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Comprehensive Studio & Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Yoga Teacher Training Weekends At Up To 90% OFF.

I (Chris Lalor) wasn’t consciously looking for some of the major things I got from teaching yoga. Below, see more on what I got, plus more about Flametree’s 300 hour yoga teacher training online and in-studio. I found the program gives you huge personal development courses, plus better personal yoga, or even a new role if you want it. So, in summary, it’s the best online yoga teacher training Australia has.

Some things I got were things I didn’t even know I needed, or wanted. But I’m so glad they came my way.

For example, one surprise outcome was around my coach-ability, and resistance.

I found that rising to the challenge of being a successful teacher, required me to be more coachable. I had to learn to get, take, and apply advice from people who knew more than me.

Quite often, they even knew what I did not even know I needed.

In the process, I had to learn to be less resistant.

Both of these skills and practices have been, and are, enormously useful to my life, business, and personal relationships.

Other Details Of Yoga Teacher Training Program.

In-studio, or online yoga teacher training, works for personal development, better yoga, or getting a new part time or full time role (if you want it).

Motivating me to improve my yoga

Of course, setting out to be a yoga teacher, also constantly “called me to be” in terms of working on my yoga and pranayama.

That was especially true given that I started as a 40 year old non-yogi who was as stiff as a board!

I would never have learnt all of my yogic skills without a major reason to master them.

In turn, doing better yoga and breath meditation (aka pranayama), then also gave me the immense benefits of wellness, strength, energy, and much more.

Acceptance (in the peaceful sense)

On a family front, I also had to learn to accept, and find peace, around some of the challenging situations within my family, and arising from my family background.

Almost every family has some version of such situations. Your mind maybe already flits to situations in your own family background.

Out of respect to those still living, I won’t say more on that front.

Yoga Teacher Training Weekends At Up To 90% OFF.

Best online yoga teacher training Australia

I teach Flametree’s 300 hour yoga teacher training online and in-studio. For the reasons I outline on this page, and connected pages, I think you’ll find it excellent in-studio, as well as being best online yoga teacher training Australia has.

Innate happiness & environmental sustainability

I also found satisfaction in seeing myself, and others, experience their own version of greater environmental sustainability.

I mean that due to my changing values around consumption, and food, I became content with having less of an environmental and carbon “footprint”.

Through yoga, I also acquired the mindfulness and self-discipline to reduce consumption on such fronts.

A part of this was that more yoga and breath meditation almost automatically delivered innate happiness.

So, I realised happiness didn’t have to come from consuming more.

I also came to see that I and many others could do this, one person at a time. Plus, I could help others get these outcomes for themselves.

Meaning & direction

For me, yoga teaching also made life more meaningful.

It’s partly because the yogic philosophy I learnt, confirmed all I knew about honesty, and many other important values in the 8 limbs of yoga, including the so-called yoga “yamas”.

In addition, after careers as a university lecturer, and the owner of plant nurseries, yoga teaching also gave a new and welcome direction to my life.

As you probably know, the best way to learn something is to teach it.

I had already learnt that from teaching economics at university. So I was now delighted to apply the practice to all aspects of yoga and breath medication.

Teacher training as a personal development course

online yoga teacher training courses

You will also learn how to teach poses using a chair, both at introductory, and more advanced levels. It’s just another of the many aspects of Flametree’s comprehensive teacher training program.

Making a difference

Maybe most importantly, before being a yoga teacher, I had no conception of the joy I get from helping yoga students improve their mental and physical fitness, their wellness, and all other aspects of their lives.

If you’re even vaguely interested in getting any mix of what I have gotten from teacher training, then please consider Flametree’s teacher training course.

As a teacher, as a coach, and as someone who simply models practices and behaviours that others admire, you’ll be making a huge difference in the lives of many people.

A mega personal development course

Doing teacher training doesn’t necessarily mean you want to actually teach yoga!

My point is that Flametree’s teacher training course is a huge and powerful personal development course or journey.

The other graduates of Flametree’s teacher training also confirm all that it has done for them.

If you wish, please also check out the many other benefits you can get from teacher training.

In the process, just leave open the possibilities of what you may do with your teaching and own personal development courses or evolution. That answer will come to you in its own good time.

A 300 hour yoga teacher training online & studio course

personal development courses

Training will include how to do, and how to teach, inversions. But the huge value teacher training course discounts will cease as soon as all current places are full.

Next trainings soon, with up to 90% discount

There are teacher training weekends in early April and mid-May.

If you act now, there’s a 90% discount on your first weekend, and an overall 50% discount on your first year of teacher training.

But the discounts will cease as soon as the course is completely full.

As you would appreciate, because teacher trainees require a lot of my one-to-one time, there’s absolutely a physical time constraint on how many teacher trainees I can have in the teacher training program.

By the way, Flametree’s teacher training can be done via a mix of online and in-studio classes.

Some options for a new future

If you are interested to join the yoga teacher training program now, you can take any of these actions:

  • read the information on other pages we’ve linked to
  • see the descriptions of the videos about teacher training
  • pay for the first training weekend using the 90% OFF discount code at the orange link below
  • ask us questions via the CHAT button, or otherwise get in touch.

Even if you could be interested in a year or two, please also let me know, or ask us some questions. Then I can maybe guide you in what will best get you to a point where you could start teacher training.

No matter where you’re at with your yoga right now, if any aspect of the teacher training self-development program interests you, then please build it into your direction right now.

Remember, you may be more ready and able to do teacher training than you think.

Wherever you are with yoga, and your own self development, yoga teacher training will be a huge, new step in your personal development journey.

It will also give you more motivation and direction with your yogic endeavours.

Yoga Teacher Training Weekends At Up To 90% OFF.


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♬ original sound – ChrisLalor – ChrisLalor

This video is a good, simple example of teaching people the stages of doing a Forearm Balance. 

There’s many more examples on the Flametree TikTok page. 

Consider yoga teacher training online & in-studio

So, please consider teacher training;

  • for your self-development, or
  • to further develop your yoga, or
  • for a new or additional role in life.

Maybe, you’d like some mix of all of those benefits?

Alternatively, you may be able to see additional potential benefits that are pertinent to, or arising from, your own life journey.

If you want to discuss any aspect you’re your possible teacher training journey, please use the CHAT button, or contact us.

Please also check out our Flametree teacher training page for more on the course, and the new (soon disappearing) DISCOUNTS.

On this site, under the PASSES tab, of via the orange link below, you can learn more about, or buy, your first teacher training weekend, with 90% OFF.

As I said, I teach Flametree’s 300 hour yoga teacher training online and in-studio.

For the reasons I’ve already outlined on this page, and connected pages, the teacher trainees in the program now, and those who’ve graduated, have found it excellent in-studio, as well as being among the best online yoga teacher training Australia has.

Other Details Of Flametree’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Summary of studio & online course to be an Iyengar certified yoga teacher

By the way, this studio and online training allows you to work at your own pace.

Most importantly, just keep up and develop your yoga practice (in Iyengar hatha yoga), at Flametree registered yoga school. In addition, do the yoga philosophy and other readings assigned for each weekend.

Due to its flexibility, Flametree’s mix of in-studio and online teacher training is the best option for teacher training that you’ll find at yoga studios.

Once certified, providing you maintain your professional development, Flametree’s certification course gives you lifetime access to the role of a certified yoga teacher.

Via Flametree’s studio and online yoga teacher training program, you’ll meet a yoga community of trainees who will support your own practice.

No matter what your body type, the best part of being in this community, is the strong foundation it will give you for being a registered yoga teacher in due course.

The training materials, course material, and course content for the studio and online yoga teacher training course will be regularly sent out to you.

The studio and online programs at Flametree will support you every step of the way.

It’s also worth noting that some of the affordable yoga class packages, give you LIVE sessions with unlimited access to Flametree online yoga school.

Hence, there’s no limit to the solid foundation in yoga and pranayama that you can get.

In our yoga teacher training programs, if you just steadily do the homework assignments, and come to the weekends, you’ll be well prepared for the final exam process.

So start your yoga journey from the comfort of your home. It’s a great way to take another step in your personal growth.

300 hour yoga teacher training online

Join Flametree’s 300 hour yoga teacher training online. It’s among the best online yoga teacher training Australia has (with flexible in-studio weekends as convenient for you). Plus personal development courses options.

Studio and online courses

All of Flametree’s teacher training is done as a member the Iyengar Yoga Association (an alternative to Yoga Alliance, or Yoga Australia).

Iyengar yoga training, via online as needed, is done across Australia, from Byron Bay, to Surry Hills, and wherever.

Iyengar yoga, as you probably know, has some similarities to Ashtanga yoga, but less so to Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Vinyasa flow, or private programs like Fire Shaper.

Meanwhile, Flametree’s public classes bring high quality yoga asanas into the daily life, and spiritual life, or hundreds of students.

In Flametree teacher training, the strong emphasis on practical experience makes it among the best yoga teacher training courses you’ll find.

Depending on how much of an intensive course you want it to be, you can (within some limits), choose how long it will take to be a professional yoga teacher.

Again, this flexibility is why Flametree’s program is among the best yoga teacher training programs.

As outlined on this page, you may also just choose to use this course as a great opportunity to build your personal practice and important factors like so-called body mind life.

Ongoing non-beginner packages and class times

If you check out the formal requirements of the teacher training program, you’ll see that, during your teacher training, you must do asana and pranayama classes with me (Chris), at Flametree.

So, if you are not already fully familiar with those classes, here are some pertinent details.

All non-beginner packages, including ten class passes, at Flametree Yoga, include pranayama breathing meditation weekly classes.

In the non-beginner timetable, the two existing breath meditation classes are at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The two weekly pranayama classes are both LIVE online or in-studio. Pranayama works especially well online, and is extremely convenient.

In a blog post, I have also outlined why pranayama will help you do better yoga, as well as provide many other benefits.

In addition, if you wish, check out the many very positive reviews and stories from students about Flametree yoga and breath meditation.

You can see and hear more about the many poses that are taught, at beginner or non-beginner level, on Flametree’s TikTok page.

In addition, you can also see our most popular packages, for both beginner and non-beginner yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Weekends At Up To 90% OFF.

personal development courses

Pranayama teacher training is also part of this teacher training program. As you may know, and as I have said elsewhere, this is another of our top personal development courses. All in all, you get the best yoga teacher training online Australia has, with flexible in-studio work as well.

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