Do you suffer from stress:most of us do at some point in our lives.

Like my father, I (Stuart) have always worked hard in demanding jobs. 
Unlike him, I use yoga to de-stress and stay in shape.
Sadly, Dad died too early from a disease of the nervous system, coming on top of a heart condition.
One thing I do to reduce the chance of the same fate is to start early, but leave work with enough time to fit in almost daily yoga.
No matter how exhausted I may be, I know I can always at least do restorative yoga to calm me down, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep.
As you can see from earlier Posts on this page, sleep is one of the most magic providers of good health that we have. 
Recently, I was working on the Federal election campaign in Arnhem Land in the NT. 
Spending all day outdoors, on your feet, in tropical heat, is exhausting. 
It’s too easy to go back to your camp or room, collapse in front of any TV that may work, or to suck on a bottle of something that is not good for the system!
With restorative yoga, you are never too exhausted to be able to get into the easy poses that work to reduce fatigue, build energy, and calm the body and mind. 
As I bumped across 2,600 kilometres of demanding dirt roads, I carried a few yoga props that made it so much easier to do my daily yoga practice. See where I went in the map with this Post. 
The props include the chair you’ll see in some of the poses with this post, a bolster, a strap, some blocks, and of course a yoga mat. 
I’ll never forget the exclamation from a guest house manager at Milingimbi when he came to my door and all he could see through the window was my two feet high up the wall…. as I did the Legs Up The Wall pose you’ll see in this set of pictures. 
I’d had another day in extreme conditions, under a burning sun that left the brown tan lines on my feet… such as you’ll see in some of the pictures. 
The mental stress of most jobs… or the many other stresses in this world… is something we all need less of.
In my case, in my recent Arnhem Land expedition, I was driving on poor roads in the middle of a vast expanse of land. Rivers were still barely passable, and mud went on for hundreds of kilometres. 
It was a matter of hanging onto the steering wheel very tightly to avoid the car jumping out of the wheel ruts, and at the same time maintaining enough speed to avoid bogging. 
If I had gotten bogged, or stalled in a croc invested river, there is no telling how long I would be there for. 
And I had to be at the next polling booth on the schedule for the next day of work.
So there was plenty of mental stress, and plenty of physical stress to hunch up my shoulders, and add too much curvature to my back.
Fortunately, I kept at my yoga to manage all of these impacts.
Now I’m back in Darwin safely, I can do even more yoga, with good teachers, to work on the bits of me that now need more yoga help than average. 
That’s why I think it is so good that Flametree now teaches restorative yoga as part of is five week beginner yoga course. 
You learn easy poses to restore energy, while slowly building strength and flexibility. Plus you use props, like chairs, bolsters, blocks, and blankets so the poses can be held longer, and so they each work better to give individual benefits… particularly restoring energy. 

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