In-Studio 5 CLASS Beginner Pass


In-Studio 5 CLASS Beginner Pass



Five only in-studio beginner classes at Flametree.

This pass does not auto-renew via direct debit. If you wish to renew it, you will need to manually purchase it again.

Buy online, or by EFTPOS or cash at Flametree’s main studio at 19 Bishop St., Woolner, Darwin NT.

If you have questions, please get in touch via the Custom Service contacts at the bottom of this page.

Buy a pass, and then reserve a class

Once you have a pass, reserve each class at either of the two links below.

In-studio classes in Darwin are at 19 Bishop St., Woolner, or 2 Smith St, Darwin.

Reservations for most beginner classes:

Reservations for most non-beginner classes:

Some classes are combined beginner and non-beginner. In that case, the above link will direct you.

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