Breathwork Training At Pranayama Introductory Course


Breathwork Training At Pranayama Introductory Course


Quick Start At Pranayama Breath Meditation

You get:

  • 3 daily. one hour, classes over a long weekend, LIVE online or in-studio.
  • Classes will cover key pranayama techniques like Ujjayi, Viloma, Bhramari, Nadi Shodhana, & Anuloma.
  • Tips on guided meditation for sleep, meditation for anxiety, & more.
  • Meditation sequences … what techniques to use in what order, for which outcomes.
  • Free access to videos of a similar, recent breathwork course (available after course).
  • Plus 10 FREE pranayama classes (only for those who’ve not done this course before).
  • Practise at actually doing these pranayama techniques, with personalised coaching & tips.

Dates & options for Pranayama classes & mini course

This mini course is taught periodically. New dates are not available at the moment.

Another good option is 4 video classes of this mini-course. It includes 10 FREE pranyama classes, via the weekly classes below.

If you’ve done pranayama breath meditation, & 3 months of yoga, (or the above video mini course), another option is to attend our twice weekly Pranayama classes, at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Newcomers to the Pranayama classes (who are non-beginners, as above) get a FREE 1st class (if you make a reservation), or a half price non-beginner 10 pass, or 30 days unlimited for $79, or other pass options that suit you.

Click the “Add to cart” button below to go straight to checkout for this LIVE mini course.

This breathwork course (and our video course of it), is taught by Chris Lalor. She’s an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, and Breath Meditation Teacher, whose been practising pranayama daily for over 25 years. She’s trained in pranayama breath meditation classes of both Geeta Iyenyar, and Praschant Iyengar. In addition, she’s also extensively worked through all the major authors on breathwork of all types.

For clarification, the type of breathwork taught at Flametree, is also called breath meditation, guided meditation, pranyama, mindful meditation, and mindfulness training. It also includes specific techniques of breathwork that you’ll learn in this course, as outlined further below.

The many benefits of pranayama breath meditation

The benefits of such pranayama breathwork include clarity, perception, productivity, calmness, relaxation, energy, focus, and more.

It’s also especially useful for particular health issues, such as eating mindfully, reducing blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, strengthening the immune system, and asthma.

For more about the benefits, see the diagrams below.

The 10 pranayama classes, that you’ll get for free, are normally up to $21 each. By themselves, the 10 free classes normally have a total value of $210. (As mentioned, the 10 free classes are available for those who’ve not done this course before, and for those who’ve paid separately for this course).

So, with this breathwork course, you are getting huge value.

Best of all, this intensive pranayama course will kick your progress with a whole new dimension of your yoga and mindfulness journey.

In addition, for more on how pranayama breath meditation will actually help you do better yoga, see Flametree’s blog post about how yoga and pranayama reinforce each other.

This Introduction will also set you up to get major daily benefits from pranayama, whether you do it as part of Flametree’s 2 weekly classes, or in your home practice.

As you may be aware, breathwork of all types has accelerated in popularity in recent years. It’s due to a whole new range of research that again proves its power and effectiveness. Popular science authors, such as James Nestor, have also written extensively on breathwork of all types.

Breathwork training (aka mindfulness meditation) delivers a huge range of benefits

Breathwork Darwin benefits

This diagram shows just some of the major benefits of breath meditation, and the increased mindfulness it produces. At this Introduction, you’ll get the best mindfulness Darwin has. For more about the mindful eating benefit, see the heading below.

When and where

The 3 long weekend classes, on June 10, 11, and 12.

Time: 8.30-9.30am. It’s early enough so you can get on with the rest of your long weekend. Or you can stay and do Chris Lalor’s Mixed Non-Beginner special focus classes on yoga for hips that will run each long weekend day from 9.45am-11.15am.

Prerequisites and conditions

Please only attend this Breathwork Introduction if you’ve done at least 3 months of yoga.

The reason is that yoga builds your strength for sitting, expands you chest for this type of pranayama breathing, and quietens your mind so it’s less agitated and fidget inclined!

If you’re already doing Flametree’s 2 weekly pranayama classes, then you are very welcome to attend this course. However, please bear in mind that this course is principally designed to get people ready to attend the weekly pranayama breath meditation classes.

However, I certainly acknowledge that the course could still be of interest and use to those who have done, or are doing our weekly pranayama classes. If you feel that applies to you, then I’d be, as always, delighted to see you. (Buy this pass, or use your regular passes to attend).

Mindful eating starts with getting mindful via breathwork

Mindfulness is the key ingredient of mindful eating.

Once you master mindful meditation, then you can relatively easily implement the other steps in mindful eating, such as those outlined in the diagram below.

So, if you’re interested in mindful eating, its another excellent reason to come too this breath meditation mini course.

For more, please see my new blog post on mindful eating and breath meditation.

Mindful meditation, like you’ll learn, is the key skill of mindful eating

breathwork course online & studio

Mindful eating, via mindful meditation, is one of the many benefits you’ll get from Flametree’s upcoming Breath Meditation mini course, as well as Flametree’s ongoing pranayama and / or yoga classes. Dr McCall says eating more mindfully, via yoga and mindfulness meditation, is a key way to manage eating and avoid the negative health impacts of not doing so. I’ve also outlined this in my blog post on mindful eating.

Mindfulness Darwin location, and breathwork online directions

The in-studio class is a 19B Bishop St., Woolner, NT. See directions on this Google map.

The workshop is also simultaneously LIVE online, via Zoom. You can see it, interact, and ask questions just like those in the yoga room.

For online classes, you’ll get a link as soon as you reserve the class. If you need it, here’s more about the 4 easy Zoom set-up steps for breathwork online.

Online breathwork, of all types, is extremely effective. A majority for Flametree’s breath meditation students do any of their 2 weekly pranayama classes online.

Set up and pranayama yoga props

At the studio, most props are supplied. However, please bring one or two thick towels. These will go under your head, so as to ensure you have the best height for breathwork.

Overall, you’ll be using blankets (plus your towels) for extending the chest. In addition, there’ll be bolsters to sit on if you wish, plus chairs (as below), belts, and pranayama sticks.

At home, online students should have at least 2 blankets, 2 beach (or thick) towels, and a kitchen chair. (Ideally, have a backless chair, as below. But it not, just be sure that it’s a chair that lets you sit up with a straight back).

Online students must have their camera on. That’s because you’ll be learning especially powerful techniques. So, the teacher needs to be able double check what your doing, and, if needed, give you some more tips. In addition, if you do some of these techniques incorrectly, you can give yourself a headache, or prevent yourself from getting the many powerful benefits.

Backless chairs are ideal for breath meditation and mindfulness

Mindfulness darwin chair for meditation

By the way, in the Mini Course, there’s no need to do any difficult pose, or even sit cross-legged. You sit in chairs, like you see with this post, or lie on the floor (with blanket & towel support). If you wish, a cheap but adequate version of a backless chair can be bought at Bunnings for around $10. There’s a picture of it on our page about yoga props

Pranayama class price, early bird, and reservations

The pass for this course, including all that’s listed above, is $59 until midnight on 9th June 2023. After that, it’s $69.

We want to be sure we manage space safely, as well as ensure students get plenty of opportunity to attend this transformational breathwork training journey.

If you need more proof of it’s power, check out the personal stories about pranayama by Chris Lalor, and others.

So please buy a pass, and reserve the classes.

Reserve your class at Flametree reservations for non-beginners. At this reservation page, just look for breath meditation events on the relevant dates.

Class numbers have a limit, both in-studio and online, so don’t miss out.

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breathwork training

Chris Lalor showing a Bhramari breathing technique you’ll learn in her breathwork training. If attending online, to get a link to join our ONLINE Zoom classes, please remember to make a class reservation for each individual class, via Flametree’s Punchpass reservation app for non-beginner classes.  This link will also be on your receipt when you buy this pass. If you prefer, just email [email protected] and ask us to reserve the classes for you.

Questions and more breathwork information

For more details or questions, see below, or contact us.

If you’ve done some pranayama, you’ll still find these classes an excellent opportunity to improve your skills, and get on with building a powerful habit in your life.

Remember, it’s $59 until just before the event, and then $69 after that.

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Content of breathwork Darwin & breathwork online course

Check out more on Flametree’s breathwork Darwin & breathwork online courses or blogposts. All major pranayama breathing and breath meditation techniques will be taught, and / or outlined in some depth, at Flametree’s pranayama Introduction. This breathwork training will give you best mindfulness Darwin has.

So, the course will include an Introduction, and training in these breathwork practices:

After the course, and after the 10 free pranayama classes, you can also join any of our ongoing 2 weekly pranayama breathwork classes (or do them with yoga passes and packages you have already). Alternatively, you can so pranayama home practice.

Student feedback on recent Breath Meditation Introduction

Jo was an online attendee at our recent Introduction. She told us:

“I loved attending the last Introduction To Pranayama weekend over Easter.

It was great to come back each day and feel the level of calm intensify.

The videos you provided of the weekend have also been great to use while I’ve been travelling too.

I have a more rested sleep after doing pranayama.

Thank you Chris for your expert instruction.” 

Lynden, who was in the studio at the last Introduction, said:

“Simply the very best way to start the day!

As a lapsed Pranayama student it feels like coming home!”

(with 5 stars on Google Flametree Reviews).

Nico, a long term Flametree student, said:

“Bhramari … is a wonderful way to start (or finish) your day.

You will feel more grounded, focussed and energised doing this practice. Thank you Chris.”🙏🏼🐝🙏🏼🐝🙏🏼🐝

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mindfulness darwin via breathwork darwin training

Mindfulness Darwin training, in-studio or online, is an important part of mindful eating. As Dr McCall explains, it helps get control of eating driven by emotions.

More Breathwork courses, if breathwork training schedules permit

We hope that this very useful breathwork training is the first of our new series  of pranayama breathwork courses.

We’ve introduced these new breathwork courses, starting with this one, because we found people initially needed this breathwork training. If you see any references to 10 free breathwork classes, you’ll notice that they now require an Introductory pranayama course be done first.

At this point, we hope to do more courses. But of course, it’s especially hard to find good trainers at Pranayama. Chris’ skills and breathwork training time are in short supply. Frankly, at this point, we don’t know when another course may be scheduled.

So, please build this Introductory course into your coming long weekend.

Chris’s powerful personal story of pranayama

In her personal story of her yoga journey, Chris talks about how pranayama breath meditation has helped with mindset, positivity, health conditions, and more.

Among many powerful statements, she says that as a result of doing regular breathwork: “… pranayama keeps me sane

She goes on to say:

“…On the days that I miss my pranayama practice I know I am more irritable, less patient and far less compassionate towards others.”

At another point, she says:

“The various pranayama breathing practices give me energy as they deliver blood to every part of my body.

But most of all I love and appreciate how they quieten my mind, help me relax, and remain humble.

I am in awe of their power to show me the way towards a healthy and happy life.”

Chris Lalor teaches the best mindfulness Darwin & online course. Try it.


This Breathwork course will mostly be one in a lying position, such as you see in the this picture. I (Chris) also show you how to use a chair, as I’ve outlined above. By the way, a cheap but adequate version of a backless chair can be bought at Bunnings for around $10. There’s a picture of it on our page about yoga props

Get a pass & reserve your class for our pranayama breathwork course

This very practical breathwork training course is likely to fill to fill to capacity.

To be fair, those who’ve bought a pass, and reserved the class, will get priority.

It’s $59 until just before the event, and then $69 after that.

At whatever price you can get it, it’s huge value.

To attend, please buy this pass, and then reserve your class at Flametree reservations for non-beginners. Just look for events on the relevant dates.

If your still unsure about all you’ll get from this Breathwork Introduction, then check out Stuart’s mindfulness Darwin journey and story. 

A mindfulness meditation practice for your daily life

Flametree students and teachers, also find that the emotional regulation from mindfulness meditation, helps control any unwanted strong emotions, such as anger.

Instead, their daily lives are filled with more inner peace, and living in the present moment.

In turn, their nervous system is less stressed, and any possible mental health issues are more easily managed.

So the practices you’ll learn in this in-studio and online breathwork course are a powerful tool for the modern world.

Flametree’s convenient, short “meditation retreat” is one of the best mind adventures of Darwin.

You’ll get a mindfulness based life enhancement to transform the original condition of your life.

Plus, you’ll be in the very safe training hands made possible by the extensive experience of accredited teacher of breathwork, Chris Lalor.

If you need more information before you grab this great deal, check out some of the other links we’ve given you to Flametree’s official website.

Breathwork training will help with these mindfulness benefits

mindfulness Darwin benefits

Breathwork, taught in our mindfulness Darwin training, delivers all these benefits as you steadily build breathwork practices into your life. 

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Get a powerful breathwork training experience

Every breathwork session in this training will be a powerful breathwork meditation experience.

If it’s your first time at this type of deep relaxation of the physical body and mind, then you’re in for the best experience that mindulness and yoga wisdom can deliver.

In addition, in Flametree’s other classes, you can, if you wish, also do everything from restorative yoga to special focus classes for the lower and upper back.

Get the training via Flametree’s online breathwork, or at the Flametree studio on the traditional lands of the Larrakia people.

Make your new year more wonderful than your past year.

Follow our yoga workshops or breathwork courses

If you like this breathwork training, please remember it’s a part of Flametree’s useful & interesting Iyengar yoga workshops.

Our workshops depend on the availability of all of highly trained teachers, so please don’t miss the opportunity to attend their yoga or breathwork workshops, or retreats.

So please follow Flametree’s Facebook page, or our YouTube page, or our TikTok page. (On the YouTube page, you may also find it useful to check out the videos on various forms of meditation, and the descriptions on those videos).

Because our trainings are also online, they’re also easy to do if your travelling, or away from home for Easter or other holidays.

Most importantly, yoga and breathwork has also been proven to help at least 117 health conditions, including asthma.

Feel better, perform better and improve your health. Come along to our pranayama breathwork Darwin training course, or join it as breathwork online.

Breathwork training works extremely well online

Breathwork course

You can also use your PC, tablet or phone to join this Flametree breathwork Darwin workshop. Or join us at our Woolner studio, or via breathwork online. To get a link to join our ONLINE Zoom classes, please remember to make a class reservation for each individual class, via Flametree’s Punchpass reservation app for non-beginner classes. 

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