$20 Gift card


$20 Gift card


Easy $20 yoga voucher gift, with message.

Send it with a personalised message, at a date you choose.

Just quickly fill in the details below and you’re done.

Or read on below, for more about a gift that will be highly appreciated, and very effective for the lucky person getting the gift.

Or see Flametree’s other yoga gift vouchers. including Gift Cards with different gift amounts. 

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Yoga classes gift via a yoga gift certificate for $20. The gift voucher allows yoga and meditation gifts, depending on how its used. There is a personal message emailed from you with the voucher, via the personalised yoga gifts option. All together, it gives you a top yoga gift pack.

This $20 gift voucher can be used, by the lucky person getting your gift, towards whatever packages of classes at Flametree that they choose. Flametree’s many class options include yoga and meditation gifts, or a mix of both types of classes.

They can also credit the amount towards some other class package that may cost more than $20.

For personalised yoga gifts, just fill out the Gift Card above.

For your yoga gift pack, just fill out Gift Card details above.

Gift card for any package of classes chosen by the person getting the gift

The person receiving the gift card goes to the Flametree website. Once there, they buy a yoga class or package of yoga classes.

In the process, they create a student account.

They then redeem the gift card code. (So it works a bit like a coupon code).

In other words, the gift voucher is a credit against a future purchase, whenever the person getting the gift chooses to start or re-start yoga.

It’s a pre-paid, multi-purpose gift voucher

The Gift Card lets you buy and send a prepaid, multi-purpose gift card.

So when Flametree gets an order for a gift card that you have bought, a unique gift card code of equal value is created. Then it’s sent to the recipient of the gift voucher that you have chosen.

As a result, the lucky owner of the new gift card can:

  • Pay for classes by entering the code when they checkout from Flametree’s online store or list of packages.
  • Add the gift card to their Flametree account for later.

To go right ahead, just fill out Gift Card details above.

Choose the best yoga studio

Obviously, you want to be sure that you are giving a quality gift.

With a yoga voucher, that means giving a voucher from a studio that has top yoga.

That’s what you get with Flametree Yoga.

Flametree teaches the internationally recognised Iyengar yoga style.

It’s taught in at least 5 levels of training, so it’s available at a level that the students finds easy, but sufficiently challenging.

There’s also a wide range of special focus classes, like Backcare Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Fifty Plus Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga for Immune System. (For more, see the “Class Types” tab at Flametree Yoga.)

If you wish, read more about the benefits of yoga, plus why and how Flametree offers you very high quality yoga.

Or, read even more about Flametree’s yoga gift vouchers. especially Gift Cards with different amounts.

For your yoga gift pack, just fill out Gift Card details above.

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