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Want NDIS yoga?  Or an NDIS Personal Trainer?  A yoga NDIS provider is a tiny, specialist area that is rarely serviced by the NDIS service providers Darwin has. But Flametree Yoga is a non registered NDIS provider that’s highly accredited in its industry. Effectively, it’s therefore one of the very the competent and trusted specialist NDIS providers Darwin has for yoga.

In addition, Flametree teaches high quality Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, Easy Restorative Yoga, and other specialist classes. See more below about these options, and how they’re highly suitable as NDIS yoga.

In addition, in all Flametree Yoga classes, you get yoga at your level, that is customised and adapted for any particular condition you are managing.

Private and group yoga classes are provided both online, and at 3 Darwin NT locations. See more below, or get started with these top deals.

Yoga Mini-Course Introduction With The Best Of Yoga NDIS Providers Darwin.

HALF Price Beginner 10 Pass Via Flametree Yoga NDIS Provider Option.

FREE 2 Week Trial Of The Best Yoga NDIS Service Providers Darwin Has.

NDIS personal trainer

Science is now proving the many benefits of the ancient practice of yoga. At Flametree beginner yoga, you’ll get easy preparatory poses that will slowly stretch tight muscles.

Flametree as accredited yoga NDIS provider (not via NDIA)

Flametree is a fully accredited provider of the very high quality Iyengar Yoga style.

This type of hatha yoga is famous for its independently certified level of teaching, its quality, and the use of yoga props.

Iyengar yoga pays special attention to getting you correctly into appropriate versions of any yoga pose. Where needed, your teacher helps you use yoga props to get into the pose, or stay in it for the best amount of time.

Flametree’s yoga teaching means you get the benefit of yoga, at any level you’re working at.

Don’t believe what we say. Use Flametree’s many attractive deals, including a FREE first class, to check it out for yourself.

Or get in touch to discuss it further with Chris Lalor, Flametree’s well known accredited Senior Yoga Teacher.

Funding to a non registered NDIS provider

As you probably know, it’s possible to do NDIS yoga. We mean yoga funded by NDIS. In this regard, Flametree is a non registered NDIS provider.

Yoga private or group classes can be funded from various categories of your NDIS Plan. You can discuss that further with your Plan Manager.

At some point, Flametree may move beyond being only a non registered NDIS provider. But, as we said, yoga is a specialist service, and it is prohibitively expensive, and slow, to become one of the non-yoga NDIS service providers Darwin has.

However, Flametree has been providing much loved yoga services in Darwin for over 20 years. Appropriate classes at Flametree, include folks who are managing a permanent or temporary disability.

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s certified Senior Yoga Teacher, has also been teaching yoga in Darwin for over 25 years.

Flametree Yoga Studio is fully accredited with the Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia. In addition, all teachers carry the full insurance necessary for yoga teachers.

So you can trust all aspects of the non registered NDIS provider services from Flametree.

NDIS providers Darwin

All you need to online yoga is a PC, tablet, or phone. It’s a highly effective way to do NDIS yoga. Try it with a free first class.

Yoga versus NDIS personal trainer options

When the NDIS law was created, it included a specific category for NDIS participants to use an NDIS personal trainer.

Clearly, it is appropriate for participants to be able to an NDIS personal trainer or a yoga NDIS provider via their Plan.

However, the NDIS law overlooked specifically (and expressly) including yoga teachers, yoga therapists, or NDIS yoga options. This is an anomaly, given that an NDIS personal trainer can have as little as three months training to get their Cert 3 qualification.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, both group and private yoga classes, and yoga props, can still be funded from NDIS Plans, via appropriate categories.

In contrast to an NDIS personal trainer, Flametree’s yoga teachers do at least three years of yoga teacher training. They also often have much more experience beyond that.

For instance, Chris Lalor, the independently certified Senior Yoga Teacher, and certified Yoga Therapist, has over 12,000 hours of training with independent, accredited, yoga teacher trainers.

So, yoga services are able to do all that personal training can do, and much more. That’s why Flametree has chosen to offer a non registered NDIS provider option for NDIS participants.

Flametree can provide NDIS yoga to Participants who are self-managed, or with a private Plan Manager. With the correct approval and process, all of our yoga classes and packages can be paid for in via your NDIS funding. If you need invoicing in arrears, we can accommodate that if payment is prompt.

Start anytime, or at Beginner Introductions

Across its 3 locations, and online, Flametree’s beginner level classes, and other classes, run continuously.

In Darwin, in-studio classes are at Flametree’s 3 locations in Woolner, Casuarina and Palmerston. (The Google maps at the links shows details, including street addresses).

You can either start beginner level classes at any time with the FREE first class, or use the HALF price 10 class pass.

Another option is to do one of the regular 2 class Beginner Yoga Introductions. It’s a type of mini beginner course. Then you join the ongoing beginner level classes.

At either beginner or non-beginner level, you can also joint special focus classes already mentioned. They are Backcare FocusGentle Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga (for anxietysleepweight loss, or more).

NDIS yoga & personal training

Here’s Miriam, a Flametree Yoga student, doing LIVE online yoga, with her PC plugged to her TV.

Non-beginner yoga introductory deals for NDIS yoga

By the way, if you’ve recently done yoga, then try the non-beginner deal of 14 days of unlimited non-beginner yoga for just $29 (online or in-studio, or both).

There’s also an online only non-beginner deal, of 30 days for just $14.95.

If you have not done yoga via the Iyengar style, let alone done yoga for a while, then it’s likely that beginner level is the best place to check out for at least a while.

Easy Gentle Yoga class used by many with conditions

The Gentle Yoga classes taught by Chris Lalor have different levels. The class at 10.15am on Fridays, in Woolner, is the most basic level.

If you have a serious condition, Friday’s Gentle Yoga class is the one you would likely attend. But, if you wish, contact Chris Lalor for further advice.

In some cases, it may be best to first do a private class with Chris or Belinda Hoult. They can then advise you further.

Each week, you can do different combinations of classes and teachers, so you can further check out what works best for you. You don’t have to do the same combinations of classes each week.

Alternative or supplement to physio & OT options

In any situation where you’re considering physiotherapy services or occupational therapists, get Flametree’s advice first, or test our yoga classes, or even chat with our accredited yoga therapist.

Please also check out Flametree’s discussion of yoga and physiotherapy.

If you wish, get further advice from Flametree’s Senior Yoga Teacher.

At least test out yoga to supplement whatever else you may do. Many of those who use yoga are pleasantly surprised by what it can do for them.

non registered provider

Stuart, a Flametree student, demonstrating a simple Half Angle pose, with a railing at Marlow Lagoon, Palmerston NT.

More About Flametree’s Accredited, Non Registered NDIS Provider Options.

As already outlined Flametree is highly accredited and certified in the yoga industry, but it has chosen to be a non-registered NDIS provider.

Here is more about how we provide such non registered NDIS provider services.

Try the best Yoga NDIS service providers Darwin has

The free first class is one way to see for yourself.

NDIS yoga via package deals, & FREE first classes

In summary, classes can be done as a casual class, or with other attractive yoga pass packages.

The beginner timetable shows all online & In-Studio beginner classes. They’re at Flametree’s Darwin yoga locations in CasuarinaWoolner & Palmerston.

All yoga pass packages can be used at all Flametree locations across Darwin, and online.

Reach out to Flametree at these Contacts.

Those in remote communities also often find Flametree’s online services work well. Our online NDIS yoga works well with 4G phone service.

So, try out the FREE first class, or get a private class, or whatever may work best for you.

Yoga Mini-Course Introduction With The Best Of Yoga NDIS Providers Darwin.

HALF Price Beginner 10 Pass Via Flametree Yoga NDIS Provider Option.

FREE 2 Week Trial Of The Best Yoga NDIS Service Providers Darwin Has.

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