Try Feb Fit Darwin Challenge, & Get FREE Passes.

Do 20 Of Any Yoga Or Meditation Classes During February 2024.

For New, Lapsed, & Current Beginners & Non-Beginners. Online & Studio.

For Feb Fit Darwin, try Flametree’s Feb Fitness Challenge, & maybe win a 30 day unlimited yoga pass.  So, check out the FebFit Darwin challenge, in Feb Fit 2024. Plus, everybody who completes it gets a FREE double yoga pass. Below, also see more about the Feb Fit Challenge, and what is yoga fit class types, and more. Get fit for Feb, in body and mind.

How the Feb Fitness Challenge works

  • During February, do 20 of our yoga or breath meditation classes at Flametree’s Feb Fit 2024.
  • All who complete this Feb Fit Darwin Challenge, get a FREE double pass.
  • Plus, you go in a draw for a free 30 day unlimited pass.
  • The free passes will be at whatever level you’re at.
  • Do Feb Fit Darwin at Beginner or Non-Beginner level, online, or in Woolner NT, CasuarinaPalmerston NT. (Maps at links).
  • To start, just tell us if you’re doing the FebFit Darwin Challenge.
Benefits of yoga at Flametree

Above, just a few of the many benefits of yoga fitness. Or see more below.

Plus, get HALF price FebFit 2024 deals, & FREE classes

50% OFF 10-packs for new & 3 months lapsed beginners, OR non-beginners (who are also new or lapsed 6 mths). Limit of 2 each.

50% OFF yoga or meditation video courses, & a meditation 10-pack.

Alternatively, newcomers, or lapsed, can reserve one FREE yoga or meditation class at beginner or non-beginner level.

For each package listed, when you reach the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button), use the HALF price discount code “FebFitnessChallenge“.

Or, further down the page, see what is yoga fit class, or what is Feb Fit?

Feb Fit Darwin 2024 & Feb Fitness Challenge. AKA FebFit Darwin & what is yoga fit class

​What is Feb Fit?

Feb Fit is a health and fitness event run throughout February. It was created by radio stations, which still kindly support it. But now, many workplaces, and some fitness organisations, use it to take physical and mental health to the next level.

The best part is that it sometimes also involves a challenge.

Plus, one of the most important things is that the event encourages everyone to take part, and to move more. Obviously, to get a fit body and mind, every little bit of encouragement helps.

For instance, you might start with a step count. But, the big game is to do more for all parts of body and mind.

In particular, get fit for a healthy heart. As you may know, it’s one of the organs that most commonly causes illness, or worse.

With Feb Fit, the sweet spot is something that encourages either individuals or winning teams. That’s why, with Flametree’s Feb Fit Challenge, every individual who does 20 classes in February, online or at 3 locations across Darwin NT, can win 2 FREE classes.

In addition, all of those individuals then go in a draw for an unlimited pass for 30 days.

You don’t have to wait until your workplace decides to support or run a Feb Fit Challenge 2024. Instead, just get underway at Flametree, online or in-studio.

Last, all newcomers to Flametree, or those lapsed 3 months, can do a FREE first class, online or in-studio, so long as they reserve their spot.

Iyengar yoga course

Among many other benefits for body and mind, yoga will deliver greater happiness.

What is yoga fit class?

A yoga fit class is integrated fitness yoga so as to get strong, flexible, steady, & balanced. You also develop stamina and resilience. Yoga works evenly with all parts of your nervous system. The outcome is better physical, mental, & emotional fitness. So, you get a fit body, & a fit mind.

If you wish, see more below about both the many benefits of yoga, and yoga fitness, or the many extra benefits you get from yoga (including fitness).

Deals Available Now For The Feb Fitness Challenge

If you already have a Flametree yoga pass, then use that pass, or buy more.

Otherwise, if you’ve new or lapsed, use the HALF price deals below.

Below, click on the link to go direct to the savings you want, or scroll down.

Then, use the relevant discount code as you check out.

50% OFF 10-packs for new & 3 months lapsed beginners, OR non-beginners (who are also new or lapsed 6 mths). Limit of 2 each.

50% OFF yoga or meditation video courses, & a meditation 10-pack.

Alternatively, newcomers, or lapsed, can scroll down and reserve one FREE yoga or meditation class at beginner or non-beginner level.

Feb Fit Challenge

The Flametree Feb Fit Challenge is a fun way to get a fit body & mind. Try it.

Beginners, Non-Beginners | Yoga or meditation.

Click on the link to go direct to the section you want, or scroll down to learn more.

Deals include LIVE online classes, and at 3 Darwin NT locations.

All prices are in Australian dollars, or AUD. When you click to see details of a deal, see the top right of the page for different currencies.

For more details of each of the deals, click the relevant links.

For each package listed, when you reach the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button), use the discount code “FebFitnessChallenge”.

Even More Benefits You Get From Flametree’s Feb Fit Darwin Challenge

Feb Fit Darwin 2024 & Feb Fitness Challenge. AKA FebFit Darwin & what is yoga fit class

Get started with the many benefits of yoga, starting with a fit body and mind via Flametree’s Feb Fit 2024. Or, check out what is yoga fit class, or Feb Fit?

Beginner Feb Fit 2024 deal

Beginner 10 pack

  • 50% off a beginner 10 class pack for new students, and students lapsed 3 months. Now AUD$49.50 reduced from $99.
    • So, you get beginner yoga a less than $5 a class.

Start anytime within 2 months of buying, and then get 3 months from then to use all 10 passes.

If you want the passes to start at any date other than when you buy them, just send us a note.

Flametree’s beginner yoga classes are easy, introductory yoga poses, suitable for all ages, sizes, and genders.

The first picture below, doing the famous downward dog pose with a chair, is just one example of an easy, beginner yoga pose.

To buy, this this link to our 10 pass pack. Use discount code FebFitnessChallenge for the 50% off deal.

Special Offer: 2 introductory, discounted passes permitted

As an additional feature of this FebFit Darwin challenge, can also buy a maximum of 2 passes of any particular type, including the non-beginner passes below.

For example, you can get 2 beginner 10 packs for yourself, and even two for others as well.

In non-sale times, only one introductory, discounted pass can be bought.

This 2 half price passes deal is only available in February, for the Feb Fit 2024 packages.

If you buy for others as well, just email us the name of the other person. (We’ll issue a pass in their name/s).

Feb Fitness Challenge At Beginner Or Non-Beginner Level.

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. After Christmas Sales

Beginner yoga stretch using a chair as a yoga prop.  Read on to see why this is the best yoga and meditation FebFit Darwin deal. But, don’t mess our Feb Fitness Challenge.

NEW NON-Beginner Feb Fit 2024 deals.

For those NEW to Flametree, or LAPSED for 3 months or more.

So, don’t miss this generous offer to help you re-start your yoga journey.

Please remember that this offer is not for current students. Instead, CURRENT students can get great value via the breath meditation deal… below.

By the way, all non-beginner 10 packs can be used for yoga or breath meditation classes, as listed in the timetable.

To buy for Feb Fit 2024 , click to the above non-beginner deal you want. Then, use discount code FebFitnessChallenge for the 50% off deals.

Feb Fitness Challenge Online, Or In The Studio

yoga cyber monday deals

Raj was just one of the many students to get almost miraculous back solutions at Flametree. Yoga’s been proven to help at least 117 conditions. Use these  Feb Fit 2024 deals to start, or do more of it. Address your issues, or just get fit, healthy, & happy.


Again, the DISCOUNT CODE for the FebFit Darwin challenge

This Feb Fit 2024 code works for you right now… but only until the end of February.

  • FebFitnessChallenge (for 10 packs new and lapsed beginners & non-beginners, or for breath meditation, as above)

FebFit Darwin challenge, in Feb Fit 2024

breathwork training retreat

Breath meditation using a chair (with the so-called Bumble Bee Breathing technique). Don’t mess our Feb Fitness Challenge.

Online or at 3 Darwin locations

Do yoga online is easy.

You just make a reservation, and we’ll send you a link for Zoom class.

Alternatively, come to yoga in the studio.

Flametree teaches at:

Google maps are at each of the links above.

At check out, just use the discount code.

cyber monday yoga deal

Don’t miss these fantastic yoga deals… online or at 3 Darwin locations. Grab them and get ready for Feb Fit 2024.

A fit mind with HALF price meditation

For anyone who’s not been to a Flametree pranayama class in the last fortnight:

All non-beginner passes can also be used for yoga or breath meditation classes, or both, as in the timetable.

To buy, click to the above link to purchase page. Use discount code FebFitnessChallenge for the 50% deals.

Meditation for a fit mind is part of FebFit Darwin

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. & Christmas Sale Australia

Just some of the many benefits of pranayama (also known as breath meditation). By the way, to do it, you can sit in a chair, or lie down with supports you’ll learn about. 

Fit body, fit mind

Further down this page, and above, you’ll see a infographic that summarises the many benefits of pranayama (also know as mindful meditation, or just meditation).

For example, a student recently said to me:

I never realised that all the different breathing techniques had such different effects on my mental state.

I find I need your help, and sufficient classes, to ease me into it.

If you’ve done nothing more than dabble with pranayama, then I suggest you grab this half price meditation 10 pack now.

If you’ve tried pranayama, and it hasn’t worked for you, then you’re either need to improve your technique, or you just haven’t given it enough time.

The meditation classes are LIVE, in-studio or online, with me, Christine Lalor.

I (Chris Lalor), am a fully accredited Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher, with 30 years of experience.

Feb Fitness Challenge Breath Meditation Too.

Breath meditation

Breath meditation is a new dimension of relaxation, insight, and health. Try it as part of your the FebFit Darwin challenge, in Feb Fit 2024

Discount code to use

As we said, click each link for more details, or to buy.

For each package listed, when you reach the checkout page (via the “Add To Cart” button), use the FebFitnessChallenge.

Put the codes in the discount code box you’ll see on the lower left of the check out page, and press “Apply Coupon“.

The discount code is case sensitive. In other words, use the codes exactly as shown, including the capital letters.

The code also only works in February.

Discounts only until all spots are gone

Remember, for each package listed, when you reach the checkout page, use the relevant discount code listed above.

During only the Feb Fit Darwin dates shown below, you’ll get these meditation or yoga class deals at the discount listed.

  • Starts now
  • Ends no later than end of February, or sooner if all classes are full.

Please note that some deals may sell out before the end date, due to space available.

So, please don’t miss these high value deals.

More Happiness: Another Benefit Of Our Meditation & Yoga Feb Fit 2024 challenge.

Yoga Boxing Day Sale.

Don’t miss the best yoga and meditation Feb Fit 2024. Try the Feb Fitness challenge. Or, see what is yoga fit class, or Feb Fit?

FREE first class

Flametree’s FREE first class is for newcomers resident in the Northern Territory (who’ve never bought a pass), and anyone who’s attending online (from anywhere).

It’s a trial to see if you like yoga.

All you need to do is reserve the class at this FREE yoga class reservation page.

What students say about Flametree’s yoga & meditation

Check out genuine reviews of what customers say about their classes with us.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received.


Beginner yoga example of what you can buy for Feb Fit 2024.

Chris Lalor, Flametree’s accredited Senior Teacher & Yoga Therapist, shows easy beginner yoga.

Feb Fit Darwin: Perfect for the month of February

​On the February 8th, and any other day in February, Darwin is likely to be wet.

So, a FebFit Darwin Challenge is a fun way to get help get more of these benefits, for your workplace, home, or wherever.

Get these benefits, plus what’s already outlined above:

  • an inclusive workplace
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • more cooperative behaviour at work (via yoga mindfulness)
  • people at work, or elsewhere, who more likely to do an altruistic act for others
  • build capacity to make an ongoing contribution to important matters, including what’s important to you.

Remember, yoga or breath meditation, or both, are transformative of body, mind, thinking, and more. Change that you like, and want, will happen.

In addition, the Mix FM Radio network in the City of Darwin will work to promote Flametree’s FebFit 2024 deals, and why a fit body and mind is wonderful to build.

​Their radio network reaches people of diverse backgrounds.

In this regard, of course, the Larrakia people, as the traditional owners of the land, are especially encourage to join this FebFit Challenge.

Anyone and everyone who is a newcomer, or lapsed 3 months, can start with a FREE first class, via any part of Flametree’s fitness hub Darwin locations, or online. Then, see if it works for you.

If it does, then please consider joining Flametree’s Feb Fitness Challenge.


feb fit 2024 & what is yoga fit at febfit darwin

Do yoga with your partner, or bring a friend to our studios. Use these sales to get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

A month-long challenge event

Flametree’s February Fitness Challenge will help make Darwin, or wherever, a great place to work or live.

​These outcomes flow especially from the nature of yoga, or breath meditation, or both.

So, during the February Challenge, if you complete your 20 days over the monthly challenge period, you can also expect more of these benefits:

  • ​being your best self
  • being a best friend to yourself and others
  • more capacity to share love via who you’re being
  • many other outcomes of your self-love journey
  • a reduction of negative thoughts
  • more capacity for positive self reflection.

Sometimes, of course, doing any kind of physical education is a humbling journey, at least initially.

In the process of Flametree’s classes, you’ll also learn simple poses you can do for 5-15 minutes anywhere.

Do it as a virtual challenge, or at any of Flametree’s 3 locations.

So, start the main challenge from the very first day of February. Remember, it’s a great way to transform body and mind.

Flametree’s Feb Fitness Challenge 2024

feb fit 2024 & what is yoga fit at febfit darwin

Restorative yoga, like the pose shown, is excellent for reducing stress. In the process, it also helps hugely with weight loss. It’s due to the mindfulness that flows from participation in FebFit 2024.

Transform fitness levels, and much more

​Yoga industry experts have tested yoga fitness and proven that it hugely builds fitness.

​Without any of the pain of functional training zones, it’s also strength training for any team member at work, or beyond.

As we’ve outlined, in many other important dimensions, you’ll also get the best experience of your life.

So, if you run a small business, encourage your any business partner to also take up this new challenge.

Do it for a single issue that’s important for you, or the many other benefits outlined above.

But remember, there are limited spots, so please start early, and buy a new pass if you need to.

Get started on yoga or meditation, and maybe work towards coming to our regular yoga retreats.

Meditation Deals for FebFit Darwin 2024: Online or in-studio

feb fit 2024 & what is yoga fit at febfit darwin

Use these great deals to start or re-start Flametree’s breath meditation. Just get a pass, and turn up in Woolner NT for pranayama classes. If online, reserve a class. so as to get your Zoom link.

​What is yoga fit class like?

​Some people ask questions like “what is yoga fit class like”.

​So, here’s some more details for you.

In a yoga fit class, or as a result of doing regular yoga fit activities, you can expect:

  • muscle groups steadily getting a full body workout
  • muscular endurance and stamina improving
  • improvement in many a health condition
  • ​greater range of motion in your limbs and spine
  • learning to use your own body weight as a way to build both strength and flexibility.

The yoga practice you’ll do depends on whether you’ve doing our most basic yoga classes, or higher level non-beginner classes.

Throughout every class, your yoga teacher will give you tips and assistance to make the sequence of postures work best for you.

Flametree’s type of yoga is especially good at adjusting classes to the individual level of your personal practice.

In addition, Flametree yoga enthusiasts know that we use both moderate weights, and light free weights, to further improve the many benefits they get from yoga.

So, during the Feb Fit Darwin Challenge, at Flametree fitness clubs, you can learn this too.

Ideally, make a yoga alliance with your friends, and bring them along. Then, build yoga, mindfulness, and meditation benefits into every aspect of your everyday life.

By the way, to get started with yoga or meditation, there’s no need to have any special clothing.

Benefits from Flametree’s FebFit Darwin 2024 meditation deal

Yoga Boxing Day Sale. & & Christmas Sales

Don’t miss the meditation deals. They’re also part of the Feb Fitness Challenge too. So, see more above about what is yoga fit class options in FebFit Darwin at Flametree, or grab a half price deal now.

​A Feb Fit Step Challenge too

​The physical fitness you’ll get from yoga is as good, and better, than any other type of physical activity you may do.

Because yoga also builds flexibility, many see it as the ultimate challenge.

You’ll notice positive outcomes from your very first session.

Over time, you can of course move on towards reverse lunges, squat jumps, or whatever.

But, every day of the month, you can get huge benefits from being part of Flametree’s Feb Fit Challenge.

Start early, and even by Valentine’s Day, your partner will notice a new you.

Buy a pass now, or to learn more, see above about what is yoga fit class options in FebFit Darwin at Flametree.

FebFit Darwin 2024: Online or in-studio


Yoga at home, with Flametree’s online classes, is convenient & effective. Your animals will love it too! Use these sales to get early Xmas sale and New Year Eve deals for yourself or friends.

Do a Fit Feb Challenge With Flametree

​Have a fit February with Flametree. It’s a fun way to achieve your fitness goals.

Plus, if you’re a newcomer, or lapsed 3 months, start it with a free trial class. Then, get a HALF price 10 pack.

​If you want to involve a friend, maybe even give them a gift card.

​Everyone who completes 20 classes in February gets 2 free classes, so there’s also plenty of prizes to encourage you.

If you love social, do some Tik Toks about your Fit Feb undertakings, or tell an Instagram story about your Fit Feb day.

There are beginner – advanced class options available, depending on what type of full body workouts you want.

So, make your start date right at the beginning of February, to ensure you get your FREE double pass for completing 20 classes.

Don’t forget to your classes in your personalized calendar. Then, you won’t miss the amount of times you need for your free classes.

Maybe, even go the extra mile and you’ll win the draw for the FREE 30 day pass.

​With a fitter body and mind, you’ll help make every day a great day.

Tree pose yoga

Everyone can do tree pose. At Flametree, you’ll start with doing it by a wall. The pose extends your hips, strengthens legs, improves focus, and helps balance.

Reminder of the Fit For Feb benefits

Without further ado, you can of course just get on with starting at our yoga fitness studios, or online.

But, if you need some reminders about the many benefits you’ll get from using a Flametree teacher as your yoga personal trainer, then consider these outcomes from a yoga Fit For Feb challenge.

  • improved heart health to help ward off heart disease
  • ​better toning across your whole body
  • building healthy habits you can use to build an ongoing healthier lifestyle
  • more upper body strength
  • ​easier to implement lifestyle changes due to yoga mindfulness
  • good posture
  • a fitness level at month’s end that is better than any other workout routine.

If you wish, use your fitness tracker to prove the power of Flametree’s Fit February Challenge.

iyengar yoga teacher training online & cost

Lifting your own weight is a big lift! This pose also requires plenty of balance, and flexibility. It’s not where you start, but where you can go if you want.

Dry Fit Feb option too

Maybe you’ve already done a dry January. Either way, for the ultimate challenge, also consider a dry February.

Cut your alcohol intake, and your our blood sugar level will thank you for it.

The low price of our yoga fitness deals will be much less than the huge savings on alcohol.

Some of our students even started their fitness challenge modes with the recent Black Friday sale.

Either way, there’s still plenty of time to open a new window, and a new orbit, in your life.

That’s why a dry Fit Feb is such a good idea.

Maybe join a forum community portal and encourage others to join you too.

Feb Fit Darwin 2024 & Feb Fitness Challenge. AKA FebFit Darwin & what is yoga fit class

Even when you think you’re too stiff for yoga, use Feb Fit to get started.

What to wear

For your Feb Fit 2024 endeavours, you could of course always reward yourself more with a nice product like great yoga wear, including from the latest new arrivals online.

Or, consider a more reasonable price via a pre-loved, unworn item of yoga clothing. But no high-tech fabric, handmade items, or great product, is needed!

In other words, there’s no need for any particular clothes at our yoga fitness classes.

Whatever you have from T-shirt merchants, in any condition, new or old, will be fine.

​Just remember, if it’s your first time at Flametree, or you’re 3 months lapsed, then you get a very good price… HALF price on up to two 10 packs.

So make your Feb Fit the grand slam of your fitness goals.

If you have questions, please reach out to our customer support, or ask any question the next time you’re online, or in the studios.

At this time of year, there’s still plenty of space in classes, even at peak periods. But don’t delay with implementing this new thread in your life.

As we mentioned, we especially welcome Torres Straight Islander nations, or the elders of all Aboriginal nations, or the Maori people of New Zealand.

Flametree’s online P.E nation international community can be from anywhere.

The time of acceptance of your dry Fit Feb option, or any Feb Fit Challenge variation, is upon us, so please get underway.

No matter what challenge name you want to give it, get the many rewards of 20 yoga fitness classes in February, and have some fun as well.

Check our the beginner or non-beginner timetables for the diverse range of opportunities for yoga fitness via Flametree.

​Make fitness your first order item of business for February.

Feb Fit Darwin 2024 & Feb Fitness Challenge. AKA FebFit Darwin & what is yoga fit class

Don’t miss the great HALF price deals below. Or see more above about what is yoga fit class options in FebFit Darwin at Flametree.

Use your Feb Fit Darwin Discount code, or existing passes.

The Fit Feb discount works for you right now. But, only until deals sell out.

The code for FebFit Darwin and online deals is FebFitnessChallenge.

Newcomers, and lapsed 3 months yogis, can use the code when you check out at any of the deals below.

Half price beginner 10 pack. Studio or online. Now just $49.50

Non-Beginner IN-STUDIO & ONLINE 10 class pass $195. Now just $97.50.

Non-Beginner CONCESSION IN-STUDIO & ONLINE 10 class deal $155. Now just $77.50

Non-Beginner ONLINE ONLY 10 class deal $139. Now just $69.50

Non-Beginner Concession ONLINE ONLY 10 class deal $110. Now just $55.

Half price meditation 10 pack. Studio or online. Now just $37.50.


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