Weekly Offline

$17.00 / week

Weekly Offline

$17.00 / week

This pass is for hatha yoga taught in the Iyengar style offers you 1 non-beginner class every week for one person only.

  • Access to 1 class offline a week.
  • Classes you can access include any mix of Transition to Intermediate, Intermediate, Experienced and Advanced classes, plus restorative yoga,  & Mixed Non-Beginner.
  • Unlimited access to Yoga Education materials and classes, such as the bi-monthly Special Event class.

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Buy a pass then book a class

This pass is bought and paid weekly via a debit or credit card.

  • Once you have bought a pass, you use our class booking app, called Punchpass, to book your classes.
  • When you buy, Flametree is notified and it will rapidly enable Punchpass to allow you to book classes.
  • You can access Punchpass here.
  • For all packages, please choose a class that is suitable for your levels of skills. That will make it easy on you, and also is considerate of others in the class.

View other class options of 1, 2, 3, 4 classes every week, or our Ultimate (Unlimited) options.

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