In-Studio & Free Online Yoga Classes For Beginners, Worked For Sam P.

Sam’s story of moving from a running injury, & stiffness, to yoga

I had always been the type of person going from one activity to the next. I thought that a good run, or game of sport, meant that I had worked out. What did it matter if I couldn’t touch my toes? What could free online yoga classes for beginners ever offer me.

Even after trying to stretch, did it matter if my hamstrings were still really tight?

No matter how damn hard I tried, I couldn’t bend forward without feeling my concrete hamstrings, and that was that.

Nevertheless, there it was. I found out that stiffness was the very clear source of my lower back pain.

It’s partly about what is called the fascia the makes up key parts of your body.

New research now even shows that stretching helps heart disease, via the impact on your fascia.

But I’ll leave it to a yoga teacher to tell you more about that.

Not knowing what I didn’t know!

I was intrigued by yoga, but just hadn’t made the time to try it.

My view of exercise was that it was only about keeping me in shape.

To my uninitiated self, yoga was perceived simply as a method of stretching and meditating.

Oh how wrong I was!

My running career started losing pace as I nursed a knee injury.

Runner’s knee they call it. How lovely that is! The name of any injury specifically dedicated to a sport.

I was frustrated at my body for not healing quickly enough. Without exercise my mind raced and became agitated.

It was time to try yoga.

Trying out beginner yoga

But where to start? Was I a step even before a beginner!

I saw the beginners’ package at Flametree Yoga Studio. I took solace in the fact that if yoga and my concrete hamstrings didn’t get along, I could try something else.

At the start of Flametree’s beginner course, I stood with bowed arms, arched back, computer shoulders and legs that wouldn’t cooperate.

Plus I had a mind that wouldn’t settle, or be calm.

Our kind (and very patient!) teachers continually told me to ‘straighten those legs’, ‘clip the shoulders in’, ‘chest up, look up’, and ‘roll the upper arm out’.

I am so thankful for the Iyengar yoga method of teaching poses in sequences of poses.

This style of yoga also makes sure that the poses are done correctly, without racing to get to the final pose.

It was a challenge, but one I am so grateful for sticking with it.

Understanding some instructions, like how to ‘roll the upper arm out’, was something that didn’t actually click until months later. It was one of the many light bulb moments.

I got so much more than just physical skills

Yoga, whether online or in-studio, is a practice in which you must be patient with yourself, both your mind and your body.

Now, one and a half years into practising yoga, the impossible is actually achievable. I’m also continually learning.

First, I can do physical things like touching my toes.

Secondly, I am able to focus my mind clearly and fully on the poses that I am trying to achieve.

Life skills from in-studio or online yoga classes for beginners

I no longer get angry at myself when I’m not able to balance. Nor do I analyse my performance after the class.

Instead, I’ve learnt to become patient with myself. I know now that I need to listen to my body.

Instead of getting to the result as quickly as possible, I take the time to do the pose correctly.

I found that results will come before you even realise it.

Along my journey, I’ve found that the lessons I’ve learnt practising yoga are relevant to the rest of my life.

I now have physical evidence that patience pays off.

Now that I can touch my toes, there’s no stopping me.

With Flametree’s online yoga classes for beginners, it’s easier

Online yoga classes for beginners make it even easier to do enough classes each week to make rapid and ongoing improvements.

I can do yoga in the Flametree studios in Darwin, or online, or both.

Some packages are just online classes, others are just for in-studio classes, and some are for a combination.

Try yoga for beginners, via online classes, or in the studio, or both.

See if yoga works for you.

Deals for LIVE & free online yoga classes for beginners, & other options

In the deals at the links below, you get beginner yoga at $3-4 a class, plus up to 2 weeks free.

The in-studio classes are at Flametree’s two studios in Darwin. Australia.

There’s a money back guarantee in the first paid week of the LIVE online & in-studio packages, after the 2 week’s free.

At this link, get more beginner yoga information, and a list of all beginner packages.

See if you agree with Sam P.

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