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Transition & Intermediate Yoga (Level 1)

Yoga classes online. Transition to intermediate and Intermediate levels provide the stepping stones between Beginner and Experienced classes.

Check out the non-beginner timetable, or see more at the Info button below.  New non-beginners can get started with the non-beginner deal.

Current students can use the weekly deals or ten passes via the other buttons on this page, OR, for all prices, go to the PASSES tab on this site.

SPECIAL. ONE week of FREE Transition classes when you move from up from Flametree Beginners.

Flametree yoga territory style

Experienced Yoga (Level 2)

These classes provide ongoing teaching to suit those who have been practising yoga for a few years.

Get a pass, then reserve a class. Do yoga classes in Darwin or via our many LIVE online classes.

See Non-beginner timetable.

See more on Experienced level via the button below.

Advanced Yoga (Level 3)

The Advanced class provides Experienced Students with the opportunity to work towards more challenging asanas, including pranayama.

It’s a relatively rare & affordable opportunity to work in a small group with a Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, Chris Lalor.

Check out daily class times, & the deal for new non-beginners, at the non-beginner timetable.

See more on the ADVANCED LEVEL via the button below.

New Non-Beginners: 14 Days For $29!

Free and paid passes for non-beginner Iyengar yoga & breath meditation. Learn more

Unlimited entry to any Flametree classes except Beginners, subject to an appropriate level of your yoga skills. For students who are new to Flametree, or lapsed 6 months or more.

Low Cost Week-To-Week Passes: For LIVE Online Yoga Classes

Save money by paying by regular, weekly subscription. Beginners yoga courses also have ten pass optionsOR see online yoga week-to-week passes

Ten Class Passes (For LIVE Yoga Online)

Buy a Ten In-Studio classes pass for our regular non-beginner timetable. There are separate In-Studio OR Online Ten passes. Choose based on whether you are a Darwin yoga student, or beyond. A Concession card discount is also available. Or pay cash at our studios, or with EFTPOS at 19 Bishop St., Woolner, Darwin.

Yoga Insights For Beginners Yoga Course, Or Higher Levels

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Yoga Classes Testimonials For Flametree

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Yoga And Immune System Benefits. Plus Simple Yoga Poses For Stress Relief, & Inverted Pose Video

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Health benefits of inversions, & how to do them

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