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Breathwork Retreat Training By Flametree.

Flametree Bali Retreat Early Bird Options.

Flametree’s yoga and breathwork retreat Bali 2024 includes daily breathwork sessions in different breathing techniques. So, in 2024, you’ll get several retreats for the price of one. You’ll get a breathwork training retreat, a yoga retreat, a mindfulness retreat, and a wellness retreat. They work powerfully with each other to deliver benefits that mutually reinforce each other. Below, see all the wonderful benefits you’ll get at the best breathwork retreat Australia region has.

By the way, we say that you’re getting the best breathwork retreat Australia region has, because we’re an Australian studio in the far north of Australia. We’re situated closer to Bali than to any other Australian capital city. So, we’ve done retreats in Bali for over a decade, and we’re very experienced at getting all the details right for you.

Further down, you’ll also see a tiny video about 7 of the breathwork techniques you’ll learn and use on the retreat. Plus there’s another video on optional outcomes like mindful eating. (It is also powered by good quality breathwork).

Alternatively, for more about the breathwork techniques taught at Flametree retreats, see these introductory slides on breathwork, and it’s heritage, presented by Chris Lalor at a recent retreat.

Come to the best breathwork retreat Australia region has.

Yoga & Breathwork Schedule For Flametree’s 2024 Bali Retreat

Breathwork training retreat australia

The delights of a Bali breathwork training retreat are just a 2.5 hours flight from Darwin Australia, & about the same from Singapore.

Flametree’s breathwork expert, Christine Lalor, will be your breathwork facilitator. She’ll take you on a deep dive into breath meditation practice.

In each of the many breathwork retreats in Bali that Chris has taught this type of conscious breathing, she’s found that learning these specific techniques to access the power of breath, has then stayed with people for decades.

The breathwork retreat participants then go on to adopt breathwork as a powerful tool for a better life.

During the 6 day breathwork retreat, you’ll get a breathing training session and practise every morning.

Then, there’ll be a further breathwork practise (aka pranayama), in the late afternoon. There’ll also be some presentations on it in the evening.

If you wish, see more details of the breathwork retreat schedule.

In this short video, you can see some of the other reasons why people enjoy retreats at this Bali resort. So, use the orange links to see Flametree’s retreat options. 

Benefits of breathwork techniques

A breathwork retreat Bali style is the perfect opportunity to bring the power of breath into your own life.

In the process, some of the many benefits you’ll get, and which have also been proven by science, include those below.

  • better access to the parasympathetic part of your nervous system, so as to help you relax
  • improvement in your immune system
  • allowing your subconscious mind to give you better creative expression
  • the deep inner transformative results of breathwork will help you create whatever real change you seek
  • progress on your personal journey away from any limiting beliefs and old patterns you want to leave behind
  • a deeper connection with your true self
  • a deeper understanding of your self, and new insights, will in turn give you more access to your own deep wisdom
  • it will help you move beyond any past traumas, including any birth trauma that gets in the way of your inner growth and peace
  • as you access your life force and higher states of consciousness, you’ll also find more energy, as well as emotional release
  • improved lung capacity
  • you’ll be more able to move out of your comfort zone, into greater personal growth, and personal development, and thereby access all the personal power of human beings.

All of these benefits are just another reason by many functional medicine practitioners support breathwork, and do it themselves.

Flametree Bali Retreat Early Bird Options

Best online yoga teacher training Australia

One of the many benefits of having an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher lead your retreat, especially someone with Iyengar training, is that she’s both very accomplished at teaching, and at doing advanced poses. She can also teach such poses at any level. Among other things, she’s been trained to quickly see where you’re at with your yoga, and breathwork, and give you alternatives or props that will help you maximise the benefits of a yoga and breathwork retreat. As a result, you can learn whatever is the next step for you. Plus, you’re accessing the combined power of yoga and breathwork.

Scientific studies of breathwork retreat activities

As well as what I (Chris) have noticed through leading many retreats, I recently looked at formal studies of the benefits of yoga retreats, and the benefits of meditation retreats, or both.

I was pleasantly surprised to see all the benefits of retreats that I’ve noticed, and many more, are now proven by specific scientific studies.

For instance, one summary of 23 yoga retreat studies says:

“… retreat experiences can produce benefits that include positive changes in metabolic and neurological pathways, loss of weight, blood pressure and abdominal girth, reduction in health symptoms, and improvements in quality of life and subjective wellbeing.”

It was also found that changes are ongoing. In other words, retreats produce both long term and short term changes.

I was also surprised to see that yoga and meditation were the main “tools” that were consistently used in these retreats. Even in wellness retreats, the tools of yoga and breathwork were the major mechanisms by which the wellness improvements where generated.

Yoga & Breathwork Schedule For Flametree’s 2024 Bali Retreat

breathwork training retreat

Scientific research shows the positive changes in brain wave patterns from breathwork. See the expansion of Alpha, Theta, & Delta waves,  to the left of the person in GREEN, above. Plus, in the diagram on the top right, notice how the Beta waves have contracted for those in a more meditative state. As you can see from the bottom right, Beta waves are associated with anxiety, panic, and robotic behaviour. You need Beta waves at times, but not in their extreme form. So, check out Flametree’s breathwork training retreat deals & options. 

Flametree breathwork retreat Bali 2024

If you’re new to the Flametree breathwork retreat, then you’ll also meet some of our old friends who started breathwork training with us many years ago.

You’ll also find the Flametree retreat centre, far from the demands of daily life, is the perfect setting to get the many benefits of breathwork.

The breathwork sessions will be in the early morning. Then after a delicious breakfast, there’ll be yoga asana to build your lung capacity, further improve your wellness, and much more.

In the retreat gardens, you’ll have vibrant nature all around you. But, the custom built breathwork retreat centre provides all the safe spaces you need to make the personal journeys outlined above.

The other great delight of breathwork retreats, is that there is plenty of time to explore your inner self, guided by your expert breathwork trainer.

Breathwork training retreat using a chair for these breath meditation practices

breathwork training retreat

You will also learn breathwork practices using a chair, both at introductory, and more advanced levels. 

Breathwork training retreat via instalments

So, in 2024, or beyond, please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Please put down a deposit to attend a 6 day Bali Retreat with me (Chris), before it sells out.

By the way, there are both shared and single room options.

Many spots are gone already. Please don’t miss out.

Get whatever benefits of a yoga retreat you want

personal development courses

The yoga training aspects of this retreat will include how to do inversions at a range of levels, from very easy Legs Up The Wall, to advanced inversions. Any students with at least 3 months of yoga experience can attend. So, use the orange links to see Flametree’s book yoga retreat options. Yoga especially helps your breathwork because it expands your lungs, and strengthens stamina, and your spine. Plus you get all the wellness and mindfulness benefits that yoga and breathwork combine to deliver.

Features of Bali

At this breathwork retreat Bali 2024, there’ll be ample time to enjoy the kindness of the Balinese people.

In your free time, you can take in the beautiful natural world of Bali. For instance, before or after the breathwork retreat training, or even on the half day off during the retreat, you can do excursions like these.

  • spend time in the nurturing lush jungles of mother Bali
  • visit or gaze at the expansive vista of mountains
  • enjoy the sculptured rice field patterns
  • visit a hot springs
  • maybe catch some of Bali’s world-renowned musicians at a performance.

Whatever is your thing, you’re likely to find it in diverse Bali.

Bali Retreat Early Bird Options


Here’s an outline of guided breath meditation. Plus, see our Introduction To Breath Meditation Practice In the video, you’ll see forms of meditation that include the comfortable positions taught in Flametree’s Intro classes. We’ll also cover other top breathing practices, mindfulness practices, & how to refocus when your mind wanders. The short video shows 4 breath exercise meditation techniques. A couple of them are also done both lying & sitting. Such options make breath meditation guided options available to anyone. The video also shows guided breath meditation with & without hand techniques, or so-called “mudras”. BENEFITS OF BREATH MEDITATION Get benefits like: 1. living in the present moment 2. improvement in mental states 3. breathing meditation to sleep better 4. improved immune system & cognitive processes 5. lower blood pressure 6. better heart rate management 7. helping panic attacks 8. breath meditation for anxiety 9. less stressful thought patterns, anxious thoughts, & any anxiety disorder issues 10. improved physical health & mental health 11. fewer negative emotions 12. improved pain relief 13. more access to a state of relaxation, & relaxation techniques 14. a clear mind. BEGINNER & NON-BEGINNER OPTIONS Flametree’s pranayama Darwin breath meditation classes are at 6.30am on Tues & Fri (Darwin Aust time). Classes are online & in-studio. Use any non-beginner yoga passes, here: Non-beginner newcomers get a half price 10 class pass, or 30 days of unlimited yoga & pranayama for AUD$79. If online, all you need is 3 thick towels. See our other videos on the simple set up. Otherwise, start with our yoga Intro deal, below. Yoga gives the strength & lung capacity for deep breaths. Another option is our short video course on intro breath work, here: The LIVE intro mini course, taught on a long weekend, is just a few one hour classes. Afterwards, you also get the videos of a similar course, & 10 FREE classes at Flametree’s ongoing breath meditation classes. So, learn more on the Introduction To Breath Meditation

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Tiny video where Chris Lalor tells you 7 key types of breathwork.

There’s many more examples on the Flametree TikTok page. 

Flametree breathwork training retreat deal

Flametree’s retreat give you a unique opportunity to combine high quality yoga practice and the power of pranayama breath meditation (aka breathwork).

All the practices you’ll do at the retreat will also quieten your so-called “monkey mind”. In turn, this helps you experience mindfulness, and maximise the benefit of the mindful meditation you’ll be learning and doing.

Over 6 days, you get a group session of breathwork in the morning, active yoga before lunch, then then restorative yoga, immune system yoga, and other less active yoga in the afternoon.

In the breathwork training, you’ll learn and use all these breathwork practices (and more):

Using these breathing techniques, together with yoga, let Chris Lalor then implement mindful eating. She tells the story in this video.

Come to the best breathwork retreat Australia region has.


Mindful eating is easiest if combined with mindfulness meditation. In the eating mindfully video, you’ll see the forms of mindfulness meditation we teach. You’ll also learn other breathing practices for mindfulness to support mindful eating techniques. Chris Lalor, from Flametree, also tells how she learnt to eat mindfully via mindful meditation. Of course, in mindful eating programs, it’s important to pay full attention to the healthy eating steps outlined when we share this video on our YouTube page. We recognise the purpose of mindful eating varies. For example, some do it for the planet, or to manage the waist, or for other reasons. There’s also a growing body of research to show that mindful eating works. In the video, Chris also tells her own story of how she found mindful eating a great way to build a new, positive relationship with healthier food. So, as a first step, let’s run through some of the benefits of eating mindfully. BENEFITS The benefits of mindful eating include: 1. less emotional eating, mindless eating, & binge eating 2. better food choices, & less junk food 3. more ability to eat only until body feels 80% full, & listen to fullness cues 4. managing food cravings & ignoring physical hunger pangs 5. choosing healthy foods 6. reducing food intake overall 7. better digestion. ART OF MINDFULNESS MEDITATION TRAINING Breath meditation, including the practice of mindfulness, will help you build a mindful awareness to support other mindful eating behaviors. Flametree’s mindfulness Darwin non-beginner classes in a breath based form of meditation, are at 6.30am on Tues & Fri (Darwin time), online & in-studio. Use non-beginner passes. If you’re a yoga beginner, start with our yoga Intro deals, including 10 half price beginner classes. (You first need 3 months of beginner yoga, so as to strengthen your spine and chest). The upcoming LIVE intro mindful meditation mini course is just three one hour classes. Then, you also get 10 FREE classes at Flametree’s ongoing breath meditation classes. So, learn more on our upcoming Introduction To Breathwork For Mindful Eating (& More). All passes can be found under the PASSES tab on the Flametree

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Mindful eating, & its numerous benefits, is just one of the important outcomes you can get from this retreat.

Hear Chris Lalor tell her story of learning & applying mindful easting, and why.

No prior breathwork experience required

No prior experience in breathwork is required. Other key details can be found via the orange links on this page. Below, you’ll find a short summary.

  • You’ll be in a comfortable environment of private boutique accommodations
  • Depending on the time of day, it’s as little as a one hour drive from the airport (but allow two for traffic, depending on time of day)
  • The payment plans involve a deposit when you book, plus instalments in later in 2024
  • A private group can be together in a shared, but delightful bungalow
  • The early bird rates last until 1 June 2024, but are likely to sell out well before that.
  • Just in the past week, as at the time of writing, sales indicate this will sell out totally in a few more weeks, at most.
  • There are shared room options, plus double room and single room options
  • A massage therapist can be arranged at a small extra cost, paid direct to the masseur or resort
  • You’ll be getting a transformative retreat, as part of your transformational travel experience
  • The cancellation policy can be seen via the orange link on this page.

You’ll get all this at the best breathwork retreat Australia has.

So, join the global breathwork community, and put down a deposit today.

For questions, get in touch via our WhatsApp or Australian phone number (+61 468 362 641), or contact us online.

Pranayama works well lying down, or sitting up.


Pranayama breathwork, like Ujjayi, and Viloma, can be done lying down. So it makes this type of breathwork very accessible.

Access non-ordinary states of consciousness

Chris Lalor’s immense personal experience with pranayama breath work, and her holistic approach, will help bring out your creative potential, and take you on whatever journey of self-discovery that’s important for you.

If you like, you can supplement the retreat with private sessions, or simply use quick one to one chats over meals and many other casual chat opportunities.

And, best of all, personal coaching, like you’ll get by going to a retreat with Chris, is by far the best and quickest way to build the power of breathwork into your life.

​On top of all that, you’ll also benefit from the deep rest that comes with the de-stressing of your breathwork journey.

In addition, check out this diagram for some of the other benefits of your breathwork training retreat by Flametree.

At the Breathwork Retreat Bali 2024, get group sessions in a safe space

​Whatever you’re journey you’re on as a human being, you’ll get immense benefit from Flametree’s creative breathwork retreat.

As a result, in our LIVE sessions, you’ll learn and master all key aspects of the ancient practice of breathwork.

If you’re also after spiritual growth, in any form, breathwork will also also help.

Chris Lalor’s many years experience with breathwork training programs, including pranayama techniques, put you in very good hands.

In the process, you’ll also see many practical applications, and different ways to apply your new learning.

But the real power of the techniques you’ll learn, lie in the personal transformation they can bring about.

​As soon as you place a deposit, you can also get started with the FREE 4 class online course in breathwork that you’ll get. Use it, if you choose, while you’re waiting to join Chris on the retreat.

Key Benefits From Breathwork Retreat Bali 2024

Yoga & Breathwork Schedule For Flametree’s April 2024 Bali Retreat

breathwork training retreat

The many benefits of meditation retreats. Plus, with Flametree’s retreats, you get all the additional benefits of yoga retreats and breathwork training retreats combined. You’ll get all this at the best breathwork retreat Australia region has.

At our Breathwork Retreat Bali 2024 get teachers that deliver

​The quality of the yoga and breathwork teacher is one of the best predictors of the best retreat outcomes.

Plus, with Chris Lalor, you get an accredited Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, who is also certified to teach pranayama breath meditation. She’s also a certified yoga therapist. She’ll take you on breath journeys in a beautiful space.

The power of Flametree’s breath sessions, starts with the fact that you’re learning such incredible techniques.

​As well as all that, Chris’ retreat is such a supportive environment.

It’s also partly due to the Chris being such a knowledgeable practitioner, with a mastery of the breathwork exercises that she’ll lead you through.

So, over this 6 day retreat, you’ll get these benefits, and more:

  • constantly build much clarity about whatever issues challenge you
  • reduce stress anxiety
  • feel even more of the serenity of the retreat space
  • ​get better at ongoingly managing different emotions
  • learn how to apply ancient wisdom
  • get gentle guidance when you run into roadblocks
  • get cathartic release from any major stress you face
  • enjoy a very clear understanding of the major breath techniques you can ongoingly use
  • build a continuing connection with both old friends, and new friends you’ll meet
  • enjoy local attractions with new eyes.

​While you absorb these benefits, your trained breathwork practitioner, and great instructor at so many training courses, can also help you with personal breathwork sessions, if needed.

Chris’ years of experience, and previous experience with personal breakthrough retreat intensives, will guide you through the whole process. As a result, you’ll get incredible experiences, and lots of useful takeaways.

So, choose from the retreat’s single private rooms, or shared rooms, today.

Learn Bhramari, & Much More, At Flametree’s Breathwork Retreat Bali 2024

Flametree Bali Retreat Early Bird Options

breathwork training retreat

Pranayama breathwork training is a key part of Flametree retreats.  So, check out Flametree’s retreat options. You’ll get the best breathwork retreat Australia region has.

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