Online Yoga Passes

How can Yoga help?

Now more than ever, the benefits of yoga are needed to support us both physically and emotionally during corona virus times.

Our online classes are run via Zoom and include expert guidance from our experienced instructors.

Yoga can help you to:

  • Improve mental clarity and reduce stress
  • Maintain strength and flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  •  Sleep better
  • Get trimmer, gain fitness and have fun
  • Realign your goals and get back into a health routine
  • Connect online with a community of people from near and far.

Get a pass & reserve a class!

How to get a yoga pass

We have a range of online class packages to suit all needs, from a free class every two weeks, through to unlimited classes.

As soon as you select the package you want, you can then reserve an online class via our booking app.

See the table below for the range of ONLINE yoga packages.

If you want offline yoga, or mixes of offline and online yoga, then please go here for non-beginner deals.

For BEGINNER  online, offline and on-demand playback classes, go here.

Online Class Weekly Packages

  • Live classes a wk at your level
  • Yoga video classes a wk***Yoga video classes a wk***
  • Price per week via direct debit subscriptionPrice per week via direct debit subscription
  • Price per class on subscriptionPrice per class on subscription
  • Weekly

  • 1
  • Yoga video classes a wk***no
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription$13.50
  • Price per class on subscription$13.50
  • Double

  • 2
  • Yoga video classes a wk***no
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription$24
  • Price per class on subscription$12.00
  • Trifecta

  • 3
  • Yoga video classes a wk***no
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription$31.50
  • Price per class on subscription$10.50
  • Quad

  • 4
  • Yoga video classes a wk***no
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription$36
  • Price per class on subscription$9.00
  • Ultimate

  • Unlimited
  • Yoga video classes a wk***Unlimited
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription$42.50
  • Price per class on subscription$8.50 or less
  • Ultimate

  • Unlimited
  • Yoga video classes a wk***Unlimited
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription$55.00
  • Price per class on subscription$2.90 or less
  • Live classes a wk at your level
  • Yoga video classes a wk***
  • Price per week via direct debit subscription
  • Price per class on subscription
  • Ultimate

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • $42.50
  • $5 or less

Online 10 Class Pass

How to reserve a class

Once you have purchased your yoga pass package, you can then reserve your class via our class reservation app. There is a timetable on the app,  as well as below. For most of the class times, choose an online or offline version of the class. The offline classes are in Darwin, Australia.

For online classes, you will receive an email confirmation, including a link to join online classes. You can also save the link to online calendars. A reminder is sent prior to the class start time.
It’s as easy as that!

Class Timetable

If you’re on a mobile, expand this timetable picture with your finger. Because it’s a picture, you can also save the image to the camera roll on your phone. You can also see the timetable once you go to the page for reserving classes.

Flametree Yoga Non Beginner Timetable Feb 2022

Choose a class at your skill level

For all packages, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

We teach at two main levels… beginner and non-beginner.

Within the non-beginner level, there are 4 levels… moving from easier to more challenging:

  • Transition to Intermediate (Trans)
  • Intermediate (often called Level 1)
  • Experienced (Level 2)
  • Advanced (Level 3)

If you are unsure which level is best for you, please start at the Beginner or Transition to Intermediate level, or combined Trans / Intermediate level, or Restorative, or Mixed Non-Beginner.

When you choose the right level of classes for you, you’ll find yoga easy. But you’ll still all the benefits that yoga offers.

Go here for BEGINNER  online and offline passes:

Click the button below for NON-BEGINNER free or paid online passes.


Yoga practice does flow better with some props, you can view our suggestions here. However, as long as you have a quiet place to practice, a mat or towel and a cushion you can take part in our sessions without any problems.

We use a secure process for our online classes, and students are “checked in” individually just prior to the class starting, so as to ensure that only people who have registered can attend the class.

Weekly subscriptions can be paused or stopped. They start from whichever day you buy the subscription, and run for 7 days from that point, paid in advance. With 2 days’ notice, the passes can be paused from their next due debit. If you have been unable to use the classes that are in the week of the pause(and for which you have paid) Please pause rapidly if you cannot do the classes(due to travel, sickness or suchlike) in the case of unlimited direct debit passes, a maximum of 6 classes can be accumulated in case of cancellation of the pass during the cause of the week) they can be carried over and used in the future. . Subscriptions can only be paused 4 times a year.

If our low-cost direct debit options don’t suit your particular circumstances, then please consider the ten pass options, which may give you the flexibility you need. We reserve the right to prohibit the use of our direct debit discount options where we consider they are being mis-used. Message us via Facebook or email [email protected]

Our Special Focus classes target a specific problem, area of the body or need. We offer  Backcare Focus,Women Only, 50+, Easy Restorative, Pranayama, Immunity Strengthening, Maximum Calm, Anxiety Focus, Slow Yoga and Shoulder/Neck classes.

All 5 or 10 passes must be used within 6 months from the time of purchase or they will expire. Some specific time periods vary, see the individual pass details for more information.

If you use an iPhone, the World Clock feature on your Apple clock can be set to show Flametree’s class times in Darwin, Australia. Another alternative is to use a time and date converter.

The timetable shows when exactly classes begin and end. Trans, Trans / Intermediate, Non-Beginner Mixed, and some Special Focus classes are usually an hour and a quarter. Intermediate or Experienced classes are an hour and a half. Beginner and Open Level classes are usually an hour.

Online classes are taught as a live, interactive class format. The teacher and the students can all see and hear each other. For both online and offline classes, the teacher provides spoken guidance based on what they see is most useful, and what students are actually doing. The guidance is usually useful to many or all in the class, because quite a few of the students will need similar guidance. The more that each student positions themselves so they can be seen, the better the guidance can be done. In these times of social distancing, the same principles apply in offline classes.

What people are saying about Flametree Yoga Studio

“First timer and it was fabulous”
Thanks Chris and Richard

“Thank you! My friend linked me into an online home Iyengar which I have just started and am enjoying. Thank you both”

“Thank you Richard and good to see you Chris. The sound was really good….This is so helpful during this challenging time, thank you”

“Thanks Chris – that was a fabulous session this morning (and last night) – you and your team are doing a great job. The instructions were very clear and it seemed very personal and connected with fellow yogis on line”

“Well done Flametree for making such quick and flexible alternative’s amazing”

“Thanks for another great class Belinda…. So relaxed… 😅 See you next class”

“Thank you very much Chris, Richard and Belinda for your dedication in bringing these classes to our homes”
Susan B

“You are doing the most amazing job Chris. So grateful to have access to your wisdom and classes “

“That zoom session was fantastic! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you 🙏🏼 When can we do it again”