Yoga Gift Card (Or Gift Set) For Various Amounts


Yoga Gift Card (Or Gift Set) For Various Amounts


With this Yoga Gift Card, choose a yoga class gift voucher for amounts between $11 and $195.

When you fill out the gift card, you set the amount the gift card is for.

Send it with a personalised message, at a date you choose.

If you wish, make up a gift set by adding a physical or online yoga gift. Below we outline some suggestions you how to assemble that sort of yoga gift set.

If you want to get on with buying and sending the Gift Card right now, it just takes a minute to send the card right now, to arrive when you choose.

OR, read on to see how to easily assemble a yoga gift set that will be highly appreciated, and very effective for the lucky person getting the gift.

When you fill out the Gift Card, the “Amount” drop-down shows the various amounts the Gift Card can be (from $11 to $195).

The information further down this page shows the sorts of yoga class packages that various Gift Card amounts will get the lucky person receiving your gift.

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Yoga gift set of yoga classes and (optional) yoga props.

Plus many gift card & voucher options

A yoga gift set can easily be assembled from online or in-studio gift vouchers like the options below. Then, if you wish, you can add easy physical gift options of yoga props like mats, blocks, or yoga belts. If you’re just looking for gift card yoga type options, also check out what this yoga gift card offers. Plus there are many online yoga gift card options too. Give some yoga gifts Australia!

For any kind of yoga gift, or yoga gift combination, the best thing you can do to create a gift that will be highly appreciated, is to first choose high quality yoga.

Flametree’s high quality yoga, at a level that works for the particular person you have in mind, is the best yoga you’ll find.

With the gift card options Flametree offers, you can let the lucky person receiving the gift choose the yoga class package that works best for them.

For your information, some specific yoga package options, including yoga gift sets, are also below.

Then you can go ahead and easily send the package, or gift voucher, with a personalised email message, at the time you want the gift to arrive.

With this Yoga Gift Card you can send the card, with a personal message, right now (to arrive at a date you specify).

If you want to add a physical yoga item (which is entirely up to what suits you), there are cheap mats, blocks, and yoga belts at KMart stores, or KMart online. Rebel also has mats (which are a bit more expensive). Lululemon is at higher prices, but also has blocks, belts, and mats.

In addition, eBay also has a wide range of props.

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Various amounts for in-studio or online yoga gift card options

For the yoga part of your yoga gift set, just choose either this Gift Card for amounts from $11 to $195.

When you fill out this gift card, you’ll have the option to choose the specific amount that you want this yoga gift card to be.

For example, you can choose amounts that correspond with the Flametree class packages below.

The person receiving the gift can also credit the gift amount towards the package of their choice.

In other words, they don’t have to choose the same package of yoga classes that you may have been thinking would work for them.

For your assistance, we have just set out options for these typical yoga class gift vouchers.

Please notice that there are online & in-studio options, as indicated.

At the links above, you can see more about the various class packages.

Alternatively, at this link, you, as well as the person getting the gift, can see all Flametree yoga packages.

As you can see, there are also many options for an online yoga gift card.

Choose a class package, or leave it to the person getting the yoga vouchers

If you wish, you can write in your email message that you’re thinking your gift recipient could do the class you think may suit them.

For example, you could say you’ve made the Gift Card for $75, so they can do a Beginner course, online or in-studio, or both.

But they can still also choose to use the amount for some other yoga class package that suits them better.

If the person receiving the gift chooses a package that is a bit less than the amount you give, then they can still use the balance left over, at a later time.

Thanks for choosing yoga gifts Australia!

Yoga retreat gift voucher

At Flametree, the person getting the gift can also use the voucher as a yoga retreat gift voucher.

Flametree runs regular yoga retreats, workshops, and Yoga Intensives.

The person getting the gift can credit the voucher towards any of these options, whenever they choose.

In other words, the amount you give is a credit towards whatever is wanted by the person getting your gift.

If you wish, read even more about Flametree’s yoga gift vouchers.

Or, read more about the benefits of yoga, plus why and how Flametree offers you very high quality yoga.

Give yoga gifts Australia!

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Other Gift Card options are displayed below.

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