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Half Price Meditation At Darwin, Or Online

Looking for “breathwork classes near me”? Get a half price 10 pack for breathwork classes. It’s a guided meditation, that’s also known as mindfulness meditation, or pranayama. So, try the best breathwork training Australia has. It’s both online and in-studio (at Woolner, Darwin NT).

There’s nothing closer, or more convenient, than online classes. Best of all, online meditation works brilliantly.

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Get the best breathwork training Australia has.

  1. Get any mix of up to 2 breathwork meditation classes a week.
  2. So, that’s each breathwork class at $7.50 each.
  3. Plus, with the 4 free video classes, it’s 14 X $5.36 a class.
  4. And, there’s total flexibility about when you attend.
  5. Helps with energy, anxiety, stress, focus, sleep, & more.
  6. As outlined below, learn the major breath meditation techniques.
  7. As part of this, get ongoing guidance via LIVE online or studio teaching.
  8. Also, it helps mindful eating. (If that’s for you, see more below).

* Remember, the deal is for any new or current students who’ve not been to our pranayama breathwork classes in the last 4 weeks. But, it’s once only.

Most importantly, the discount must be used within a month of getting it. However, once you’ve bought the passes, you’ve 3 months to use them.

Get 50% Off A Breathwork 10 Class Pass

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Here are 10 HALF price beginner classes to use for any breathwork (guided meditation) class at our Woolner Darwin location, & online.

This 10 pack is usually $150 ($15 each). Instead, you get 10 in-studio or online classes, for just $7.50 each ($75 in total).

4 FREE classes

Plus, get a BONUS of 4 FREE video classes, if you buy within 7 days of asking us for the discount code.

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After that, use the half price code to get the pass. Most importantly, come to any mix of 2 breathwork classes in Woolner NT, or online.

Twice a week, the breathwork class is at 6.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If needed, see the times in your local time, when you scroll down at the timetable on our site.

Get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

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Best breathwork class deal. A total of 14 at $5.36 each!

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Breathwork classes at Woolner Darwin NT location

Flametree breathwork classes are in-studio at 19 Bishop Street, Woolner, NT (see location here), or LIVE online via Zoom. It’s a very central Darwin location, just 3km from the CBD.

In addition, many attend online, because it convenient, and works powerfully well.

Your ZOOM online breathwork class link arrives as soon as you reserve a class.

So, grab this deal at less than $7.50 a class!

4-Class bonus if you buy within 7 days

Best of all, buy within 7 days & get 4 additional, FREE LIVE breathwork classes.

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Summary of how to get started

Once you’ve bought the pass, you may reserve classes as you go, using the link on your receipt.

But, for in-studio classes, you can JUST GO TO 19B Bishop St, Woolner, NT, 10 minutes before class time.

However, if you’re attending online, make a class reservation, & a ZOOM link will be sent to you.

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Get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

Meditation (Via Breath) 10 Pass


Meditation (Via Breath) 10 Pass


Get 10 breath meditation classes online or in-studio (aka pranayama). Classes are with Flametree’s in-studio and online teacher. Below, there are half price & free class option too.

To buy, just choose the number of passes you want, and press “Add To Cart”.

Half price meditation 10 pack for new or lapsed

If you’re new to breath meditation, or have not been to our breath meditation classes for a month, then you can get your first breathwork (breath meditation) 10 pack at HALF price.

With the half price deal, you also get 4 FREE video classes.

They give you an introduction to the 4 main breathwork breathing techniques.

To use any of these breathwork or meditation passes, we recommend that you’ve done about 3 months of yoga. (It calms your mind & strengthens your spine).

Non-beginner yoga & meditation 10 packs

If you’re already a yoga non-beginner of any type, then you can start these breath meditation classes immediately, with or without doing yoga as well.

Plus, if you’re new to Flametree, or lapsed, then you can use one of our HALF price 10 pack deals (including concession or online only options). Go to the link, or see more below.

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Want the best “meditation teacher near me”? Find a meditation online teacher or teachers, via our studio & online teacher deal. Top yoga meditation classes option.

Breath meditation is also known as pranayama.

With this pass, you can attend any mix of Flametree’s 2 breath meditation classes a week (at 6.30am Tuesday and Thursday in the local time of Darwin NT, Australia).

Other than having 3 months of yoga, there are no other prerequisites. The 3 months of yoga will help your breathing and spinal strength.

However, as you can see from the pictures below, in order to do breath meditation, you can also sit in chairs, or lie over blankets.

yoga meditation classes near me

Easy way to sit for breath meditation. If you want to find a meditation teacher, then Flametree offers the best meditation teachers, and deals. So, use this top package to give it a try.

What students say about Flametree’s Meditation Teacher options & deals

If you’re still not sure about yoga meditation classes, check out genuine reviews of what customers say about their classes at Flametree.

In addition, see the wide range of benefits they say they have received from either an online teacher or in-the-studio yoga meditation classes at Flametree.

New or lapsed yoga pass options

If you’re a new or lapsed yoga beginner, start with a HALF OFF beginner yoga 10 pass pack (& 2 FREE classes).

2 FREE Yoga Classes & 10 HALF off: Beginner Newcomers (including lapsed 6 mths plus).

NON-Beginner Yoga Newcomer & other HALF price 10 pass deals (including lapsed 6 mths plus).

By the way, if you’re a yoga non-beginner, you can of course immediately attend our breath meditation classes.

Plus, the half price non-beginner 10 pack (above), can be used for either yoga and / or meditation classes.

If you need it, here is the non-beginner yoga and meditation time table, including in your local time.

find a meditation teacher online or studio

Get started with getting these meditation benefits in your life.

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Need more information before you buy, or get discount code? No problem.

For instance, take a look at the full description of this 10 pack of pranayama breathwork classes.

Then, come back here to get the half off 10 pack.

breathwork classes near me

Help with mindful eating is just one of the many benefits you can get from the best breathwork classes Australia has. The type of mindful meditation techniques outlined below, underpin mindful eating. Plus, see further below.

Types of breathwork techniques you’ll learn

The types of breathwork meditation techniques you’ll learn and practise at Flametree, include those in the dot points below.

As you may know, among other things, breathwork is also called:

  1. pranayama, or iyengar pranayama
  2. mindful meditation, or mindfulness meditation
  3. guided meditation, or
  4. breath meditation.

But, they all boil down to learning the major techniques of ancient practices developed by yogi’s in India.

Over millennia, they discovered and refined what worked best.

So, in these breathwork classes you’ll learn, and practise, a mix of breath meditation, and sound meditation, or both, using these techniques:

  • Alternate Nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
  • so-called Bumble Bee Breath (Bhramari)
  • Ocean Breath (Ujjayi)
  • Staircase Breath (Viloma)
  • Anuloma & Pratiloma pranayama.

In addition, within each of the techniques listed above, you’ll learn and practise several variations, mudras (hand additions such as in the video below), and other enhancements.

Accredited breath work teacher

In some circles, such breathing techniques are also known as Iyengar pranayama. In this regard, some of the techniques used, such as doing pranayama lying down, were developed by Mr BKS Iyengar.

These days, a more modern term for all these breathing techniques is breathwork.

The classes are taught by Christine Lalor. As well as being a yoga teacher, she’s an accredited pranayama breathwork teacher. She has at least 25 years of doing breathwork, and teaching it.

Yoga also helps

If you’ve never done breathwork, and are a beginner at yoga, we suggest you also do some yoga, and / or do Flametree’s breathwork introduction video course.

Yoga is helpful because it further quietens the chatter of the mind, helps mindfulness, and also develops more strength in the spine.

So, depending on your own experience and preferences, you can just buy this breath meditation 10 pass now, and start the classes as soon as you like.

If you’re ready to start, get this special HALF price meditation discount code and get 50% off the current price

Plus, get the FREE classes if you act quickly after getting the discount code.

Alternatively, for more details, contact us, or reach out via the CHAT / Messenger button on this page.

Pranayama video about Bumble Bee Breath (Bhramari)

Getting started at the best breathwork training Australia has

The best way to start is simply get a pass. Then, attend your first class.

At the studio, Flametree provides mats, chairs, bolsters, and other props you’ll use. All you need is comfortable clothes.

So, just turn up 10-15 minutes before the class starts, and check in with the teacher.

If you’re looking for “breathwork classes near me”, just get a half price 10 pack for breathwork classes for the best breathwork training Australia has.

No matter where you are, there’s nothing closer or more convenient than online.

Best of all, online works brilliantly.

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Breathwork classes near me & best breathwork training Australia

Some more of the many benefits of the best breathwork training Australia has.

Top breathwork classes in a supportive environment

As mentioned, Flametree is just 3 kilometres from the Darwin CBD. That is to say, it’s between the Stuart Highway, and the Tiger Brennan expressway. So, it’s easily accessible from all over Darwin.

Plus, Flametree is fully airconditioned. But, it also has safe and sufficient ventilation, with fully monitored air quality.

It’s all part of why you’ll be getting the best breathwork training Australia has.

Get the discount code for this special HALF price offer.

breathwork classes

Breathwork classes can be done sitting cross legged, or in a chair, or lying down. You’ll learn all such variations.

Low-cost yoga classes with many benefits

Flametree’s breathwork classes are the best form of pranayama for any any age, gender, or fitness level.

So, come to 19 Bishop St., Woolner, or online, and try it for yourself.

breathwork training australia

Doing breathwork classes in a chair. Any straight-backed kitchen chair will work well.

Waist management is easier with breathwork classes

​Flametree’s yoga and breathwork classes are also one of the best places to manage the waist.

It’s because they both reduce stress, and increase mindfulness. Among other things, that gives you much greater ability to implement mindful eating practices.

For example, see this recent review from a current Flametree student. She says:

“… I’ve learned to adopt a more mindful approach to movement and food choices, and have reduced a lot in the process.”(Kelly)

If you wish, check out other Flametree Yoga Darwin city and regions reviews.

Flametree’s breathwork classes deliver

The best way to prove it will work for you, is to get this super low cost deal.

Remember the old adage, the proof is in the pudding. These classes are so affordable, you’ll have the time to learn it, and see the many benefits.

If you’re ready to start, get this special HALF price offer and get 50% off the current price.

Or, for more details, contact us, or reach out via the CHAT / Messenger button on this page.

Try the best breathwork classes Australia has.
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