Pranayama & meditation Course Videos


Pranayama & meditation Course Videos


This page lets you get the 4 videos of a pranayama & meditation course by Flametree.

This learn to meditate course deliver benefits like: 

  • facilitating mindful eating
  • helping better sleep
  • less anxiety or stress
  • better overall wellness.

Plus, see an even wider set of benefits in the image further down this page.

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Below, you’ll see how to access this online meditation course.

Pranayama & meditation course example

Chris Lalor, the accredited and highly experienced meditation teacher.

How to access Flametree’s meditation short courses

  1. Use “Add To Cart”, below, to buy a pass, or use any coupon code to do so. (Make sure you use the email you normally use with the Flametree site).
  2. Open the email you’ll get.
  3. At the bottom of the email, click on “your account“. (It will take you to your account on the “My Account” page of the Flametree site.)
  4. Login into your account with Flametree (using the same email as above).
  5. Go to the “Memberships dropdown on the left.
  6. Press “View” to see the 4 videos for the pranayama & meditation course.

If you have questions, please email [email protected], or use the CHAT button.

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LIVE pranayama classes

The regular, weekly Flametree pranayama breath meditation classes are LIVE online and in-studio at 19b Bishop St., Darwin NT. Here is the Flametree Yoga Google map link for the studio.

These LIVE classes are at 6.30am Tuesday & Thursday, Darwin Australia local time. Our timetable shows class times in your local time.

Ideally, for a while when you’re using these pranayama training videos, you also be doing some yoga, or have done some yoga. Among other things, yoga will build your spinal strength, improve lung capacity, and also quieten your mind.


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Pranayama & meditation course content. If you want “meditation courses near me”, then try this online video option. These videos are the best of short courses to learn to meditate. You get 4 one hour video classes.

Pranayama & meditation course content

In these video classes you’ll learn a basic course in a mix of breath meditation & pranayama using these techniques:

  • Alternate Nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
  • So-called Bumble Bee Breath (Bhramari)
  • Ocean Breath (Ujjayi)
  • Staircase Breath (Viloma).

The videos will give you an introduction that you can then further develop in Flametree’s online or in-studio meditation & pranayama classes.

One good pass for doing that is the meditation & pranayama 10 pack. It has a half price deal for newcomers and lapsed for one month.

But such classes can also be done using any of the non-beginner passes you’ll find at Flametree’s list of passes.

If you need, see above for how to access the videos.

Pranayama & meditation course benefits. 

So, to get your  videos, use “Add To Cart” above.

Online pranayama & meditation course & best short courses to learn to meditate

Some of the many benefits of this online meditation course. Get underway with these comprehensive videos for pranayama & meditation beginners.

Props for your pranayama & meditation course videos

For Flametree’s style of breath meditation, any type of chair will do, but backless chairs are best, such as you’ll see in the picture below.

So, to help you thrive in the new and ongoing health challenges we all now face, please give this introductory course a try, via these videos.

As well, after this, or in addition, remember there are two LIVE classes a week, at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays (in the local time of Darwin NT Australia).

LIVE classes are often the most powerful option, as you also get the benefits of a meditation coach, and meditation instructor.  See more at our timetable.

Try Flametree’s learn to meditate course

Meditation chair

Meditation can be done lying or sitting, including in this type of backless chair. Doing this course at home, is a very convenient and effective meditation course online option.

Try Flametree’s pranayama & meditation course videos

So, try Flametree’s pranayama & meditation videos. With 4 comprehensive one hour videos, it’s the best of short courses to learn to meditate.

So, to get your videos, use “Add To Cart” above.

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