Pranayama keeps me sane!

Pranayama breathing keeps me sane. On the days that I miss the practice I know I am more irritable, less patient and far less compassionate towards others. Here’s what I learnt & use from the key book called “Light On Pranayama”, plus what the power of pranayama did for me. Plus, get ten free classes for meditation Darwin options online or in-studio.

I have practised Pranayama for well over 20 years. I never ceased to be amazed at the power of pranayama to keep me mentally and emotionally on track.

The power of pranayama breathing

Most people find Pranayama (breath mediation) difficult. I certainly did. It has taken me a very long time to be content with each practice.

I had enjoyed Savasana and found that I could talk my body on the whole into relaxing. Of course some days were better than others.

Get 10 free pranayama breathing classes. Online or In-studio. No obligation. Try it!

At first, it was a challenge

But when it came to lengthening the exhalation in supported Savasana I remember being totally shocked at how difficult that was.

My exhalation seemed so short. I couldn’t understand at all the mechanism for lengthening my inhalation. My teacher would instruct me to “breath into the bottom side ribs” and keep the abdomen passive. Both seemed impossible.

I am pleased that I kept practising because my breath has become my friend. Even better, like a good friend, it has kept me honest.

Mindfulness on my breath has helped me understand myself better. In addition, it has allowed me to feel connected to the wider universe.

I was fortunate to have a good teacher. I also learnt everything I could from the key book “Light On Pranayama”. 

What I get from breath meditation

The various breathing practices give me energy as they deliver blood to every part of my body.

But most of all I love and appreciate how they quieten my mind, help me relax, and remain humble.

I am in awe of their power to show me the way towards a healthy and happy life.

Get 10 free pranayama breathing classes. Online or In-studio. No obligation. Try it!

Packages to do pranayama breathing, or yoga, or both

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Get 10 free pranayama breathing classes. Online or In-Studio. No obligation. Try it!

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