Look out for 'MATES RATES' group discounts on our Beginner Course!

Offline Price List. (See Online Yoga tab for online prices)

 Offline Beginner classes

Beginner classes
Beginner 5-week package (unlimited classes for 5 wks with FREE trial)*$89
Beginner 5-wk package. 4 instalments of $22.25 (unlimited classes)
Beginner 5-week unlimited classes per person (for 2, bought together)$69
Beginner 5-week unlimited classes per person (via agreed staff discount)$69
Beginner 5-week unlimited classes per person (for 10, bought together)$59
Beginner 5-week individual package (5 class pass) *****$49
Casual beginner class. (Must start in 1st 2 wks of each course) *****$11
Youth beginner class (8 upward. Pay at class, per class)$10

 Offline Non-Beginner classes

Non-Beginner classes
Non-beginner 14-day unlimited package **$29
Casual non-beginner class (anytime)$21
Direct debit (one class a week) per class ****$17
Direct debit (2 classes per week) per class$15
Direct debit (three classes per week) per class$13
Direct debit (UNLIMITED classes per week) per class$11
Ten pass (non-beginners @ $19 per class)$190
Ten pass (Concession… non-beginners @ $15 per class)$150
Yoga for Health Ten Pass ***$250
Yoga for Health Ten Pass (Concession) ***$190

* FREE first week trial only available when bought online via PC or phone
** New non-beginners to Flametree, once only
*** Excluding prior, long term students on other agreed rates
**** Less 20% off all direct debit for 3 mths after Flametree beginner course.
***** Casual classes & 5 wk pass can be used for course if you start in 1st 2 wks .

Pay cash, online, credit card.
EFTPOS is available at 19B Bishop St, Woolner.
Please pay before class starts
Ph 0448 11 22 51

Have you completed your Medical Information / Health Form?

As a student of Flametree Yoga Studio, you are required to provide us with your Medical History. If you are new to Flametree Yoga or have not previously completed the form, please complete this confidential form here.

Not able to attend a class?

No problem…but please cancel the reservation so others can then attend.

There are 2 ways to cancel your reservation:
1) log into your Punchpass account below. In here you will see a list of your upcoming reservations. To cancel, simply select the ‘cancel’ option to the right of your class
2) Every time you make a reservation with Punchpass, you will receive an email confirmation. On this confirmation is a link to ‘click here to cancel this reservation’.