Yoga Videos for Beginners

USD$4.59 / week with a 2-week free trial

Yoga Videos for Beginners

USD$4.59 / week with a 2-week free trial

Unlimited playback beginner classes each week for one student. It is a streaming on-demand video replay of Flametree beginner classes, as outlined further below.

This subscription is only available for purchase if you’ve already purchased some other paid product, such as Flametree’s video course. 

So, its a subscription designed to allow you to do ongoing videos after you’ve learn the basics of beginner yoga via courses such as the one above.

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Flametree has a large library of beginner classes, so this pass can be used for any mix of them.

You get full access to very high value beginner yoga classes, with a range of teachers.

This package is very useful to people who work outside of normal office hours, or who live in places outside of the time zone for which Flametree’s live, online classes are run. It’s also used by people like parents who have to build their lives around the hours when children are sleeping etc.

There are standard hatha yoga posture classes, including classes specially created for you to ease into beginner yoga in your first weeks. All classes are easy, preparatory poses that all can attempt, and include how to use household furniture as yoga props.

There are also classes with more of a focus on poses and learning for particular topics such as Anxiety, Women Only, Breath Meditation, Easy Restorative, and Back Care.

The classes are organised by week, to cover what we suggest you do week by week, over four weeks. At the end of that four weeks, or any other period that suits you, you will either be able to move to our non-beginner classes, or continue doing the beginner classes for as long as works for you.

Stay a beginner level for as long as you like

Some people stay in the beginner level for months, whereas others move to the next level of classes (which is called Transition to Intermediate).

The classes can be done in any order, or at any rate, that you wish.

Given you can access many classes, it means your per class price is very low. At the same time, it is very high-quality yoga. It will definitely give you all of the many benefits of yoga, from fitness to addressing particular health challenges.

It’s for one person only, and is not transferable.

The weekly subscription continues by direct debit each week, from your credit or debit card. There’s no lock in contract or fixed term. It can be paused, changed to another package, or cancelled with 2 days’ notice. No refund or credits on part weeks. If you are sick, or on holidays etc, please advise us to pause, or downgrade your pass.

You get unlimited playback of beginner classes each week for one student.

An alternative to this weekly subscription is a once only Beginner Course Playback, for a total of $19.95. This entitles you to the same range of playback videos, for a total of 4 weeks. Learn more, or buy this package, here.

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