs.

The pose will also reduce fluid that accumulates in the legs.

It helps keep your hips open, or extended. Hold for 1-2 mins. Avoid when bleeding.

Yoga Sequence for Menopause 7
Lying down big toe pose. Start with leg straight up. Then move
leg to the side. 

This pose keeps reproductive organs healthy. It also helps reduce abdominal tension, strengthens the pelvic muscles, and helps maintain length in inner thighs. Hold for 1-2 minutes.

Some standing yoga for menopause poses

  Downward facing dog pose-head support. Can use ropes or place heels to wall

Using Ropes or heel to wall

The downward facing dog pose, above, with head support, legs in ropes and/ heels to the wall, is restful and rejuvenating to your whole body.

The pose helps relieve hot flushes (or hot flashes), as it helps reduce stress. It also settles the mind, quietens your nervous system, and relieves anxiety. Hold for 2 minutes.

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Down ward facing dog pose- with 3 blocks

Downward facing dog pose without heal support

This down dog pose above will will also help tone abdominal organs, strengthen and lift pelvic floor and help with incontinence. Hold for 2 minutes.

The above forward bending pose will quieten your mind, help relieve stress.

It therefore helps with hot flushes. Hold for 2 minutes.

Wide angle standing pose.

Wide angle standing pose-head support Wide angle standing pose-head support

This pose when done with the head supported, quietens the mind and helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

It thereby helping with hot flushes. Hold for 2 minutes.

Yoga Sequence for womenWide angle standing pose, head up.

This wide angle legs pose, done with the head up, will help lift and strengthen the uterus.

It can also help reduce bleeding during perimenopause. In addition, it will help to reduce fatigue.

Head standHeadstand. Invigorates whole system. Helps circulation to glands in brain & throat. 

The headstand above, will also help keep the uterus in its proper position, or move it in that direction.

The pose quietens your mind, helps mood swings, improves concentration, brings courage, and emotional stability.

You can also do different leg variation like bound angle, and legs wide apart. Such variations will promote circulation to pelvis as well as to glands in brain and throat.

Hold for 5 minutes, or build towards it. Use the wall for support as you steadily improve.

Key backbend poses

Supported backbend-head support Supported backbend-head supported.

This version of a backbend with head supported will help to reduce mood swings, help with depression, help to boost energy. If this is too strong practise cross bolsters (backbend over bolsters shown below) Hold for 4-5 mins.

Yoga Sequence for MenopauseCross bolsters.

Helps recover from fatigue, Opens chest, lungs, helps with depression and mood swings. Releases tension in diaphragm helps deepen breathing . Improves circulation in throat( thyroid glands), adrenal glands. Hold for 5-8 mins.

Some forward bending restorative poses

Yoga Sequence for Menopause 14Bent knee forward bend with chair.

This pose will help quieten your nervous system.  Help reduce anxiety and therefore help with hot flushes. Help with mood swings .Help restore energy(revitalize adrenal glands) Hold for 2-3 mins each leg

Forward bend yoga poseFull forward bend.

Seated Forward bends are cooling poses. They help to restore energy (revitalize adrenal glands) and help with hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings. There are many different forward bend poses that you can practise. You can vary your practise by inserting them in here. Hold for 2-3 mins.

Chair twist yoga poseChair twist.

This pose shown above is good to help restore energy. It is a gentle twist that lets you replenish your adrenal glands . It quietens your nervous system and helps you feel calm. You can  also do other seated gentle twists and they will work in the same way to help with fatigue,

Some inverted poses

Shoulder stand yoga poseSupported Shoulderstand.

This pose above helps greatly to calm anxiety , quieten nerves and help with hot flushes. Help to restore energy.  Hold 5 mins

Supported shoulderstand yoga variationAnother variation of Supported Shoulderstand.

This pose above helps greatly to calm anxiety , quieten nerves and help with hot flushes.  Help with fatigue( helps restore energy)Hold 5 mins

Yoga poses for immune system

Supported plough pose

Half Plough Pose.

This pose above helps greatly to calm anxiety, quieten nerves and help with hot flushes.  Helps with fatigue (restores energy). Hold 5 mins

supported bridge poseSupported Bridge pose.

This pose is excellent for quietening your nervous system.  Relieves anxiety, and allows you to relax completely. Helps with insomnia and to restore balance to your hormonal system. (Thyroid and Parathyroid glands in the throat). Cools the body down and helps with hot flushes.  Helps with fatigue (restores energy). Hold 5-10 mins

Cross legs forwardCross legs Forward Seated pose. 

The forward seated pose above quietens nerves, and relaxes back muscles. It also helps constipation, abdominal bloating, and high blood pressure.

As well as all those benefits, the pose will help with anxiety, irritability, and mood swings.

Hold the pose for 1 minute with each crossing of the legs.

Yoga Sequence for MenstruationForward Garland Pose Helps to relieve back pain.

This pose shown above can help with  issues around digestion & constipation. Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Supine restorative poses

yin yoga for menopauseWaterfall pose. Quietens mind. 

The Waterfall Pose above, drains lymphatic fluid for whole body. It also improves circulation, helps with inflammation, hormonal balance, bloating, mood swings, sleep, and anxiety.

The pose also calms the mind, refreshes body and mind, and helps restore energy. It is immensely rejuvenating. Hold for 4-5 minutes.

yoga poses for menopause hot flashesWaterfall pose, legs apart.

The pose above also calms mind, refreshes body and mind, and helps restore energy. It is also immensely rejuvenating.

Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Cobbler yoga poseLegs in cobbler pose. 

Cobbler pose, in any variation, including with cobbler pose feet, drains lymphatic fluid. It also helps with menstrual disorders, relieves stress, lower back pain, and settles soreness in abdomen.

The pose also calms the mind, refreshes body and mind, helps restore energy, and is immensely rejuvenating.

Hold 2-3 minutes.

Corpse poseCorpse Pose. Hold for 5-10 minutes.

This last pose is very a very restful and restorative pose that calms your body and mind.

It helps with nervous exhaustion, and lets you restore balance to your whole system to help with insomnia. Obviously, this is a pose you’ll also do in yin yoga for menopause. But many of the others I have discussed are definitely only found in Iyengar yoga, as outlined further above.

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Yoga allowed me to sail through menopause, with few issues that I even noticed.

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Good quality yoga, several times a week, like those in this post, is the best way to ensure a woman has an easy and powerful journey through yoga.

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