Double Pass. Buy 1 beginner yoga course, & get one at half price



Double Pass. Buy 1 beginner yoga course, & get one at half price


Up to 2 weeks FREE before official course start.
Double pass for 2, with one person new to Flametree.

Online, or in-studio (Darwin), or both.

Course starts in week of 3/8/21, & up to 2 FREE weeks start from Mon 19 July.

A saving of 25% each! Click “Add to Cart” below, to go direct to checkout.

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“Mates rate” double pass yoga deal

Buy one 4 week beginner course, and get one 4 week beginner course at half price.

This means you are getting one course at the normal price of $75, plus one course at $37.50 … for a total of $112.50 for two.

The person at half price, needs to be new to the studio.

For example, if you introduce your partner to yoga at Flametree, or a friend, or work colleague, and they pay their way, you can each pay $56.25, for a course that is normally $75 each.

This is a saving of $18.75 each, or 25% each.

You also get up to 2 FREE weeks of beginner yoga in the 2 week period leading up to the official course start date.

This means the course starts in week of 3/8/21, and the 2 FREE weeks start from Monday 19 July.

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Live online yoga, or in-studio, or both

You get an unlimited number of beginner classes each week, from this beginner yoga timetable.

In the timetable, you’ll see the beginner course includes popular optional classes, like Backcare Yoga, Women Only Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga.

These options work for anyone. However, some people attend just to do some mix of those particular classes.

You can do the course in either of our two Darwin studios, or online, or both (depending on your location).

This is the most popular beginner yoga deal

This is the most popular beginner deal… for the simple reason that it’s the only deal where you get 25% off an already low price. Do it with a friend, and it’s yours.

You’ll find this yoga course is full of friendly, down-to-earth people who just want to be fit, calm, and productive. You’ll make new friends, and extend your network to people you’ll want to be in touch with.

Get the 2 weeks free to try it out, and then decide. You’ll need to use a credit card to book the course.  But you won’t be charged until the first week of the course. You can discontinue if you wish. There’s no obligation to continue. When you’ve done the free weeks, just let us know if you don’t want to continue.

No doubt you’ve thought about being fitter, slimmer, calmer, or whatever. This is an easy way to take action to achieve whatever you’ve thought would be good to achieve.

Designed & taught by expert yoga teachers

This easy, beginner yoga program is designed by a certified Senior Yoga Teacher (Chris Lalor). She also teaches several of the beginner classes, along with other experienced teachers.  Together, they have many thousands of hours of teaching training, to help you learn in easy stages that work for you.

Because of the challenges of current times, we’ll only be offering a very limited number of beginner courses in the future. Get it while the course is available.

Chris Lalor, the Principal teacher and Founder of Flametree Yoga Studio, has been teaching in Darwin for 25 years. She has designed, and runs, this beginner yoga program.

Among other things, Chris has created a program that helps you perform best in the challenges of different weather types, including tropical weather. It’s a unique approach, inspired by some of top teachers in India, under whom she has studied for many years.

The beginner program is built around a timetable that’s especially convenient for the Central Australian timezone. However, the much larger than usual number of beginner classes means there are nearly always several classes available that work for whatever timezone you are in.

Use this DOUBLE PASS, or see other beginner packages

Other options, like single beginner courses, week-to-week deals, ten-pass deals, or casual classes, are among Flametree’s other beginner yoga packages.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at the Customer Service contacts at the bottom of this page.

If you go ahead and buy this double pass with a friend, you’ll need to buy this pass in one transaction, and then share the cost with your friend, or whatever.

At your first class, or via the Customer Service contacts at the bottom of this page, please let us know the name and email of your friend.

Get a pass, & reserve a yoga class

Once you’ve bought a beginner pass, or passes, you and your friend can go straight to the Reservations tab on the Flametree site, and reserve your first class, here. (It’s a separate booking system, so you both need to open a free account there, so as to reserve your first class).

If you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back at any point during your first paid week of the beginner course. Contact us via our Customer Service contacts at the bottom of this page.

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