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Pranayama stopped my adult tantrums!

I had a well-earned reputation for tanties! The power of pranayama fixed these dramas. It also led me to learn and teach the science of pranayama. Pranayama works well online or in-studio. So try pranayama training online or studio, with Flametree’s mini course (including 10 free classes). It also means you’ll get a free pranayama online course over that time. Do it wherever you are, or in Flametree’s Darwin studios.

But back to my adult “old self” adult tantrums. I looked in the Urban Dictionary for more about my old self.

“Tantie”, as you may know, is our wonderful Australian word for tantrums.

Temper tantrums are unpleasant and disruptive behaviours or emotional outbursts. They often occur in response to unmet needs or desires.

And yes, I have to admit there was probably some of that in me!

However, the good news is that after I’d been doing yoga for quite a few months, I started doing a pranayama (breath meditation) class.

As a result, I immediately noticed I felt calmer, and slept even better.

Then, over time, I also noticed it developed my empathy with other people.

But most importantly maybe, my explosiveness subsided! Tantie’s were history!

Maybe best of all, after I finish my morning pranayama practise, I also have a strong sense of my ability to tackle the day’s challenges.

In addition, my sense of myself, and my confidence, increases.

My spirituality also increased, and I’m not talking in terms of conventional religion.

Breath Meditation Introduction. Learn more.

science of pranayama

Want pranayama training online or in-studio. Try it with Flametree’s breath meditation mini course. It includes 10 free pranayama classes online or in-studio. Like Miriam in this picture.

Online pranayama works well

Breath Meditation Introduction. Learn more.

Breath meditation to experience the science of pranayama

As I’ve steadily learnt much more about the vagus nerve, I can understand why this has all happened.

I’ve even learnt more about my nose! For example, I now know that each nostril has a different and intricate airway. In pranayama, breathing through each side makes a difference.

So, for all these reasons, I encourage you to try Flametree’s two FREE pranayama classes.

I’m also written a blog post about the Ujjayi pranayama breathing technique.

Ujjayi is just another of the various styles of breath meditation. I teach at 6.30am on each Tuesday and Friday.

From pranayama, I got better sleep, calmness, empathy, productiveness, spirituality, & confidence. Then, explosions subsided! Try it.

Use the FREE classes and check out these free wonders of pranayama. With these free classes, over 5 to 10 weeks, you’ll get a free pranayama online course.

Or, if you’ve done yoga recently, or are lapsed six months, you can get 14 days of unlimited non-beginner classes, including pranayama.

Beginner deals lead to pranayama

Try beginner level yoga classes with 2 weeks free to start, and you can start immediately.

Start with 6 weeks of beginner yoga. Then, or within a few weeks of completing the course, try our 2 free pranayama classes.

The next 4 week beginner yoga course, with up to 2 weeks free, is one good way to start. The course is also included in the Beginner Level classes.

The difference is that the beginner course is a four week package deal, whereas the beginner level is paid for by the week.

The beginner poses are easy, introductory poses. There are even special, optional beginner classes like Gentle YogaBackcare Yoga, and Easy Restorative Yoga. You can see them all in the beginner timetable.

The beginner double pass even gets you 25% off for both of you.

Non-beginner deal to start on the science of pranayama

Pranayama is experiential. Learn about it as much as you can, by all means. But eventually, it is really something that has to be experienced.

So, it’s like telling someone about how to ski. You only really learn it, and get the benefit, by doing it.

Non-beginner yoga students, who are newcomers or lapsed at Flametree, get 14 days of unlimited non-beginner classes for $29 (online or in-studio, or both). These classes include pranayama.

In addition, use Flametree’s offer of 2 FREE classes of pranayama to start your Pranayama journey.

The non-beginner timetable has a large range of convenient times, suitable for many time zones.

If these deals are not exactly what suits you, check out all Flametree Yoga packages.

In other posts, you an also see more on the health benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama. Try it too with free pranayama training online or in-studio.

Breath Meditation Introduction. Learn more.

online pranayama classes

Pranayama or Breath Meditation can be done lying down or stitting up. In this picture a “pranayama stick” is being used to support the back. 

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