For Newcomers to Flametree, & Returning Students:

Unlimited NON-BEGINNER yoga for 14 days for $29

Get yoga lower than $2 a class.

Newcomers, and Flametree students who have not done a class for 6 months, can get unlimited entry to many classes a week in any of Flametree’s non-beginner classes, in the studio or online.

This new pass is for any Flametree yoga class except dedicated Beginner classes. Get more details below, or buy the 14-day non-beginner pass, for just $29, via the button below.

It’s a once only opportunity to try out or reconnect with Flametree’s style of yoga, its high-quality teaching, and the many benefits you’ll get from Flametree’s yoga.

Come along if you are totally new to Flametree, and have done sufficient yoga so you can at least do yoga at Flametree’s lowest level non-beginner class (called Transition to Intermediate, or “Trans” level).

Choose the best level of you

Flametree teaches yoga at five levels… beginner, Trans, Intermediate, Experienced and Advanced.

Almost all of these classes are available both online and in-studio. With this pass, you can do the online or in-studio classes, or any mix of both.

You may know what level is appropriate for you, but if you want to check your skills, use this pass to try Transition to Intermediate level (or otherwise check out our 2-week FREE trial for absolute beginners).

Drop in & pay at the class, or buy now in case class is full

Non-beginners can drop-in to the appropriate level of Flametree’s classes (and buy a pass on the spot).

You can pay online at the link below, or you can pay cash at our two studios… or by card at our main studio at 19b Bishop St.

The teacher may request you move to another level if yoga skills are not currently sufficient… so please choose the class level carefully, so you don’t hold back other students by ending up in a class that is above your level.

Dropping-In to a class is subject to space. Pay online & book for priority, via using class reservation information further down this page.

But just to be clear, you can just drop into your first class, and pay in person just before the class you attend.

The non-beginner timetable is at the bottom of this page, or here and the button below is to buy this $29 Non-Beginner Pass now.

Get more details of this Non-Beginner deal of $29 for 14 days of unlimited yoga, or buy it now

Jada sideangle yoga pose

How to reserve classes, and location of classes

Once you have bought a pass, the non-beginner classes can be reserved as you go. You can reserve classes for up to one week in advance.

To reserve almost all non-beginner classes, whether in-studio or online, see the timetable at the bottom of this page, or buy a pass and then go to class timetable and reservations here.

Most In-Studio non-beginner classes are at 19 Bishop St., Woolner, in Darwin, Australia.

With this 14 day pass, there are currently these also classes each week you can also attend at 2 Smith St., Darwin City:

  • Wednesday 7-8.15pm (Mid-Week Restorative, from 9/12/20). [Online class is Online Room 2.]
  • Thursday 5.30-6.45pm (Transition to Intermediate)
  • Saturday 9.30-10.30am (Combined Beginners and Non-Beginners). [Online class is Online Room 2.]

Using Zoom for online classes, and where to reserve them

All online classes are via Zoom. You’ll need to download this Zoom app on your phone, iPad or PC, and open a free account.

As you can see from the timetable below, most non-beginner online classes are in so-called online Room 1, which is marked on the timetable below as ON.1.

Again, to see a list of these online Room 1 classes, and reserve them, go to class timetable and reservations here.

If it is an online class, the login via the Zoom app will be sent you as soon as you reserve the class. The easiest option is just to click on the Zoom link you will be sent by email.

Online room 2 classes (ON.2)

In the timetable below, or in the list above, there are a few online classes are in online Room 2. These are marked on the timetable as ON.2. To see a list of these online Room 2 classes, or reserve them, go to Room TWO class timetable and reservations here.

The timetable below is in the local time of Darwin, Australia. Underneath it is a converter.

Unless marked otherwise, all classes are simultaneously in the studio and online.

Convert our class time to your local time

If you use an iPhone, the World Clock feature on your Apple clock can be set to show Flametree’s class times in Darwin, Australia.

Or you can use this app:

Help with reservations, payments, information or any other customer service

[email protected]
Message via Facebook
0448 444 834 or 0448 112251 (Phone or text)

Get more details of this Non-Beginner deal of $29 for 14 days of unlimited yoga, or buy it now: