Transition to Intermediate and Intermediate Level Class Information

There is a difference between Transition to Intermediate and Intermediate Level

Transition to Intermediate.

This level is for those who have completed the Beginner Course. Don`t think you have to be strong and flexible to come to these classes. Overtime you will become so. Your teacher helps you make the transition.

At this level there will be some people who have just moved up and others that have been in these classes for a few months.If new you are given slightly different ways to work with some of the asanas. Essentially you continue to learn how to work with yourself; with your body, your mind and  your breath. The class sizes are generally smaller so you get quite a lot of guidance. There are a number of different classes to choose from (see Timetable). We recommend trying to come more than once a week in that way you will really reap the benefits of doing yoga. In the Transition classes you will consolidate the poses that you learnt in the Beginners Courses as well as learn a whole new group of poses.

Transition to Intermediate Level Classes are the stepping stone from Beginners to Intermediate Level.You might stay at this level for 6-12 months and then when you feel steady in these new asanas move up. Often your teacher will suggest that you are ready to move.

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At Intermediate level you can expect to be  introduced to an even wider variety of Standing poses, Seated, Forward Bends, Twists, Backbends, Inversions, Restorative poses and basic Pranayama (breathing). Generally students stay at this level for 6-8 months to a year before moving on to Experienced level. We recommend students attend two classes a week at the Intermediate level. We have found this really helps students develop their yoga practice. Or to combine  a Transition to Intermediate class and an Intermediate class. And when you feel ready combine an Intermediate class with an Experienced Level Class.

Your teacher will often give you a nudge and tell you that you are ready to move up to Experienced.

Intermediate Level classes are the stepping stone between Transition and Experienced level. At this level you start to use your breath to explore the poses to hold them a little longer and correct your poses and become  steady , calm and reflective. There will always be challenges and thats exciting but you have by this stage usually developed a way of working in the asanas that lets you get quiet. At this level you find that you are able to sense when ‘overdoing’ and when you under do(hold back, where perhaps there is fear). At this level you develop the mental resilience which lets you progress onto The Experienced Level.

You can join a Transition to Intermediate & Intermediate level class at any time, providing there is space.

You can reserve a place to attend Transition to Intermediate and Intermediate classes.

Transition to Intermediate and Intermediate can use their pass or Direct Debit to come to the Restorative Classes ( Wonderfully relaxing, restorative classes Friday 5.30-7.00pm and Saturday 4.00-5.00pm).

Don’t want to commit to a weekly pass?

If you are unsure that a weekly pass will work for you, then why not try a ten class pass or a single casual class? This pass allow you to attend 10 classes at a time that suits you. Concession prices are also available.

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