Iyengar Yoga Darwin Reservations At Flametree

Iyengar yoga darwin

Iyengar Yoga Darwin Reservations At Flametree

Reservations for most NON-BEGINNER classes:

To reserve a class, the easiest option is to scroll down to the bottom of this page. Then, you’ll see each NON-BEGINNER class listed in the Flametree Punchpass reservations app.

So it’s easy. Just click on the class you want to book.

Totally new students will be prompted to make a free Punchpass booking app account.

But if you’re a continuing student, just sign in and reserve your classes.

In addition, a few classes are combined beginner and non-beginner. In that case, the links on the timetable in the app will direct you.

After you’ve reserved on online class, you’ll be emailed the Zoom link for the class.

As well as this, you can also reserve non-beginner classes by going direct to https://flametreeroom1.punchpass.com/   

After you’ve got a pass, and reserved a class, enjoy Iyengar yoga Darwin with Flametree Studio.

Get a pass, then reserve a class

If you still need to get a yoga pass, then you’ll see the most popular yoga passes by following these links.

New & lapsed non-beginner deals, including 30 days online unlimited for $14.95 (AUD)

Beginner deals, including unlimited online for $9.95 weekly (AUD)

Non-beginners reserving ONLINE Gentle Yoga, Back Neck & Shoulder Yoga, or Easy Restorative Yoga

All Flametree classes are both online and in-studio (in Darwin, Australia).

You’ll see the directions to them in the Punchpass reservations app timetable below.

As well, most online non-beginner classes are in (virtual) Room 1.

However, there are just a few online non-beginner classes that are in (virtual) Room 2. The timetable in the app below will direct you to these.

However, if you wish, you can also go direct to virtual Room 2 for the non-beginner classes listed below.

So please reserve the online versions of the following classes via Flametree Online Room 2. You’ll also find them via the Room 2 reservation links below.

WEDNESDAY 7pm Back Neck & Shoulders (Online version)

You join online via https://flametreeroom2.punchpass.com

Gentle Yoga (Online version). FRIDAY 10.15 AM or SUNDAY 11.15AM

You join online via flametreeroom2. punchpass.com

SATURDAY 4pm Easy Restorative Class (for the online version of it). 

Reserve a class and join via https://flametreeroom2.punchpass.com


You can see the non-beginner timetable on the reservations app below, or on the non-beginner timetable on the Flametree site.

It will also link you to the Beginner Timetable.

We have weekly classes for all levels, from beginner through to intermediate and advanced. Please reserve a spot in any yoga class you do.

If needed, get more on how to reserve classes

At the easy reservations app below, you’re likely to be able to just follow the prompts. 

If you need it, here are further detailed instructions, and a video, on how to reserve a class.

How to cancel a class

If you need to cancel a class, please see the box out on the right of this page.

Please remember to cancel classes you can’t attend.

We find classes are sometimes booked out, but the “no shows” means there are spaces available.

In the meantime, other students have missed out on using those spaces

Reservation or passes for most BEGINNER classes

If you are a beginner, get a pass or reserve your classes via the links below.

List of all beginner deals & passes.

Beginner reservations.

The full non-beginner (Room 1) timetable is immediately below.

Flametree Iyengar Yoga Darwin & LIVE Online Timetable.

Completed your (optional) Health Form?

As a student of Flametree Iyengar Yoga Darwin, it helps to provide us with your relevant medical history. If you are new to Flametree Yoga or have not previously completed the form, please complete this confidential form here.

Not able to attend an Iyengar yoga Darwin  class?

No problem…but please cancel the reservation so others can then attend.

There are 2 ways to cancel your reservation:
1) log into your Punchpass account below. In here you will see a list of your upcoming reservations. To cancel, simply select the ‘cancel’ option to the right of your class
2) Every time you make a reservation with Punchpass, you will receive an email confirmation. On this confirmation is a link to ‘click here to cancel this reservation’.