Iyengar yoga online, & in the studio, is taught at Flametree. It’s also called the Iyengar yoga style. Iyengar yoga classes online are taught in LIVE classes, as well as in Flametree’s two Darwin yoga studios. Many other on-demand Iyengar yoga style classes are then available in its library of video classes.

The Iyengar yoga style is a highly respected method of doing and learning all yoga poses.

Iyengar Yoga online

Some benefits of Iyengar Yoga online or in-studio

One key focus of Iyengar yoga is getting into poses in a manner that will get you the maximum benefit from the position. If you are not in a pose, in a way in that triggers the release of hormones from your glands, you are not able to get the full benefit of the pose.

Over 75 years ago, Mr. BKS Iyengar created what became known as Iyengar yoga. It is a method of yoga that has its roots firmly based on the traditional 8 limbs of yoga taught by Patanjali over 2500 years ago. Yoga is a practice that seeks to quieten the minds of all who practice it.

Because of being rooted in traditional yoga, Iyengar is sometimes also called modern, classical yoga.

Through the practice of asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breath meditation), Iyengar yoga seeks to deepen the practitioner’s awareness of their body and their mind. The objective is unlock the full potential of the individual. It also aims to restore the mind to a state of peace and balance.

How Iyengar Yoga style classes are taught

In an Iyengar yoga class you can expect detailed instructions from the teacher. Poses are demonstrated and instructions given on how to work in the pose. Both verbal and visual instructions help students gain a greater understanding of the postures and of themselves.

Props are used, like belts, blocks, bolsters sandbags, benches, chairs. Props bring greater understanding of the postures and improve self-awareness. The props help everyone, no matter their physical capability.

In an Iyengar yoga class, students are encouraged to work to their own capacity, whatever that may be.

The Iyengar method teaches the asana (postures) and Pranayama in a very systematic manner. Gradually your body is strengthened, and made more flexible. Plus your mind is opened to new ways of being. Your mind is also quietened and helped to concentrate.

Beginner Iyengar yoga

When new to yoga you would start in an Iyengar Beginner class.  Beginners first learn to practise by doing standing poses. These are the poses that help to build strength, flexibility and stability. They work to tone and strengthen the whole body. An experienced teacher would guide you week by week through the beginner syllabus. When ready to move the teacher will usually suggest that it is time to move onto the next level.

In all Iyengar yoga classes you will find all movement made by the body, is connected to your breath.  The breath helps focus and settle the mind, and it allows you to go deeper into each pose. You will also be made aware of alignment of your limbs and spine.

When attention is given to placing your limbs correctly this will help the flow of energy through the whole body. It will quieten your nervous system, ensure that the full benefit of each poses can be obtained, and it will help calm the mind.

In Iyengar Yoga classes you will also find that the sequence of poses that are taught in each class, changes from class to class. The sequences depend on the teacher’s intent, on the time of day of each class, and on the weather.

Beginner Iyengar students at Flametree. 2 weeks FREE in the beginner course or week to week deal. Online or In-Studio

Iyengar yoga style poses

The length of time that each pose is held also varies, depending on the experience of the students, and the type of class. Beginner level students hold poses for shorter timings.

Within each class there will be a mix of active poses designed to strengthen and stimulate the nervous system and passive poses. The passive poses will be held for longer timings (using supports like bolsters and chairs), to help rejuvenate the body and quieten the nervous system.

Through regular practice of yoga you can achieve very positive effects in all aspects of your life.  Yoga is a journey towards self- awareness. Slowly the body becomes stronger, the mind and your emotions become calm, and feelings of peace and happiness grow within.

Flametree Iyengar Yoga Darwin

Because Flametree teaches in the Iyengar style, it includes some form of inverted poses in most of its classes. This includes the Iyengar Darwin in-studio classes, as well as all Iyengar online and on-demand classes.

Inverted poses, are taught to a much greater extent than is common in other yoga traditions. The outcome for you, as a student, is that you can steadily build up to the use of headstands and shoulder-stands as part of your regular practise.

Beginners are not taught headstand, or other inverted poses.

Only preparatory poses for such positions are taught in beginner Iyengar yoga. The next level of training, after the beginner level, teaches you inversions.

Chris Lalor, Certified Iyengar Senior Teacher

Chris Lalor, the founder of Flametree, is a certified Senior Iyengar teacher. Several other teachers are also certified Iyengar teachers. In the Iyengar method, the teachers are the most highly trained yoga teachers of any of the styles of yoga.

Flametree teaches in five levels, so as to ensure an appropriate balance of ease and challenge. Teachers use a compassionate approach, with lots of individual customisation and guidance as needed. The primary objective is to ensure that people get regular and powerful benefits from their yoga practice.

Chris has been teaching Iyengar yoga in Darwin for over 25 years. She now teaches LIVE online Iyengar yoga across Australia and beyond. Here is a link to more about Flametree teachers.

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Beginner Iyengar students at Flametree. 2 weeks FREE in the beginner course or week to week deal. Online or In-Studio

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