Pranayama keeps me sane!

Pranayama Breathing Keeps Me Calm, Happy & Healthy.

Without it, I’m more irritable, less patient, & less compassionate!

Breath Meditation Video Course, & 10 FREE LIVE classes.

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Pranayama breath meditation can be done, lying down like this, or sitting up. Even when you sit up, you can sit in a straight backed chair. So even those new to meditation can be comfortable, and then focus better on getting the many benefits of pranayama. Although I learnt a lot from books like “Light On Pranayama”, I found that a course was also an enormous help. So, check out the best online pranayama course to learn pranayama online, including our gentle breath meditation options.

Pranayama breathing keeps me sane. What I (Chris), mean is that on the days that I miss my pranayama practice, I know I am more irritable, less patient, and far less compassionate towards others. Here’s what I learnt and use from the key book called “Light On Pranayama”, plus what the power of pranayama did for me. Try the best in-studio, or best online pranayama course to learn pranayama online or in-studio (including 10 free pranayama classes). So, see our top deals for gentle breath meditation, including an easy and quick video course.

I have now practised Pranayama breath meditation for well over 20 years.

But I never ceased to be amazed at the power of pranayama to keep me mentally and emotionally on track. Plus, it delivers huge mental and physical energy.

The journey that started with the guidance of a book called “Light On Pranayama”,  has immensely changed my life for the better. But I recognise that many people don’t find books to be a fast track way to learn. So that’s another reason why I now teach a pranayama breath meditation Introduction, including our breath meditation video course

But first, here’s more on my initial breath meditation journey, and the benefits I got from it.

How to set up for pranayama meditation, including blanket fold to lift chest.

The power of pranayama breathing

Some people initially find Pranayama breath mediation difficult. I certainly did. But, like everything, I found it was easier and quicker to learn when I had sufficient coaching along the way.

When I first learnt yoga, I had enjoyed learning relaxation pose. Over time, I had found that, when I was in that pose, I could talk my body into relaxing.

Of course some days were better than others. But, on average, I got to the point where I could sink into relaxation, without fidgeting and wondering when it was going to end!

In addition, the initial yoga that I’d done, also expanded and strengthened my chest and lungs.

So, when I started breath meditation, the yoga I’d done had prepared my body and mind for the pranayama process.

Breath Meditation Video Course, & 10 FREE LIVE classes.

Mindfulness darwin chair for meditation

By the way, in the Breath Meditation Mini Course, there’s no need to do any difficult pose, or even sit cross-legged. You sit in chairs, like you see with this post, or lie on the floor (with blanket support), like I am in the picture above. Use Flametree’s Meditation Introduction to get the best online pranayama course, or go it in-studio in Darwin NT. 

At first, pranayama was still a challenge

When I first started pranayama breath meditation, and it came to lengthening the exhalation in supported relaxation pose, I remember being totally shocked at how challenging that was.

My exhalation seemed so short. I couldn’t understand the mechanism for lengthening my inhalation.

My teacher would instruct me to “breath into the bottom side ribs” and keep the abdomen passive. Following both instructions initially seemed impossible.

However, over a few months of regular classes, I steadily got the hang of it.

I am pleased that I kept practising because my breath has now become my friend. Even better, like a good friend, it delivers a heap of benefits.

For instance, mindfulness, via using my breath, has helped me understand myself better. In addition, it has allowed me to feel connected to the wider universe.

So, I totally agree with some of the other stories I’ve seen on the benefits of breath meditation.

I was also fortunate to have a good teacher. In addition, I learnt everything I could from the key BKS Iyengar book called “Light On Pranayama”, as well as the few other books I found helpful.

What I get from breath meditation

Overall, the various pranayama breathing practices give me huge energy as they deliver blood to every part of my body.

Although the process has not yet been fully described by modern science, yogis have for millennia described how pranayama draws energy from the lower spine into all other parts of the body. The famous Light On Pranayama book, by the modern sage Mr BKS Iyengar, includes such descriptions. Try it, and see for yourself.

Most of all, I love and appreciate how pranayama breath meditation quietens my mind, helps me relax, and remain humble.

In fact, I am in awe of its power to show me the way towards a healthy and happy life.

Breath Meditation Video Course, & 10 FREE LIVE classes.

Mindful eating was one key benefit I got from gentle breath meditation

best online pranayama course to learn pranayama online, including mindful eating

As I steadily used mindfulness meditation, I was more able to eat mindfully. So, it dawned on me that I was getting too much sugar from a lot of visible and hidden sources. It’s another benefit you’ll get from the best online pranayama course (and you can of course also do it in the Flametree Yoga Darwin studio). So, see our top deals for gentle breath meditation.

Pranayama breath meditation Introduction

In the Breath Meditation Video Course, you get four 45 minute classes over 4 days.

As well, in the video course package, you get 10 extra and FREE weekly pranayama breath meditation classes.

These classes help you get over any of the sort of challenges I initially had with starting breath meditation.

So, all in all, the Introduction package get you over any barriers that could arise, and gets you off to a flying start with the power of pranayama.

Other packages to do pranayama breathing, or yoga, or both

If you’re a non-beginner at yoga, you can use any of Flametree’s yoga passes to come to our twice weekly pranayama breath meditation classes. However, I recommend you first try our Breath Meditation Introduction.

Whenever you do come to Flametree’s yoga and meditation classes, if you’ve been lapsed at yoga for 6 months or more, or are a newcomer to our non-beginner yoga classes, or you’re a current non-beginner who brings a friend, you get 10 classes at half price, for just $9.75 each.

Plus, these 10 pass deals are even less if you use the concession or online only 10 class passes.

Whatever else you do, try the best in-studio, or best online pranayama mini course to learn pranayama online or in-studio. (The course includes 10 free pranayama classes).

To get maximum benefits, combine yoga & meditation

gentle breath meditation

Yoga has many benefits, and even more when combined with pranayama. For example, Dr McCall explains why they include mindful eating, and what you’ll get from it. As he explains, both yoga and pranayama make mindful eating much easier to implement. So, see our top deals for gentle breath meditation, including an easy and quick Introduction. When it comes to breath meditation, the Light On Pranayama manual expands on these benefits. 

Beginners can start yoga at any time

Beginners can start yoga at any time. If you’re interested to do breath meditation, then it helps to have at least some weeks of yoga too. Then you’ll be strong and calm enough to start pranayama.

Another convenient way to get started is to do the 4 video classes to introduce you to the 4 main types of breath meditation techniques.

For yoga beginners, the best value option is the half price ten pass for newcomers (10 classes at $4.95 each). This deal is also available for those, at beginner level, who are lapsed 6 months.

All yoga or pranayama breath meditation classes are online, or in-studio, or both.

As I mentioned, non-beginners at yoga, can start pranayama at any time (but preferably with the benefit of an Introduction to it).

So, try the best online pranayama course to learn pranayama online or in the studio. In other words, I suggest that you use the Flametree Meditation Introduction, to learn pranayama online or in-studio, and get some mix of the massive benefits it’s given me.

Breath Meditation Video Course, & 10 FREE LIVE classes.

meditation darwin

Here I (Chris) am, demonstrating Alternate Nostril breath meditation. It’s one of the breathwork practices I teach in the Breath Meditation Introduction, and the two ongoing pranayama classes each week. I initially learnt the technique from Light On Yoga, with the help of a teacher. So, learn pranayama online or in-studio, and get some mix of the massive benefits it’s given me. Try gentle breath meditation

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