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Get Fit With Multi-Dimensional Yoga Fitness | Plus, What Is Yoga Fit?

Want fitness classes Darwin? Try Flametree’s half price yoga fitness Darwin & online deals. Plus, what is yoga fit, & how to get it via best Top End fitness deals.

Recently, on the Prime Video channel, I watched the 2023 film “Ego”.

It’s an engaging story about the success of Mushroom Records, its founder Michael Gudinski, and the huge emergence of Australian music.

There are chatty appearances from many famous people and stars that you’ll recognise.

Sadly, the very talented, and much loved founder, Mr Gudinski, died at just 68.

Especially in these times of increasing longevity, 68 is far too young to die.

But, as active and driven as he was, he was unfit, had a sometimes darker side, and was consuming too many of the wrong things.

So, the movie led me to think more about yoga fitness, and being yoga fit. I’m also often asked about it.

People ask, what is yoga fit, and does yoga get you fit?

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Top end fitness classes darwin for Yoga fit & fitness

Some of the numerous ways to do chair yoga. Here, Christine Lalor demonstrates a yoga fit twist. If you want fitness classes Darwin, then try Flametree’s half price yoga fitness Darwin and online deals.

My journey into being yoga fit

During 2023, I researched yoga fitness more, started some Iyengar Yoga Flow classes at the studio, and also bought a Garmin “Fitbit” style watch.

With my watch, as I’ve mentioned before, I observed how yoga very definitely led to what is conventionally called fitness.

I also found out exactly which poses lifted my heart rate in the Garmin watch, and which ones especially calmed me down.

Flow yoga challenges & benefits

I also integrated some of these yoga flow poses into more or our yoga sequences, especially the twice weekly Yoga Flow classes.

Many find flow a bit more challenging, but all agree it has benefits, like extra strength and stamina.

Of course, I kept, and even improved, other classes.

I mean classes like those that calm you down, improve your immune system, stretch and strengthen other parts of your body, and much more.

These regular yoga classes also build resilience and stamina. although they work in  somewhat different way than does flow yoga.

Top End yoga fitness Darwin or online options

Top end fitness classes darwin for Yoga fit & fitness

Certified Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist, Chris Lalor, demonstrating Tree Pose. Try Flametree’s Top End fitness classes Darwin or online. 

What is yoga fit?

Yoga fit is  multi-faceted, mind-body-emotional fitness. It’s integrated fitness to get strong, flexible, steady, & balanced, with stamina & resilience. You also do deliberate breathing to stay calm & focused, while working evenly with all parts of your nervous system. Yoga poses are done without agitation, aggression, or upset.

As a result, you also build mindfulness. In turn, that helps with mindful eating, intentionality, and many other outcomes.

Yoga fit meaning in detail

In more detail, here’s my answer to the question; what is yoga fit?

  • Yoga fit is integrated fitness to get strong, flexible, steady, & balanced.
  • Yoga fit develops from holding poses (calmly), and breathing evenly.
  • It’s also helped by some Iyengar flow yoga.
  • In getting yoga fit, you also develop stamina and resilience.
  • Plus, in all poses, yoga fit work involves deliberate breathing to stay calm and focused.
  • When yoga fit, you work evenly with all parts of your nervous system.
  • Also, you do poses and sequences, in ways that avoids agitation, aggression, or upset.
  • So, being yoga fit, develops from working simultaneously on physical, mental, and emotional “fitness”.
  • All these dimensions of yoga happen while you’re also getting yoga fit.
  • The conventional meaning of fitness is too narrow, with just a physical focus.
  • The broader yoga fit condition is very doable with yoga. Plus, it’s preferable, due to its multi-faceted components.
  • This type of yoga fit condition is only taught by high quality, specialist yoga studios. You don’t get it with what some have called “gammon yoga”.

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Boat pose at Flametree

Learn this excellent core yoga pose at the best Top End fitness classes

We’ve all been sold yet another pup!

Some of the numerous benefits of yoga, such as you see in the image below, are obviously major reasons why people do yoga.

Being yoga fit, is a very important extra that you get with all those benefits, providing you’re learning good quality yoga.

Sadly, too many avoid yoga, because (ironically), they just want to get fit, or move more like their GP maybe told them.

We’ve been successfully “sold” the idea that fitness is good, and any fitness will do. But, we’ve been sold a pup.

Conventional fitness short-changes us!

Of course, I agree that bodily fitness and movement is good. But, the notion of conventional fitness we’re using is far too narrow.

For instance, I see some new students who do, or have done, conventional fitness activities.

But, they’re very physically stiff. Moreover, their minds are unsettled, agitated, overly aggressive, or prone to anxious upsets.

My point is that as a result of the narrow notion of fitness, too many folk are getting short-changed.

In other words, from conventional fitness, people don’t get multi-faceted, mind-body-emotional fitness. It’s so superior to what you’ll get with conventional fitness activities.

Chair Pose with Chris Lalor from Flametree

Everybody can steadily get better at this challenging Chair Yoga pose. Try yoga fitness. When you’re yoga fit, you have a multi-faceted, mind-body-emotional fitness. Start with Flametree’s HALF price deals.

The world needs yoga fit people

So, the wider type of yoga fitness, and yoga fit classes that we use at Flametree, gives you all you need in terms of physical benefits.

As well, you get a much wider set of benefits and skills for living, prospering, and being happy.

We can all use more health, peace, performance, and happiness… and so can the world.

Among other things, without the measured calmness you’ll get from yoga and meditation, some rush too fast towards elusive goals, and damage themselves in the process. For example, you get the tragedy of Mr Gudinski.

Be with us a long time!

Being yoga fit, and yoga fitness, will also help you with skills like mindful eating, mindful drinking, or even mindful chocolate eating!

Putting it another way, my point is that with yoga, you will also get yoga fit. In addition, yoga fitness includes conventional fitness, and the sorts of benefits shown in the image about yoga benefits.

Even better, doing breath meditation, in addition to yoga, will supercharge the fitness benefits you get from yoga.

To sum it up, there’s little point in being rich or successful (in any sense of the word), if you’re unhappy, have avoidable and serious ill-health, or you’re dead!

Top end fitness classes darwin for Yoga fit & fitness

Inversions, such as this yoga pose, and the headstand below, are an important set of powerful poses that are never taught in conventional fitness programs.

Use Feb Fit to get you yoga fit

So, please use Flametree’s Feb Fitness deals to start, re-start, or extend either your yoga, or breath meditation, or both.

You get 50% OFF 10 beginner or non-beginner packs for new students, and those lapsed 3 months.

So beginners get 10 classes at less than $5 each, and non-beginners get 10 classes at $9.75 each. Plus, for non-beginners, there are even cheaper concession deals, and online only deals.

You can also start classes immediately. All classes will also be at a level you can manage, as well as learn plenty of new things.

Even better, if you’re eligible for these 60% off deals, you can buy TWO 10 packs.

Total beginners can join any of the beginner level classes in the beginner timetable. You don’t need any kind of beginner course or Introduction to get started.

Plus you’ll be with other beginners, who’ve also done little or no yoga. With even a small number of classes, you’ll see your new yoga fit capacities emerging.

Half price breath meditation classes too

Last, anyone, including current students, can buy half price breath meditation 10 packs, so long as you’re not yet doing at least a fortnightly pranayama class.

Even when a current student is on a pay-by-the-week deal, there is nothing as cheap at 10 breath meditation classes at $7.50 each!

Try breath meditation, and open up a new dimension of energy, clarity, and performance.

So, please check out the Feb Fitness deals, while they lasts. The deals involve more benefits than normal.

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yoga fitness darwin

At Flametree Yoga, beginners, and non-beginners, are taught the correct ways to do the important, rejuvenating pose called Headstand. Try Top End yoga fitness Darwin, with online options too.

Online & at 3 Top End Fitness locations

If there are no yoga classes near you physically, then consider Flametree’s online yoga. So long as it’s interactive, with good coaching and feedback, it’s highly effective.

But, if you’re in the Darwin NT region, then also consider Flametree’s 3 locations.

If you want to get started or re-started at Flametree Yoga Studio, the half price 10 pack, at beginner or non-beginner level, is the most popular pass.

Last, all newcomers, or those lapsed 6 months, get a FREE first class, so long as you reserve in advance.

There is also a large selection of yoga video courses and classes.

See our most popular passes at the orange links below.

Plus, for any occasion or event where you need a gift for a friend or loved one, check out Flametree gift vouchers.

So, if you want fitness classes Darwin, then try Flametree’s half price yoga fitness Darwin and online deals.

2 FREE Beginner Yoga Classes & 10 HALF Off | New & Lapsed | Online & Studio

NON-Beginner HALF Price 10 Packs | New & Lased | Online & Studio

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