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Best Fitness Gym Casuarina Darwin Has.

How I fixed my stiffness, & got fit & calm.

Here’s why I use yoga for fitness classes, instead of going to a traditional Casuarina gym Darwin class (or wherever). For the best gym Casuarina Darwin has (or even for far beyond), try a free first class at Flametree’s fitness Casuarina classes (or at its other Darwin locations, or online).

In my early 20’s, I knew some folks who were prescribed medication for depression. I noticed how the side effects sometimes dulled their experience of the world.

I also saw how the “treatment” sometimes impacted their relationships with those around them.

As part of growing up in modern Australia, I also saw plenty of very good people using too much ICE, as well as too much alcohol.

The impact on them wasn’t good. Too often, they became jumpy, or scattered, or worse.

Part of the reason I came to Darwin, some 10 years ago, was to find new circles who did less of the stuff I wanted to avoid.

My trade made it easy for me to travel and work. Among other things, I spent plenty of time in remote Indigenous communities, helping to build and refit houses.

Yoga Beginners Introduction (Or Quick Mini-Course).

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Casuarina gym Darwin style group fitness classes.

HALF price & other top deals at the best type of gym Casuarina Darwin has.

Fitness casuarina

Headstands teach me (Shane) balance. They also quieten my mind. It also takes upper strength, and courage. At Flametree, it all can be learnt in do-able stages. Try it. 

Sport was OK, but I wanted more

My dad was a black belt judo. Maybe that’s part of why I have always admired Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

It also probably helped with my focus on sports. As a young person, I played 500 games of baseball in rural South Australia.

So, I knew all about what sport could do for me, but I still wanted more than that.

Focus, or die!

As an adult, I went on to get into boxing, and then very fast motor bikes. At one point, I got up to 300 kilometres per hour!

That’s when focus is really key. You can’t afford to think of anything else… or you die!

They tell me that’s mindfulness!

My electrician work is a bit the same. The electricity you’re working with is plenty of reason to focus. In addition, in my kind of work, falling off ladders is just as big of a hazard.

Casuarina gym darwin

Rolling over a Flametree barrel is one of the ways we improve spine flexibility. Plus it delivers the many advantages of backbends, such as energy, chest extension, and better posture. 

By 40, I was getting stiff

I work with a big contractor with lots of other tradies.

They like it when I show them some of the chill out poses that I learn at yoga. The other day we were opening some new equipment packed with large blocks of foam.

I showed my mates how to use the block under the upper and lower back to spread out the chest, and then lie back in a de-stressing pose.

Another part of the reason for initially getting into yoga was to help loosen up my shoulder, after I broke my collar bone.

Even though I’ve always done plenty of sport and physical work throughout my life, I found that by the mid-forties, I was far too stiff. My tummy was also bigger than I wanted.

Yoga fitness helped on many fronts

Yoga fitness has quickly changed many things for the better. First, I’m steadily getting calm. Yoga quietens down my mind. I mean that “monkey” mind, or the voice in our heads, is less intrusive.

I can also now do lots of poses that demand a mix of flexibility and strength. I had the strength, but my flexibility had been ever decreasing!

Yoga fitness has also changed my eating and drinking habits.

It’s too easy to go to the pub after work. Instead, I’m now use Flametree yoga deals where it cost less if I buy in packages. That makes it even easier to go to class instead of going to the pub.

I think yoga is also slowing down how much I eat, and changing what I eat. My diet now is probably less meaty, as well as more of the stuff that keeps the tummy in check.

Meanwhile, I’ve now done well over 100 hours as a recreational pilot. Flying demands the same kind of mindfulness that yoga fitness helps. It’s like I mentioned before… be mindful or die!

Yoga Beginners Introduction (Or Quick Mini-Course).

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Casuarina gym Darwin style group fitness classes.

HALF price & other top deals at the best type of gym Casuarina Darwin has.

chair yoga at Flametree Yoga Nightcliff

Using a chair to improve posture, hamstrings, and more.

My favourite fitness exercises at yoga

At yoga, some of my favourite poses are those that bend the spine backwards. My teacher says they’re good for dealing with the blues.

So, there’s always room for more back-bending.

I also find these backbend poses come pretty easily. There’s plenty of other yoga poses that are a serious challenge. But at least I can quickly do impressive stuff on some fronts.

Yoga for better breathing

I also like how yoga improve my breathing. I’ve done a lot of scuba diving, so I know a lot about breath, and the importance of regulating it.

With the modern discussions about the importance of breathwork, it seems that more folk are seeing the many benefits of better breathing, and stronger lungs.

I can see how yoga opens up and extends my chest, so I get more oxygen into the system. In the process, the focus on breathing in yoga helps give me that calming effect that I like so much.

I’ve also seen a bit of Flametree’s breath meditation classes. They call it pranayama in Sanskrit.

How I got started with Flametree’s fitness classes

When I was younger, I was into dancing. Yoga has that same bodily expression that I enjoyed with dancing.

In the process, it builds both my strength and flexibility. Until I tried it, I never would have thought that.

But after I’d done the beginner classes in early 2019, I just found that yoga fitness was one of those things I really liked having in my life. The various yoga benefits just crept up on me.

I find the teachers at Flametree to be very genuine and sincere. So, it was easy to take. They and the other folks at the studio have slowly become a new bunch of friends.

Give yoga a try. The free first class, and other deals, make it easy to give it a shot.

Yoga Beginners Introduction (Or Quick Mini-Course).

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Casuarina gym Darwin style group fitness classes.

HALF price & other top deals at the best type of gym Casuarina Darwin has.

gym casuarina darwin

Me, Shane, playing around at work one day. I found a yoga mat when I dropped rubbish at a town dump. So I showed my mates the famous and fundamental Triangle yoga pose.

Start anytime, or at Beginner Introductions

Across its various location, Flametree’s beginner level classes, and other classes, run continuously.

You can either start beginner level classes at any time with the FREE first class, or use the HALF price 10 class pass.

Another option is to do one of the regular 2 class Beginner Yoga Introductions. It’s a type of mini beginner course. Then you join the ongoing beginner level classes.

There are also many special focus options such as Backcare Focus, Gentle Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga (for anxiety, sleep, weight loss, or more).

Each week, you can do different combinations of classes and teachers, so you check out what works best for you. You don’t have to do the same combinations each week.

All poses are simple and introductory. Everyone can do the classes, using yoga props to help you, if needed.

If you start with a friend, it’s more social, and it helps you keep up regular attendance.

If you’ve recently done yoga, then try the non-beginner deal of 14 days of unlimited non-beginner yoga for just $29 (online or in-studio, or both).

Classes at Flametree’s style of gym Casuarina Darwin

Are you looking for group fitness classes, or otherwise want to improve your strength, flexibility, and calmness? Or maybe you want to address one of the 117 health conditions where yoga has been clinically proven to be helpful.

Every Saturday, at 10-11am, Flametree Yoga Casuarina has a Gentle Yoga and Beginners class, at the Lyons Centre, 25 Damabila Drive, Lyons.

Here’s a Google map for directions to the Flametree Casuarina location.

This Casuarina class can be done as a casual class, or with other attractive yoga pass packages.

On the site below, the beginner timetable shows all online & In-Studio beginner classes. They’re at other Flametree Darwin yoga locations in Woolner & Palmerston.

Many students also do classes after work, at this mix of locations.

 All yoga pass packages can be used at all Flametree locations across Darwin.

The Casuarina yoga class, and the Beginner Introduction, is taught by an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Lalor. She’s one of my regular teachers at the Flametree Woolner location which I now attend.

Flametree Yoga Palmerston

Using a belt to improve flexibility in hips and hamstrings.

For the best gyms, look to Flametree’s approach to fitness

Elite athletes, including from AFL, cricket, and Rugby League, use yoga for its many benefits. It’s another type of functional training, with proven mental and physical benefits.

You don’t need a mix of circuit training routines. Just come along to Flametree’s group fitness classes.

Over time, you’ll see that the special type of free weights that Flametree uses, deliver many benefits beyond those you’ll find in Darwin gyms.

In addition, Flametree’s online yoga, or even your home practice, works well in your study room, or wherever.

Flametree’s Casuarina fitness classes at the Lyons Centre, are a great location to start your fitness journey,

The Lyons Centre is just off Trower Road, and not far from the well known Casuarina Square in the Northern Territory.

It’s also only about a 15-minute drive to Darwin CBD. (We’re in Casuarina NT, not Casuarina NSW near the Tweed Coast).

Like anything, the outcomes you get depend on the total amount of time you devote to classes. But even one class a week will make a difference.

So, getting fit at Flametree won’t cut into your spare time.

In fact, you’re likely to find your new found focus and efficiency from yoga fitness, will give you more productivity at work, as well as more spare time.

The many years of experience of Flametree teachers, will also deliver outcomes beyond what you could ever imagine.

Group fitness instructors to help your fitness goals

Start your move to a more healthy lifestyle with Flametree’s knowledgable team.

There’s no need for special gym facilities. At our locations, all yoga props and equipment are supplied.

If our class times don’t suit you, then choose a time of the day that does, and use our yoga videos.

Yoga videos let you make your own one or two hour fitness centre (at home or work), with state of the art yoga teaching from Flametree.

Flametree’s fitness club also comes at a great price, with many free trials.

To book a free first class, you just need to give your email address (when you reserve the class in advance).

After the free class, unless you opt out, you’ll get an occasional email alert about yoga research updates, or stories from other Flametree students (such as Angie’s story).

Yoga online, at a studio, or by yoga video

One option to get started is the quick, 2-class Yoga Beginners Introduction (or Mini-Course). The Introduction (on 2 Sundays) is in our Woolner studio, but then you can continue at our Casuarina location, online, or wherever.

A Flame Tree Yoga Studio Darwin Beginner level yoga class can also be started at any time.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about the most popular of Flametree’s beginner yoga deals.

Some students also start with a private class or two, and then move onto regular online or in-studio classes.

Yoga Beginners Introduction (Or Quick Mini-Course).

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Casuarina gym Darwin style group fitness classes.

HALF price & other top deals at the best type of gym Casuarina Darwin has.

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