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Yoga Retreat Benefits, & Breathwork Benefits, From Flametree.

Flametree Yoga Bali Retreat Early Bird Options.

I (Chris Lalor) have now led a lot of yoga, breath meditation, & wellness retreats. Along the way, I’ve seen yoga retreat benefits, and the benefits of meditation retreats, deliver in many ways. I’ve also see the proven benefits of a yoga retreat be transformative, and highly enjoyable. Read on to see what I mean, or see book yoga retreat options via the orange links.

Leading retreats is always challenging, partly because students make good use of the extra time for themselves. They use the time to immerse themselves in yoga and breathwork. In turn, this leads to plenty of breakthroughs, even though they’re sometimes preceded by some type of mini-breakdown, concern, or upset.

To help them on their journey into themselves, they use the appropriate support that a senior, experienced, and highly trained yoga and meditation teacher can provide. For a retreat leader, that’s where the challenge lies.

But, in the process of all this, I’ve noticed a few recurring trends.

For a start, yoga and meditation students get significant outcomes from retreats due to having:

  • a time and place to focus on their yoga or breath meditation
  • time to think
  • a different location away from normal distractions, and
  • others who have time to talk (such as fellow “retreatants”, or the leader of the retreat, or both.

In this short video, you can see some of the other reasons why people enjoy retreats at this Bali resort. So, use the orange links to see Flametree’s book yoga retreat options. 

Outcomes I’ve seen retreats deliver

As a result, here are some retreat trends and outcomes I’ve noticed.

  • Many of the attendees have profound breakthroughs about some aspect of their inner self.
  • People find a new inner peace, which then improves their mental and physical situation.
  • Afterwards, students find it easier to maintain or build their yoga practice.
  • Many start breath meditation on the retreat, and then continue it.
  • People develop new, long lasting friendships.

Of course, many other legitimate and powerful benefits of retreats have also been written about.

For me, as a yoga teacher, it’s of course very rewarding to see people experience the benefits of meditation retreat learnings, or yoga improvements, in our relatively short time together. They get insights into themselves there and then, but they also have new tools with which to continue their journey.

Flametree Yoga Bali Retreat Early Bird Options

Best online yoga teacher training Australia

One of the many benefits of having an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher lead your retreat, especially someone with Iyengar training, is that they’re both very accomplished at teaching, and at doing advanced poses. They can also teach such poses at any level. Among other things, they’ve been trained to quickly see where you’re at with your yoga, and give you alternatives or props that will help you maximise the benefits of a yoga retreat. As a result, you can learn whatever is the next step in doing a pose for you.

Scientific studies of the retreat benefits

As well as what I’ve noticed through leading many retreats, I recently looked at formal studies of the benefits of yoga retreats, and the benefits of meditation retreats, or both.

I was pleasantly surprised to see all the benefits of retreats that I’ve noticed, and many more, are now proven by specific scientific studies.

For instance, one summary of 23 yoga retreat studies says:

“… retreat experiences can produce benefits that include positive changes in metabolic and neurological pathways, loss of weight, blood pressure and abdominal girth, reduction in health symptoms, and improvements in quality of life and subjective wellbeing.”

It was also found that changes are ongoing. In other words, retreats produce both long term and short term changes.

I was also surprised to see that yoga and meditation were the main “tools” that were consistently used in these retreats. Even in wellness retreats, the tools of yoga and breathwork were the major mechanisms by which the wellness improvements where generated.

meditation retreat benefits

Scientific research shows the positive changes in brain wave patterns from meditation. See the expansion of Alpha, Theta, & Delta waves,  to the left of the person in GREEN, above. Plus, in the diagram on the top right, notice how the Beta waves have contracted for those in a more meditative state. As you can see from the bottom right, Beta waves are associated with anxiety, panic, and robotic behaviour. You need Beta waves at times, but not in their extreme form. So, check out Flametree’s book yoga retreat deals & options. 

I changed my eating habits

One tiny example of the meditation and yoga benefits of a retreat, is that after my last retreat, I made some significant changes in what I eat. After 4 years, I continue implementing such changes, and have built on them. If people wish, this story is on my list of potential talks at Flametree’s upcoming yoga and breathwork retreat Information Page.

Dr McCall has also outlined why yoga and meditation, along with the mindfulness that is generated, produce the particular benefits of a meditation retreat that I noticed.

The retreat studies also build on the at least 117 proven benefits of yoga assembled by Dr McCall.

Of course, there’s also much to be said of simply have a yoga getaway in a beautiful place.

Any holiday, especially one where you are systematically guided in applying the tools of yoga and breath meditation, always helps a lot.

Yoga Retreat Benefits

online yoga teacher training courses

You will also learn improved poses using a chair, both at introductory, and more advanced levels. It’s just another of the many yoga retreat benefits.

Pay for the next retreat via instalments

So, in one or more of Flametree’s retreats, please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Please put down a deposit to attend a 6 day Bali Retreat with me, Chris Lalor.

By the way, there are both shared and single room options.

Many spots are gone already. Please don’t miss out

Get whatever benefits of a yoga retreat you want

personal development courses

Training will include how to do inversions at a range levels, from Legs Up The Wall, to advanced inversions. Any students with at least 6 months of yoga experience can attend. So, use the orange links to see Flametree’s book yoga retreat options. 

Let me know any level of interest you have

If you have any questions about joining a retreat now, then please get in touch.

Even if you could be interested in a few months, please also let me know. Then maybe I can guide you further on the goals you seek.

No matter where you’re at with your yoga or breath meditation right now, please build a retreat into your direction right now.

Retreats can be a huge part of finding the inner peace of mind that yoga and breath meditation have delivered for millennia.

Remember, you may be more ready and able to attend a retreat right now than you think.

Wherever you are with yoga, and your own self development, a retreat, or even retreats, will be a huge, new step in your personal development journey.

Flametree Yoga Bali Retreat Early Bird Options


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Videos shows the stages of doing a Forearm Balance. One of many things you can learn or improve at a retreat.

There’s many more examples on the Flametree TikTok page. 

​Other ways you’ll get a unique experience at a retreat

Our studio and online training, as well as a retreat, allows you to work at your own pace, away from your daily life pressures.

Then, Flametree’s type of wellness retreat helps you establish an improved yoga and breath meditation daily routine in your everyday life.

​Other reasons that a retreat is a great opportunity to move beyond your current circumstances, include these.

  • Meeting new people who are like-minded people. (You learn from their experience, and often find it inspiring for yourself).
  • Retreats are a great way to get out of your comfort zone.
  • ​The natural environment, and beautiful places, help you go to a deeper level of your personal journey/s.
  • Drop your busy schedule, and take on a digital detox free of digital distractions.
  • You’ll reach a next level of positive energy from this type of wellness travel.
  • A yoga journey, together with new friends you’ll make, will give you new perspectives.
  • You’ll learn and apply yoga philosophy that helps motivate your yoga poses.
  • ​The deep relaxation of a wellness vacation gives, is the best thing to assist stress and mental issues.
  • ​Yoga practitioners at any level, from your first yoga retreat and onwards, will find a better way to do many of their poses. (That happens due to both more regular practice, and the guidance that a Senior Teacher can provide).

All these amazing benefits, including physical benefits, and personal growth, are a perfect excuse to take a retreat vacation at Flametree’s beautiful natural locations.

Yoga Retreat Benefits Include Improvements At All Levels Of Your Practice.

book yoga retreat

Join Flametree’s top quality yoga & breath meditation retreat. Check out Flametree’s book yoga retreat options. 

No silent meditation retreat needed!

​To get you more into the present moment, all you need to do is learn and apply the breath meditation practice you’ll learn at Flametree’s retreat.

A silent retreat is not needed.

Plus, as soon a you place a deposit, you’ll get a FREE discount code for a video course with 4 meditation sessions, and 10 FREE classes. You can use these to start a regular practice in mindfulness meditation, even while you’re waiting for the retreat.

Almost immediately, you’ll experience mental health benefits, and a decrease in the stress levels of daily life. (You’ll get what’s summed up in the diagram above about your brain waves).

​Then, in due course, some of the other benefits of a meditation retreat you’ll get include:

  • Freedom from your own thoughts or so-called “monkey mind” (if you choose)
  • A different perspective on the world, including your inner world
  • A greater focus, and greater clarity, no matter what walks of life you’re involved in
  • ​A greater ability to build a daily practice into daily lives
  • Greater emotional regulation
  • The ability to make better decisions, with less worry and anxiety (due to better managing your beta brain waves, as in the diagram above).

​Overall, the practice of meditation regularly at the retreat will give you a transformative experience, and greater self-awareness.

All such benefits of meditation are now evident in many studies of regions of the brain affected by the positive effects of breath meditation.

​Put a deposit down for one of the best retreats for positive change, and many long-term benefits.

The benefits of a meditation retreat are also summed up in the diagram of benefits below.

book yoga retreats

The many benefits of meditation retreats. Plus, with Flametree’s retreats, you get all the additional benefits of yoga retreats. Use the orange links to see Flametree’s book yoga retreat options.

Choose yoga teachers that deliver for you

​The quality of the yoga teacher is one of the best predictors of the best yoga retreats.

It’s important to have a good yoga holiday, but you also want a perfect yoga retreat in terms of benefits we’ve mentioned, and all of these further key factors.

  • a yoga trip that’s free of hassle
  • airport transfers that are organised and cost effective
  • every yoga session delivering all that good yoga should
  • ​all the benefits of anti-stress retreats
  • flow yoga options (aka vinyasa yoga) options
  • easy on your credit card via payment instalments
  • a new take on a popular destination
  • ideally, a beach resort, and other beautiful locations
  • a wellness yoga retreat that uses yoga and meditation to ensure great outcomes
  • a hidden gem location
  • options like taking a boat ride to an offshore island
  • easy, interesting visits to the culture of your local community
  • physical workshops that give you challenge appropriate to your level
  • all the learnings, teaching skills, and experience, of a highly reputable yoga school
  • restorative spots in the yoga taught each day
  • the option of outdoor activities like swimming, walking, excursions, and more.

Flametree’s inspirational yoga retreats deliver all that. Whether it’s your first retreat, or one of many, there’s no easier way to get all the benefits of hatha yoga, and find your true self.

Make this Flametree retreat your next yoga retreat destination. Plus, let Senior Yoga Teacher Chris Lalor be your retreat guru, and retreat host.

​Try a retreat center that’s proven itself to our students for many decades. It’s a perfect place for a dedicated yogi. It’s also an uplifting vacation for your next trip.

No matter what yoga style you come from, you’re welcome on Flametree yoga mats.

Check out our great offers at the orange links. Then, join us for a great experience.

Learning Bhramari. One of the benefits of meditation retreat

Flametree Yoga Bali Retreat Early Bird Options

benefits of meditation retreat

Pranayama breathwork training is also part of Flametree retreats.  So, check out Flametree’s book yoga retreat options. 

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