Yoga For Beginners At Home, & In Studio, Worked For Me.

Originally an elite athlete, I was both stiff, & sceptical!

I wasn’t ready to be upside down in a room with strangers! And even yoga for beginners at home wasn’t for me.

But, let’s go back a step or two. In my long ago past, I was an elite athlete. And, I still consider myself athletic. A long time ago, I completed a degree in physical education and consider myself knowledgeable when it comes to the human body and its possibilities.

But, I resisted yoga’s call, even though I personally knew Chris, the certified Senior Teacher at Flametree Yoga.

As I got older and less flexible, my resistance may have been more about fear of failure, than the idea that yoga was a luxury I didn’t need.

Whatever reason, I continued to think that I was beyond yoga. But I did agree with Chris that there were great benefits to be had for some. I reckoned I was not part of that some!

My first beginner yoga at the Flametree studio

Time past, as well as many conversations with Chris.

And then, one Saturday morning, some time ago, I turned up at Chris’s Flametree yoga studio.

I’d succumbed to the “dark side”, and although I’m not going to say I’m hooked, I certainly feel that I need yoga far more than yoga needs me.

Chris had told me about the props that are used in Iyengar yoga, and I’d always thought they were a good idea.

But, now, I cannot imagine yoga without props. I once thought they were a crutch for those not capable of completing a move. I was wrong.

Now I do yoga for beginners at home, and love yoga props

Without the props, my old and stiff body would distort and curl in an attempt to reach the unreachable.

With the appropriate prop, I can maintain the correct yoga posture while moving along the continuum of completeness.

The prop is not a crutch. It is a support, guide and tool that helps me stretch toward completeness.

I now sit at my computer with my back straight and my shoulders relaxed, and I wonder what happens in other yoga studios… about props, and more.

I wonder what the body does when it cannot reach the desired position. Does it distort or does it hang suspended somewhere between the beginning and end?

I confess! I am a yoga convert, not a flag flying, card holding proselytiser of yoga.

But I am a believer in yoga’s benefits. I also believe that props like the block, the belt, the bolster, the shoulder mats, and the chair, will assist my body to achieve the range of movement that it ought to be capable of.

Even the emotional benefits of yoga are creeping in!

Finally, Chris has talked about the emotional benefits of yoga. Again, I have agreed with her that for some it could be a saviour of sorts, even though I have not felt that.

But, at the completion of my most recent yoga class, I did feel the need to continue. I did feel a break in my resistance to being helped. So I guess a change in my resistance is at least partly about emotional issues.

Yoga is slow sometimes, at least for me, where I am now. Maybe that’s how it’s meant to be.

I sometimes find myself looking for a clock to see how long I have to continue laying on the floor concentrating on my breath. Maybe that’s about me!

I don’t want to concentrate on my breath. I want to go to my favourite café, and waste time drinking coffee, and searching for nothing on the internet!

And, there lies the absurdity of my life. I’m more comfortable racing to do nothing than I am concentrating on my breath and my being.

Now, even though I am back living in Asia, I love to do yoga at home, or in a studio. It’s part of my life.

Try yoga for beginners at home, via online classes, or in the studio, or both.

See if yoga works for you, like it did for me.

Deals for yoga for beginners at home (via LIVE online classes), & other options

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The in-studio classes are at Flametree’s two studios in Darwin. Australia.

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At this link, you’ll also see more beginner yoga information, and a list of all beginner packages.

Check it out via one of these packages, and see if you agree with Gary.

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