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 Best Fitness Gym Palmerston NT Has.

At Palmerston, Flametree has 2 yoga fitness classes a week. Sat 8am & Mon 6pm.

Here’s the story of how I (Dave) got fit, flexible, toned, calm, & free of worry.

Here’s why I (Dave, a Flametree student & psychiatrist), use yoga fitness classes at Flametree, instead of going to a Palmerston gym, or wherever. For the best type of gym Palmerston NT has (or even for far beyond), try Flametree’s yoga fitness Palmerston classes, or do it at other Flametree Palmerston locations, or both.

After dabbling in the wild fury of squash, I (Dave) took up distance running, at 40. Over the next 15 years, I completed half a dozen marathons, and innumerable half-marathons.

My genetics, and the relentless impact of feet on road or grass, predicted serious damage to my knees. So, unfortunately, the mindful “runner’s high” became but a memory.

What was I to do? Being inactive is a near impossibility, and cycling, though fun and maybe a sensible replacement for running, somehow lacked the mindfulness I needed. (I think hyper-alertness to mad drivers “drove” my thinking on this!).

Tai chi was fun and appealed to the rhythm sense, but it seemed to not keep muscles as taut and toned as I wished.

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Palmerston gym style group fitness classes

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Kim, one of my teachers at Flametree yoga fitness Palmerston classes. Handstand is an example of a a yoga inversion where you overcome your fears. It can be learnt in do-able stages. It also builds strength & balance. Here’s a short story about Kim, a Territorian, & a tiny video of her yoga.

My first attempt at yoga fitness

A Flametree Yoga advert for Beginners Yoga suggested another option. So, I began their yoga fitness classes.

For instance, I soon learnt that headstands were a recipe for my own pain and discomfort (at least at the stage I was at). But, in contrast, hanging upside down in a yoga sling was do-able and invigorating. (In other words, in my early yoga, I was shown some easier ways to get the various benefits of yoga).

Of course, there was far more to yoga classes than headstands, and for a while, I looked forward to a couple of classes a week.

In each class, I was guided through 15-20 yoga postures. The classes started with more vigorous moving poses that sometimes called cardio yoga. Then we moved into poses to calm us down. In their various ways, all of the poses built strength, flexibility, focus, and the many other other yoga benefits.

But then work and study intervened. So, I stopped what turned out to be just my first attempt at yoga.

Time passed and joints stiffened, tendons shortened, and irritability increased.

But a professional fascination with the complex interplay of mind and body was a constant reminder of the benefits of exercise, sleep, good diet, social engagement, and mindfulness. (I had gotten all those things from my first yoga sojourn).

Easy way to build core

Chris demonstrates way to lift her whole weight

Yoga delivered flexibility, balance, toned muscles, & peace of mind

Once again, an advert from Flametree’s yoga gym Palmerston reminded me of the teachers and teaching I had enjoyed. So, I began again to learn the poses and practices that Flametree teaches, as well as something of yoga philosophy.

Now, a few years later, I have progressed to an intermediate stage in the journey. On the one hand, that knee will still not straighten, and one shoulder rotates to 45 degrees and stops.

But, for instance, I can now turn my head and back to look behind. That’s a useful novelty after many years of stiffness and rotational impairment.

I still can’t remember most of the names of the poses (although the relaxing “Legs-Up-The-Wall” yoga pose is an exception).

In addition, I occasionally become left-right confused. But then, so do some of my teachers!

More importantly, my muscles are toned, my balance is impressive, and my mental equanimity is a savior in these times of plague. They’re just some of the many yoga benefits that I’ve steadily come to love.

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At its Palmerston classes at Gray Hall, Flametree has 2 yoga fitness classes a week. Sat 8am & Mon 6pm.

 Turn up as a casual, or get an a half price 10 pack.

gym in Palmerston

Fitness for all at Flametree’s 3 locations in Woolner, Casuarina, and it’s yoga gym Palmerston.

My Flametree fitness journey continues

Have I mastered the art of yoga? No, but new yoga skills certainly keep arriving.

For example, in a small class, I got some extra personal attention and guidance in what it meant to “soften the front of the right thigh”, as well as how to coordinate positions of multiple bits of my body. I found I could do it all at the same time, without my brain exploding!

Though now I’m a little more elegantly and accurately posed, I’m far from perfect. But I get it’s work in progress.

My conclusion, and why Flametree Yoga is important to me, is that I now understand “the pose is for the ego, and the journey is for the mind, body and soul”. In other words, no matter where I’m at with yoga poses, they still give me heaps of benefits for both the mind and body. 

Flametree’s Palmerston fitness deals include a FREE first class, & more

Thank you to Dave, from us at Flametree, for his story of his yoga journey.

So, try Flametree’s free first class at any time, or do the upcoming Yoga Beginners Introduction.

You can do the free first class at any time, because Beginner level classes run continually.

That means you can wait for the Beginner Introduction, or just use the free class, or one of the other beginner passes below.

If you only want one beginner class a week, then the online or in-studio ten class pass is a good option. At the link, you’ll see that if you’re a newcomer to Flametree, you can also get your first ten pass for HALF price.

But if you’d like two or more classes a week, then the pay by the week online option is cheapest.  It also starts with the two week FREE trial.

Learn more about the beginner course deals and beginner timetable, including FREE two week trial options.

Get Half OFF Flametree’s Yoga Beginners 10 pass class (with 2 more FREE).

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Palmerston gym style group fitness classes

HALF price & other top deals at the best type of gym Palmerston NT has

yoga studio reviews

Chris Lalor, the Senior Teacher at Flametree, is another fitness trainer, & accredited teacher.

Yoga student testimonials about Flametree’s yoga gym Palmerston classes

Here’s a collection of the many short and very positive reviews of Flametree by other students.

On the Flametree Facebook Page, and it’s Google page, you’ll also find detailed posts from many students about the very wide range of benefits of yoga that they received.

There are also many extensive stories by Flametree teachers and students, about their yoga fitness journey.

For instance, here’s what have proven to be a popular testimonial stories by Belinda, by Stuart, by Gary, and by Miriam.

Or check out the short story about Kim, one or the teaches at Flametree’s yoga gym Palmerston fitness classes. Her story is with this tiny video of her yoga.

Last, for many tiny examples of both easy and advanced examples of what you can learn, check out Flametree’s Tiktok or YouTube pages.

Flametree’s yoga gym Palmerston class times & types

Here are class times for beginners and non-beginners.

The classes are all standard, introductory hatha yoga poses.

The Palmerston classes are on at 8am Saturday, and 6pm on Monday, at Gray Hall, on the corner of Essington Avenue & Victoria Drive, in Gray.

There’s also options, including Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Back (& Neck & Shoulders), and Easy Restorative Yoga.

These last three classes can also be further adapted for ongoing conditions, any disability, or issues arising from trauma. (For those on NDIS, yoga classes can be part of your NDIS plan. Try NDIS yoga.)

At the non-beginner level, there’s extra options like Yoga For Immune System, Fifty Plus Yoga, and more advanced levels.

At its Palmerston classes at Gray Hall, Flametree has 2 yoga fitness classes a week. Sat 8am & Mon 6pm.

 Turn up as a casual, or get an a half price 10 pack.

Kim from Flametree Yoga Palmerston

Kim, a Flametree teacher, demonstrates a beginner pose with blocks. The sooner your start at our yoga gym Palmerston, the better it will work for you.

Flametree’s fitness centre, & weight loss program

By the way, Flametree is in Palmerston, Northern Territory, rather than Palmerston North in New Zealand.

Flametree’s yoga gym Palmerston is about 15 minutes from downtown Darwin.

If you know Palmerston, Flametree’s fitness facilities are just north of central Palmerston (where you may have seen places like Quest Palmerston).

Flametree also has private classes. They are similar to using a personal trainer for personal training.

At Flametree classes, whatever your fitness level, you can work at your own pace with various exercise programmes.

The free trials, from a class to a full 2 weeks, are a great reason to get started with implementing your personal fitness goals.

Each class gives you at least an hour access to great teaching and guidance.

If you plan on making fast progress, the membership options that let you do more classes, are even less per class.

In addition you can integrate your classes with Flametree’s weight loss program. With the program, as you’ll see, you won’t need expensive daily meal plans.

So Flametree is a great place for your fitness journey, and a truly next level gym.

Whatever your fitness levels, start a fitness program

Whether you are in the Palmerston area, nearby, or far away, Flametree’s classes will help you build a healthy life.

Flametree’s energetic group trainers and teachers, and other friendly staff, will give you everything you should expect from all group fitness instructors.

Many Palmerston residents have already found Flametree’s experienced educators to be a great way to maintain and build healthy habits.

At classes, you’ll learn functional movement options that you can also use at home for even just a 10 or 15 minute workout.

From our Palmerston fitness classes, you’ll also get benefits like better mental health, a greater sense of community, and better overall health.

Flametree’s classes are the best fitness Palmerston has, because you get leisure experiences, a range of health outcomes, high intensity exercise in the right amounts, and the best wellbeing outcomes you’ll find.

So, try Flametree’s approach to functional training.

Best yoga gym Palmerston has

At its Palmerston classes at Gray Hall, Flametree has 2 yoga fitness classes a week. Sat 8am & Mon 6pm.

 Turn up as a casual, or get an a half price 10 pack.

One option to get started is the quick, 2-class Yoga Beginners Introduction (or Mini-Course). The Introduction, (on 2 Sundays) is in our Woolner studio, but then you can continue at our yoga gym Palmerston location, online, or wherever. (By the way, this link will also give you a third off the Beginner Introduction.)

Many students also do some classes in Palmerston, and some in Woolner (just off the Tiger Brennan expressway).

For example, some students also want to attend Flametree’s Special Focus classes in Woolner, such as Gentle Yoga, or Back, Neck, & Shoulder Yoga.

A Flame Tree Yoga Gym Darwin Beginner level yoga class can also be started at any time. To so this, many students start with a casual pass or a HALF price 10 class pass.

With the pay-by-the-week pass, there’s also a two week free trial.  This pass is cheapest if you do 2 or more classes a week. You need a credit or debit card, but unless you continue after the trial, you pay zero.

Follow the relevant links to learn more about all of the most popular of Flametree’s beginner yoga deals.

Some students also start with a private class or two, and then move onto regular online or in-studio classes.

So get fit, strong and flexible at the best gym Palmerston fitness option in your local area.

Get Half OFF Flametree’s Yoga Beginners 10 pass class (with 2 more FREE).

Free 1st class at Flametree’s Palmerston gym style group fitness classes

HALF price & other top deals at the best type of gym Palmerston NT has

Facebook Page for Flametree

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