I Was Wrong About Yoga. Here’s Why.

The Wonderful Yoga World That Unfolded For Me.

My early childhood was spent on a cattle station, near Townsville, Australia. (I’ve been along Charters Towers Rd so many times!).  But my childhood was not a place where I ever heard the words “Yoga Townsville”. Nobody our family knew did yoga in Townsville, or looked for a yoga studio Townsville. Of course, even if we had known about it, we would have had no clue about what to look for to find the best yoga Townsville offered.

But with that lack of background, I (Stuart) still had plenty of pre-conceptions about yoga. It turned out that most of them were wrong!

Different and better

In other words, what I got from yoga was very different to what I expected. At the start, I began yoga for flexibility and general exercise.

The first thing that surprised me was that I got stronger. I didn’t realise yoga would do that.

Of course, when I reflect on the fact that we spend so much time lifting our own weight, it makes perfect sense.

Some of my friends who do gym think it is a big deal when they lift one third of their own weight! Almost every time I do yoga, I lift my own weight many times!

The real surprises with yoga started turning up when I started doing 5 or more classes a week… usually with 15-30 minutes in the studio, on a yoga mat, before the class (working on the things that I the most crappy at!).

Most importantly, I got lean, flexible strength. My yoga teacher says it’s the combination of stretching and muscle building that gives this effect.

I came to see it’s all possible with yoga, without either yoga and Pilates combinations, gym, or other physical fitness options. All I did was a form of traditional hatha yoga. It included some yin yoga, but was more diverse than that alone. Overall, yoga has ongoingly delivered me complete health, and many other positive changes.

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Starting to live in the present

One day driving home I noticed that plain old gum trees started looking more beautiful to me. I was appreciating the natural beauty of “stuff” I have driven past many times.

It took me a while to realise it… but I was of course more present. I was living in the moment more… instead of the past or future where I usually hang out!

But the real surprises from yoga were yet to come.

Dealing with upsets

One day I arrived at the studio about half an hour before class. I was feeling very grumpy because of a dispute I was involved in at work. I was carrying on endlessly about it… blah, blah, blah.

Chris Lalor, from Flametree Yoga Studio, said to me: “Do legs up the wall pose.”

I was of course resistant to the idea, because I did not think any particular pose could calm me down.

Slowly however, over the next weeks and months, I fell in love with Legs Up The Wall” pose. It reduced my anxiety, my upsets, and improved my sleep.

Improving my sleep, and reducing or managing stress, has certainly been a major benefit of yoga. But again, the best was still to come.

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Flametree’s online Beginner yoga classes Townsville, or for anywhere, will teach you this easy “Legs Up The Wall” pose. It’s a reliable way to improve sleep, get calm, & reduce anxiety. The pose is demonstrated by Chris Lalor, Flametree’s accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, with over 12,000 hours of teacher training. 

A wide range of health benefits too

I work with Chris Lalor at Flametree Yoga to take pictures that demonstrate various poses. In order to help work out what postures to photograph, I started digging around through books like “Holistic Health” by BKS Iyengar.

In the back of that book, it has a wide range of sequences of poses for a whole bunch of health improvements. The poses range from stress to prostate health.

The order of the poses makes a difference

So that’s when I realised that the same group of postures, done in a different order, could lead to a wide range of different health and wellness benefits.

That was yet another surprise, and it was something that had eluded my awareness in decades of classes.

Being a Westerner, and being trained in evidence-based thinking, I still was wary. I was not sure if a sequence for x, y or z would really deliver. So off I went to read up all of the many clinical studies of the benefits of yoga.

People like Dr Tim McCall were really useful. For example, his book “Yoga As Medicine”, and other articles on his site, summarise up to 100 health conditions where yoga has been proven to help.

On another front, in the UK, the NHS even requires that yoga be offered to people as one option for dealing with lower back pain.

That information satisfied my Westerner skepticism!

But there were still more surprises to come.

There were mental benefits too

I was still largely focussed on the fitness, health and longevity benefits of yoga.

Through all this time, I had of course begun to realise that most of the time, I was more chilled out from doing yoga. In other words, I was calmer, less stressed, and less likely to lose my temper. As you may know, so-called pitta (in Ayurveda terminology), or A-type personalities, are very prone to “losing it”!

So, it means that I was beginning to glimpse the MENTAL benefits of yoga.

I had of course seen polls by yoga students that the longer they did yoga, the more they did it for personal growth. But again, I had not really appreciated how putting my body in a range of shapes could miraculously impact my mind.

iyengar yoga townsville

Flametree’s online Iyengar yoga Townsville (or for anywhere) classes, will introduce you to backbends. They are one of the easiest ways to uplift your energy and positivity.

Plus personal growth & happiness

We all know that the bookshelves of airports and the (remaining) other book shops have over the last few decades filled with many rows of book on personal growth.

Such personal growth shelves include lots on how to get numerous mental benefits. Personal growth and so-called “motivation” is obviously an area that many want to know more about.

Like me, most people don’t think that putting your body in a bunch of shapes could make a difference to who you are, how you feel, how happy you are, and more.

Then, fairly recently, the penny suddenly dropped for me again. It was after numerous years of doing yoga. Maybe I am just slow!

Or maybe its typical of being highly trained in a Western approach to psycho-therapy, medicine, and all things mainstream. (I’ve spent my life in law, economics and digital marketing, and been hammered with the idea that if you can’t count it, it doesn’t exist!).

A feeling being who thinks

In other words, I’ve worked on the basis that I am a thinking being who sometimes feels! In reality, we are all feeling beings who sometimes manage to think!

Strangely, the penny dropped when I read the five sequences of yoga postures outlined by the Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, Eyal Shifroni. He has a new book called “The Psycho-Physical Lab”.

For instance, Mr. Shifroni has yoga sequences designed to deliver various mental benefits, such as emotional stability, increasing confidence, reducing explosiveness, cutting fatigue, building optimism, and building joy.

I’ll have more of all of those benefits please… with big helpings!

Shifroni’s book also has sections on why and how yoga delivers courage, balance, tolerance, equanimity, persistence, awareness, sensitivity, motivation, acceptance (without surrender), concentration, truthfulness, sincerity, and more.

I am not trying to sell you his book. I’m just saying that reading his book made me realise what there was even more to get from yoga.

And I was ready to believe him because I had already seen some small glimpses of some of these mental benefits.

What I got, and what anyone else can get in Townsville, or wherever, is a personal and powerful yoga health studio.

Online beginner yoga with 2 week free trial. Up to 8 classes a week for $9.95 a week.

Newcomers To Flametree Yoga: Free first  ONLINE yoga class

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In a handstand, you are lifting your entire weight. So it builds strength. In addition, inverted poses build courage, as you get comfortable with being upside down. There just some of the many things you can can get from Flametree’s online yoga classes in Townsville QLD, or from everywhere else they reach.

The preparatory yoga poses also work

I still have a huge yoga and mental development journey ahead of me. But I have gotten far enough into the foothills of the journey up the mountain to be able to see what gains I’ve made. Of course, I can now also see the further mountains in front of me.

I have also realised that it’s not about how well I can do the postures. I am still in the very preparatory stages of many poses.

But I now understand that as long as I am doing those preparations and incomplete poses correctly (or at least not incorrectly), I still get the various mental and physical benefits.

It’s good for the Western ego to be able to do a pose as close to perfection as possible. But I now realise that it’s not necessary in order to get all the yoga benefits.

That’s another realisation that has been good for me to see too. With advancing age, and numerous injuries from sport and life, there’s much I will never do. Who cares!

Easy because its enjoyable

I can still get what yoga has to deliver, so long as I do yoga several times a week.

I also know that yoga will give me more if I give it more. That of course means doing it more regularly, and preferably every day.

But now, I don’t even find that regularity to be hard. Even on the days when I am exhausted from careering around in Darwin’s hottest and most humid months, I can still do a practice of restorative yoga.

As I do those restorative poses, I slowly build energy. In addition, while I am holding the poses, I can see that I am still stretching my muscles, and even building them up.

At the same time, I’m zoned into a place where I’m steadily getting some combination of any of those various mental benefits.

So I say: “Bring it on!”

Online yoga: an excellent option for yoga Townsville, or anywhere

These days, to find the best yoga Townsville, or wherever, you don’t have to be in a studio to get top yoga. The welcoming environment of Flametree comes right to your home.

Whether you’re looking for yoga Townsville, or yoga in Townsville, or for a yoga studio Townsville, you can in fact do it better online, and with a lot more convenience.

The online yoga classes are also cheaper than in a studio.

Try what yoga offers, and see what you get. The benefits for your physical and mental health will be huge.

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What I like is that Flametree’s online “yoga health studio Townsville” program can be done from anywhere, starting with simple poses like this “Half Angle” for straightening out the spine. I do one of these poses each day in my coffee break. It lifts energy and gets the kinks out of the shoulders and back. Try it.

Flametree Yoga Studio class times

Flametree beginner classes are LIVE online, at the local time of Darwin, Australia (+9.30GMT). That’s just a half hour different from any yoga in Townsville.

The classes are all standard, introductory hatha yoga poses. The are suitable to all ages and levels of fitness, from all walks of life. It best suits everyone.

The online format allows you to get a wide range of beginner yoga classes Townsville, or for wherever you are.

There’s also many options, including Gentle Yoga, Women Only Yoga, Yoga for Back (& Neck & Shoulders), and Restorative Yoga For Heart Health. Together, these classes create a unique system for beginners to start their yoga journey.

At the non-beginner level, there’s extra options like Yoga For Immune System, Fifty Plus Yoga, and more advanced levels.

If you’ve already done some yoga, you can also get ten FREE breath meditation (pranayama) classes.

As you can see, there much wide range of useful options that any yoga studio Townsville can offer in the studio.

In addition, you get top Iyengar yoga Townsville opportunities. This high quality yoga is otherwise very hard to find.

Certified teachers in the Iyengar style

Flametree is owned and run by Chris Lalor, an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher, in the Iyengar style of yoga.

In addition, she is qualified and certified to do yoga therapy, including in online private sessions.

In day to day yoga classes, from a yoga therapist point of view, Chris also sees and communicates things that are highly useful to the daily life of a normal student in everyday yoga classes.

She is a a social entrepreneur, with 30 years of experience in yoga, who has a live life get active philosophy. For the purpose of improving lives, she runs her yoga space with a view to the positive social impact that yoga can bring to Townsville and every community where online can provide high quality and low cost yoga classes.

Fortunately, in this online yoga age, it now not necessary to be in Townsville CBD, or even Hermit Park Qld, to get a wide variety of yoga classes.

Flametree’s range of yoga class options will give you everything needed, from deep twists, balance work, and luscious hip openers.

The good news is that you can now have a yoga center in your own home, whether you’re in New Zealand, or North Ward Qld, or Woolcock St, or Flinders St Townsville.

Chris is based in Darwin, so she is used to the fact that in Australia’s tropics, you can of course have hot yoga every day, with no extra electricity needed.

Chris’s personal yoga practice is built on completing more than 12,000 hours of yoga teacher training.

If you like, check out what other Flametree students have said about Flametree’s online classes.

Yoga studio Townsville options, or for far beyond

The online Flame Tree Yoga Studio beginners yoga Townsville and beyond, can be started at any time.

There are also classes for several other levels of experience. These can all be accessed via the non-beginner introductory deal where you get classes as low as 50 cents each. See it in the deals at the end of this page.

For beginners, there’s also a two week free trial. You need a credit or debit card, but unless you continue after the trial, you pay zero.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about the most popular of Flametree’s beginners yoga deals.

Beginners can just pay week to week, or there is also a beginner course, in-studio or online.

Some students also start with a private class or two, and then move onto regular online or in-studio classes.

Flametree’s many online options will give you the best yoga classes in Townsville, Qld, or wherever you are.

Use the 2 week trial to check out another option for a Townsville yoga hub.

Do two weeks of free yoga classes, and then make up your own mind. Or come to the Beginner Introduction.

What students say about Flametree yoga and it’s benefits

If you’re still not sure about yoga, read reviews of what customers say about their yoga classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from both online or in-the-studio yoga at Flametree.

Free online first class, & top in-studio deals

You can do your first online beginner or non-beginner class for free.

Just reserve your first online beginner class, OR reserve your first online non-beginner class, and show up.

But, a casual in-studio beginner class is $11.

If you wish, there is also a two class Beginner Introduction.

Beginners can also start at any time with a half price ten class pass discount code, or a beginners two weeks free deal.

For non-beginners, there are also extreme low cost 2 week unlimited introductory deals for online yoga, or in-the-studio yoga.

Newcomers To Flametree Yoga: Free first  ONLINE yoga class

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Non beginners: 30 days for $14.95, for online, unlimited classes. Just 50 cents a class. 

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