Meditation And Mindfulness Retreat (Including Some Very Easy Yoga)

Cheap Meditation And Mindfulness Retreat, Bali, Indonesia | Asia, July August 2024.

Yoga mindful meditation retreat Winter | Australia region | 7 days.

Plus, what to wear to a meditation retreat, & other useful FAQs on retreats.

If you’re searching for a mindfulness meditation retreat Asia, or mindfulness meditation retreat Bali, then check out Flametree’s mindfulness meditation yoga retreat deal. It’s a top yoga meditation retreat Indonesia, cheap. It’s also a great alternative if you want a meditation retreat Brisbane, or meditation retreat Melbourne, or wherever. So, check out our Bali Indonesia meditation retreats option. With our dates, it also works if you’re searching for a meditation retreat July 2024, or meditation retreat August 2024. For a start, see what to wear to a meditation retreat, or the answers to other retreat popular FAQs.

At any point, use the orange links to learn more details of the upcoming Flametree retreat (or later ones), or secure your spot with deposit.

Bali 7-day packages available now

mindfulness meditation bali asia and beyond

The pool at one of the two resort venues, with the dining room in the background. If you’ve been considering a meditation retreat Brisbane, or meditation retreat Melbourne, or for wherever, then please consider this mindfulness meditation retreat Bali package. See more below.

Meditation mindfulness retreat post contents

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this post.

  • FAQs on mindfulness meditation retreat issues
  • Basic details of Flametree’s mindfulness and meditation retreat
  • Benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • How your brain waves are impacted by mindful meditation retreats
  • Types of techniques you’ll learn at Flametree’s upcoming winter meditation retreat. (Southern hemisphere winter).
  • Certified mindfulness meditation teacher details
  • Why mindfulness meditation retreat Asia options are better value than mindfulness meditation Brisbane or wherever
  • Tours, activities, and free add-ons with Flametree’s yoga meditation retreat Indonesia cheap deals package
  • What to wear to a meditation retreat
  • Cost of Flametree’s meditation retreat July 2024 packages
  • More on why Bali is an excellent meditation retreat Brisbane alternative, & the same if you’re searching or a meditation retreat Nepal.

What is a mindfulness-based retreat?

A mindfulness-based retreat uses any of mindfulness, meditation, or yoga, or any mix of them, to create mindfulness. Essentially, all these activities activate meditative states of mind, quieten your mind, de-stress, relax, generate inner peace, & more. These techniques have been proven to work & reinforce each other.

See below for more about the many other proven benefits of this type of retreats, and how they do what they do.

What to wear to a meditation retreat?

Unless there’s a special request, wear what you want to a meditation retreat, so long as it is comfortable for sitting and lying. So loose or stretchy is useful. No particular colour is normally required.

Flametree’s retreats are for normal people who just want the many meditative benefits they deliver. Whether you’re considering a meditation retreat Melbourne, or whatever, please consider the Flametree Bali Indonesia meditation retreats option, (including yoga), proven by our student reviews.

family meditation retreat

Single or double room interior at Sea Breeze resort. Non-yogic partners share for FREE.

The daily retreat schedule

In brief, you do pranayama meditation before breakfast, with time off after breakfast. Then, some active yoga before lunch (adjusted for whatever is a level suitable for you).

After lunch, there are several hours where you can rest, swim, walk, shop locally, talk with your teacher, or whatever.

After that in the late afternoon you do a mix of easy restorative yoga and pranayama meditation.

On 3 evenings, there are one hour presentations by the retreat teacher. If you wish, see the full retreat schedule.

In case you’re wondering, the yoga is used to quieten your mind so the meditation is more effective. It’s why it’s created as a Bali Indonesia meditation retreats option, including yoga.

Mindfulness meditation yoga retreat Australia region

A mindful meditation retreat Australia, or beyond, is an way to learn and practise the many scientifically proven, mindful meditation techniques. They’re also proven by millennia of practical application by people from all backgrounds. So, a retreat is a focussed opportunity to get the many benefits of mindful meditation, & the proven benefits of retreats, including relaxation, great food, delightful venue, & good company.

The content, setting and cost of the retreat are the most critical issues. That’s why Flametree’s Bali retreat is a great alternative to a meditation retreat Brisbane, or a meditation retreat Melbourne, or wherever.

Below, see even more on Flametree’s mindfulness meditation retreat Bali July 2024 (or any later ones offered), or go direct to the orange link to pay deposits.

A “bungalow” at Flametree’s Bali yoga and meditation retreat.

Bali 7-day packages available now

mindfulness meditation retreat bali

A modern, very comfortable, bungalow at Flametree’s Pondok Pisang retreat resort. It’s just metres from the beautiful seafront, and surrounded by a peaceful, tropical garden. It’s a wonderful setting for our Bali Indonesia meditation retreats.

What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

The difference between mindfulness and meditation is minimal or none! They’re powerful & delightful states of mind where certain brain waves are more dominant than normal. So, you get all the many benefits of mindfulness mediation, pranayama, & yogic techniques.

Mindfulness meditation can be learnt and practised in courses, or retreats, or both. The key to making the meditative practices work for you, is to do ideally do it at least daily.

It can also be done twice a day. But, if you can only do a 20 to 30 minute session a few times a week, then it will still give you a good amount of the benefits outlined below.

Of course, when you go on a retreat, you can both learn mindfulness meditation techniques, and intensively practice them for several days. Therefore, retreats intensify the benefits, help address any particular conditions you want, and generally have you feel wonderful.

In addition, at a mindfulness meditation retreat, you can more easily minimise normal distraction, and get guidance from a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. So, all this is part of why retreats are so effective.

Restorative yoga to help quieten your mind, de-stress, & more

meditation retreat Nepal & Brisbane alternatives

Easy restorative yoga is also used to relax and quieten your mind, and thereby assist mindful meditation practices as well. At this schedule, see the mix of pranayama meditation, yoga, and background presentations you’ll get at Flametree retreats.

How much is a meditation retreat?

Meditation retreat cost depends on length, amount & quality of teaching, package deals, location, what’s included (especially meals & accommodation options). The best deals will likely be all inclusive (except fares), offer a range of packages, & be in a cost effective, but wonderful, location.

So look for those key factors. In particular, the expertise of a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, and the mindfulness meditation techniques they teach, are critical in determining how quickly and effectively the meditative and yogic practices will work for you.

If the techniques are not working for you yet, then either you’ve not been taught correctly, or not doing it properly, or getting the right guidance, or practising the techniques enough.

Remember, mindfulness meditation and pranayama techniques are proven by millions, over millennia. Plus, scientific research, as also outlined further below, has proven their multiple benefits. So, persist, and go on a retreat to focus, and also to be able to easily access a certified mindfulness meditation teacher for daily and additional guidance.

Flametree’s deal for a 7-day mindfulness meditation retreat Bali budget package is AUD$1,395. That includes everything but fares and taxis. The deposit is $299.

Via the orange links on this page, you can also see other current packages such as for families, and even 4 star options (with non-yogic partners for FREE).

Bali 7-day packages available now

Flametree’s mindfulness and meditation retreat Bali, Asia

Flametree’s current meditation and mindfulness retreat is 6 nights and 7 days from 27 July 2024 until 2 August 2024. (If you’re looking later than this, then also check for any follow-ups Flametree may do).

It’s a mindfulness meditation retreat Bali package deal, located at two delightful, sea front resorts, just outside of Candidasa, in East Bali. (See right hand side of map below.)

Bali Indonesia meditation retreats at Candidasa, Bali


Showing Candidasa half way up the east coast of Bali. It’s secluded in a relatively traditional area of Bali, where you often can also watch Balinese ceremonies. But, there’s also plenty of other activities available. The retreat resorts are right on the seafront. So, it’s also a great meditation retreat Melbourne alternative.

Flametree has other cost effective packages from budget level, through twin shares, single rooms, families, and up to 4 star level.

Most importantly, your teacher is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher who’s been practising techniques for mindfulness meditation for 30 years. (Their certification includes both yoga and pranayama qualifications and experience).

If you wish, this easy slide presentation from a recent retreat also further outlines how the yogic and meditative practices you’ll learn and do at the retreat will deliver self discovery, transformation, and delightful mental states.

So, don’t miss Flametree’s Bali yoga and meditation retreat.

Bali Indonesia meditation retreats, with free add-ons

At the retreat, yogic practices are also used to quieten your mind, and prepare for more powerful mindfulness meditation. Its easy yoga, customised by your very experienced teacher to your individual level.

(If you’re at beginner level at yoga, there’s also 20 FREE yoga classes (online or studios), plus extra videos, included in your retreat package. They can also be started as soon as you like, or otherwise, and also used after the retreat).

But, as you’ll see in more detail on the retreat daily schedule, it’s also a mindfulness meditation yoga retreat. The 4 major mindful meditation practices you’ll learn and do, are:

This additional slide presentation from a recent retreat will give you a useful, quick overview of why and how these breath meditation techniques work to deliver mindful meditative states of mind.

Each practise is taught from introductory level. No prior experience is required.

However, as soon as you pay a deposit this mindfulness meditation retreat Asia deal, you also get a free 4 class video mindfulness meditation course, and 10 online or in-studio (Darwin) mindfulness meditation and pranayama classes. So, you can start learning now, or when you get to the retreat.

Christine Lalor’s teaching skills and experience with meditative and yogic techniques, as well as these free add-ons, are great reasons to choose a Flametree Bali retreat (if you’ve been considering a yoga and / or meditation retreat Melbourne, or a mindfulness meditation retreat Brisbane, or wherever).

See more details, or secure your place with a deposit, at the Flametree packages outline.

Mindfulness meditation retreat Asia benefits

By attending the retreat, you’ll get all the many benefits of meditation, as well as the benefits of a Bali retreat. These benefits all overlap and complement each other.

For example, the benefits of mindfulness meditation include improved performance mentally and physically, better focus, stress reduction, greater heart health, increased energy & productivity, improved learning & memory, greater compassion & inner peace, improved creativity & innovation, increased emotional & social intelligence, & more.

Mindfulness meditation yoga retreat benefits you’ll get.


Each day, you’ll get a suitable mix of mindfulness meditation and very easy yoga.

By the way, further benefits and research is also presented in a 2024 Netflix series on these matters.

In addition, if you want, here is an excellent research summary of the wide and powerful benefits of both yoga and meditation.

As mentioned, more detailed daily retreat schedule is on Flametree’s retreat Information Page. You’ll see it also includes 3 evening presentations that outline more background on how and why yogic and meditative practices work so well for you.

For instance, here is a further recent retreat slide presentation on how so-called a powerful vagal tone, and peaceful sattvic mind is generated, especially via the more regular practice opportunities you’ll get at a retreat.

Your brain at our (winter) meditation retreat

As a result of a (winter) meditation retreat, or at any other time, or whenever you’re doing plenty of meditation, some of your brain waves will become more dominant.

In turn, that generates the type of benefits outlined above, including in the sattvic mind slides linked to in the previous section.

In addition, it also reduces other states of mind that you may want reduce or eliminate, such as anxiety, panic, stress, and more.

How a meditation and mindfulness retreat affects brain waves

is pranayama good

Brain waves from meditation. Mindful meditation will increase the theta (orange), and alpha (green), brain waves, and reduce the impact of beta (blue) waves. Over time, you may also be able to increase delta brain waves (red). 

The diagram is based on decades of research on the impact of mindfulness meditation. See more in the (already mentioned) slides on mind states from meditative practices.

Bali 7-day packages available now

Reviews, FAQs, schedule, tours, & additional options

At the links below, there is also some other retreat information that may interest you. It includes:

  • Things to do on the free afternoon at the retreat, or before or after the retreat, including local cultural sites, like temples, Balinese palaces, and traditional villages. They’re great options for partners, and children, or both.
  • Family retreat self-contained cottages option.
  • Options around retreat detoxing, mindful eating, or both.
  • the beginner level deal, including 20 free classes
  • a carnivore option, including free accommodation for partners
  • the 4 star option, including non-yogic partners for free
  • how retreats help anger management
  • the many, proven benefits of retreats.
  • Some Flametree Yoga Retreat FAQs, with further useful links, including what to pack.
  • Customer reviews about our classes or retreats.

By the way, anyone with just some yoga can attend, and no meditation skills are required.

If you wish, contact us about questions, including more on why this retreat is a great meditation retreat Brisbane alternative.

See more at the links, or go direct to the deposit and payments page.

The view from the Pondok Pisang retreat venue

budget yoga retreats

The whole Pondok Pisang retreat resort is right on the water’s edge, with these decks overlooking the sea, plus sun rises, and sunsets. The stairs you see in the foreground lead down to the swimming beach and crystal clear ocean. Plus, there’s a sandy beach, which is more exposed in non high tides.

FREE add-ons with your retreat packages

In summary, Flametree’s budget yoga retreat packages gives you 5 different packages for 6 nights and 7 days at one of two magical retreat resorts that are a few hundred metres from each other.

The custom built yoga and meditation room you see in the picture below overlooks the sea at the Pondok Pisang resort.

Both venues have very comfortable, well-equipped bungalows, including their own toilets, bathrooms, porches, and air-conditioning.

They all also surrounded by beautiful, tropical gardens so as to create an immense sense of privacy and seclusion.

The Sea Breeze retreat resort, which is also shown in some of the pictures, is 4 star, and also includes 2 swimming pools. If you use this package, you can also have a non-yogic partner stay in your single room, for FREE. They just buy their own meals at the a la carte restaurant at the Sea Breeze.

Plus, all retreat packages also include:

  • A free Balinese cooking class
  • A free first massage
  • An afternoon off where you can take local tours or otherwise do what’s outlined on our retreat activities page.

A Bali Indonesia meditation retreats class

Learn more, or pay a deposit on our Bali Deals payments page.


Mindfulness meditation is taught both lying and sitting. This is in the Flametree’s Bali meditation and yoga room at Pondok Pisang. The yogic and other facilities, and value for money, is much better than meditation retreat Melbourne or elsewhere. In the picture, teacher Chris Lalor is guiding a lying meditative practice.

Price of the retreat packages

Flametree’s mindfulness meditation yoga retreat package also includes 18 delicious meals, and 30 hours of Senior Teacher instruction in yoga and mindfulness meditation (using pranayama approaches).

The instruction is made up of LIVE classes in a beautiful, custom built yoga room overlooking the sea. (See picture above).

In addition, many more details of the retreat, and all packages, are at both the Retreat Payment page, and the Retreat Information page.

Don’t miss Flametree’s meditation retreat August 2024 deal, starting from very late July.

If you’ve been considering a meditation retreat Brisbane, or meditation retreat Melbourne, or for wherever, then please consider this mindfulness meditation retreat Bali package.

Bali Indonesia meditation retreats, with rice fields nearby


On your half day off, or before or after the retreat, you can walk through rice paddies, shop, visit local cultural sites, and much more. Bali has a diversity, and beauty, that will equal anything you’ll find in a meditation retreat Melbourne, or wherever.

Learn a mindfulness practice for better daily life

Flametree’s week-long retreats are a retreat experience, including the best of what you’ll get from a silent retreat, or other yoga retreats.

As a result, those who’ve attended find they can make useful changes to their daily lives and everyday life.

​Flametree has found that longer retreats are not needed. Instead, you’ll quickly be able to live more in the present moment, as well as pursue any spiritual practice that may be important to you.

At Flametree’s affordable meditation retreats, you’ll also enjoy the wide range of outdoor activities you can do each day if you wish, along with regular meditation practice.

You’ll also be learning mindful movement, and the best of mindfulness teachings.

​Other benefits that make it one of the best meditation retreats, include

  • a supportive environment
  • safe spaces
  • as much opportunity for silent periods as you wish
  • highly experienced retreat leaders
  • daily routines where everything is done for you, including the cooking
  • better sleep from the daily practice of meditation and yoga
  • the exclusive use of the meditation and yoga room whenever you like
  • ​accessible meditation instructions by a highly trained teacher
  • additional presentations (from recent retreats, and this retreat), so as to give you a deeper understanding of your own practice
  • private rooms options at either of the 2 wonderful resorts
  • beautiful gardens to enjoy more of the natural world
  • ​vegetarian meals for detoxing, or fully vegan (with a carnivore option if you wish)

So, please consider our 7 day retreat. It’s the perfect place for transformative meditation experiences and personal growth in a mindful environment. Check out the all inclusive packages at this mindfulness meditation yoga retreat, at the various links.

Especially if you’ve been considering a meditation retreat Brisbane, or meditation retreat Melbourne, or for wherever, then please consider Flametree’s mindfulness meditation retreat Bali package.

Tour options at Flametree’s Bali Indonesia meditation retreats

yoga and meditation retreats near me

The peaceful grounds of one of the beautiful Bali royal palaces you can visit on your afternoon off. The wonder of the so-called Bali Island of the Gods, will rival any surroundings you’ll find at a meditation retreat Brisbane, or wherever.

Flametree’s retreat meditation centres in a natural environment

Flametree’s Bali residential courses give you plenty of time for whatever world of mindfulness you want to enter.

For example, they’re the perfect opportunity for:

  • a spiritual retreat of whatever type you may want
  • half days of silent meditation if that’s your preference
  • a nature meditation, even from your own delightful bungalow with many private areas
  • teacher-led retreats where you have a once or twice daily meditation session
  • simple meditations you can benefit from immediately
  • the joy of your own private chef adjusting food preferences as you wish
  • enjoying either a single bed, double bed, or twin share, via 2 separate room options.

As a result, Flametree’s retreats are powerful 7 day courses that will give you a deep connection with yourself, and whoever else you choose.

By the way, there’s no need to bring meditation cushions. Bolsters or chairs are available for each of the meditation classes on the daily schedule.

A beach near Flametree’s Bali yoga and meditation retreat.

Virgin Beach Bali

One of the many types of idyllic Bali beaches you can access, including right at the retreat centres. Don’t miss Flametree’s Bali yoga and meditation retreat.

Powerful mindfulness practices for small groups

Flametree’s retreat center gives you among the very best yoga retreats, combined with mindful practice, and many elements of wellness retreats.

​Some of the many popular retreat features Flametree’s mindfulness meditation yoga retreat includes are:

  • ​wellness center practices including great emphasis on nutritious, healthy, and delicious food
  • whatever spiritual practices you choose
  • free time for walking meditation, nature hikes, or longer periods of sitting, or whatever
  • daily yoga classes, including plenty of gentle yoga options
  • a budget option with semi-private rooms in sprawling multi-room bungalows
  • as much time as you need for whatever personal transformation that’s important to you

So, it’s the best place for maximising mental health, and learning what you’ll find to be a wonderful loving-kindness meditation.

By the way, the cancellation policy is at the orange links where you can pay a deposit.

Activities before, after, or during a Bali yoga and meditation retreat.

yoga retreat venues near me

A pictorial summary of activities & experiences you can pursue during, before or after your retreat. It’s just another of the many reasons why a Bali meditation retreat is such a great alternative to a meditation retreat Melbourne.

A holistic approach to your inner self

Flametree retreat programs let your meditation and yoga teacher guide you through powerful meditation sessions that are only a short distance from rice fields, and surrounded by Balinese culture.

In particular, the Pondok Pisang resort has many aspects of a Bali eco stay. It very comfortable accommodations give any solo traveler, or whoever, the best retreats you’ll find.

​For instance, some of the unique experience of this Bali meditation center include:

  • cultural activities in the large temple just at the end of the lane
  • Balinese style meditation and yoga studios that are fully equipped for Iyengar yoga too
  • lush greenery everywhere
  • a very comfortable villa in a budget price range
  • a stunning resort view of the ocean
  • ​Balinese massage on site (with the first one for free)
  • shared or private bathrooms (depending on the package you choose)
  • a magical escape from your probably busy life.

So, if you’ve been considering a meditation retreat Brisbane, or meditation retreat Melbourne, or for wherever, then please consider this mindfulness meditation retreat Bali package.

bali indonesia meditation retreats for beginners too

Try a retreat with a powerful mix of easy yoga and transformative and relaxing meditation. If you’re looking a meditation retreat Melbourne, or a meditation retreat Brisbane, especially in colder months, try our Bali Indonesia meditation retreats.

Just 6 hours from the heart of Melbourne

Flametree’s Bali yoga and mindfulness retreats are a direct, lower cost Jetstar flight from Melbourne (and even less from Brisbane or Perth).

So, take a 7 day break from the world of constant noise.

Then, at Flametree’s mindfulness meditation yoga retreat, immediately get even more than we’ve already mentioned, like:

  • meditation instruction, and quietness practices, in a supported place for 2-3 hours a day (including additional, more active yoga if you choose).
  • plenty of free time for yourself and enjoying your perfect tropical surroundings
  • peace of mind from systematic processes you’ll learn
  • like-minded people to enjoy
  • a magical retreat centre that’s like no other you’ve ever seen
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner all included
  • long lasting personal development from the yoga and mindfulness training
  • ​presentations to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the practices
  • experiential exploration of new mind states, and to escape any more reactive state
  • beautiful scenery and magnificent gardens, everywhere
  • easy access to Denpasar airport via a friendly taxi man to meet you
  • a range of private residence options at the retreat
  • a natural way to deal with any conditions you may have
  • an ideal place to escape from modern life, daily routine, and any context of conflict in your life
  • a perfect way to find more balance in your own life, via our live-in retreats
  • an excellent classroom level of instruction, and strong support framework for whatever journey you take
  • an supported opportunity to do a practical exploration of difficult feelings (if any).

Flametree’s Bali yoga and meditation retreats work for every day of the year, but especially to escape this year’s winter solstice, or whatever.

So, that’s even more great reasons to choose a Bali retreat (if you’ve been considering a yoga and / or meditation retreat Melbourne, or a mindfulness meditation retreat Brisbane, or wherever).

Bali 7-day packages available now

Bali mountains

Diverse Bali includes a crater lake and mountains.

Hatha yoga sessions to support a transformative experience

The benefits of the mix of easy yoga and pranayama meditation will overlap and support each other.

If you do, or have done, transcendental meditation, then it will also be consistent with the more extended meditative skills you’ll learn.

For instance, some of the outcomes you can expect from a meditation and yoga practice at the retreat, include:

  • an improved immune system
  • deep rest
  • less negative emotions (if that is an issue for you)
  • support for a more spiritual experience (but non-religious in the conventional sense)
  • if you also want fitness retreats, then the option in class, to work with the teacher on a more active practice
  • reduction of any high blood pressure you have.

​All this happens in the heart of Bali, with numerous options for further cultural experiences. It’s just walking distance to even more authentic Balinese culture.

Don’t miss Flametree’s Bali yoga and meditation retreat.

Experience a power of now oasis

​Once you have a retreat package, you simply book a fare to the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali.

​Look on our Information page for an easy way to get a taxi direct to the retreat venue.

There’s no need to bring yoga mats.

Your delicious healthy meals start from whenever your arrive on the first day of the retreat.

Let us know if you have any individual needs.

Otherwise, get ready to enjoy a peaceful sanctuary in this ideal location for retreats.

Lake Batur

Lake, temple, & hot springs… less than 2 hours from the retreat .

An extraordinary opportunity for yoga and meditation lovers

By the way, Flametree’s multi-day retreat will also deliver everything that a so-called mindfulness-based stress reduction program will deliver.

That’s because meditation, using sound and breath practices is largely universal.

​Here are just a few more matters you may want to know about as you compare Flametree with any meditation retreat Melbourne alternative.

  • all yoga postures are adjusted to your level
  • the yoga and meditation space opens the day you arrive, and can be used anytime
  • cell phones are permitted, and we do use them for sharing retreat pictures
  • it’s not listed among silent retreats, but you can make it as quiet as you like
  • the delightful multi-room bungalows used for our budget option are a much better alternative to guest dorms you may know
  • charging stations are prolific.

So, come along, learn how to live more in your own present experience, and escape the habits of our daily lives.

Find your true self, in a quiet space, away from our buy lives, surrounded by gorgeous meditation gardens.

7 day retreats are dramatically better than just a weekend retreat.

In addition, these Bali resorts are an ideal setting, and a great way to spend residential trainings, get practical teachings and practical instruction, and build your natural awareness.

Learn yoga, mindful meditation, and much more. Plus get many other benefits as well.

Learn more, or pay a deposit on our Bali Deals payments page.

(More pictures on our Facebook page.)

mindfulness meditation retreat bali

Chris Lalor, certified mindfulness meditation teacher, demonstrating Bhramari meditative technique. Remember, if you were considering options like a meditation retreat Brisbane, then Bali is a very cost effective and accessible option. Flametree are experts at Bali retreats, and have been running them for at least 15 years. (It’s about 2 hours from Flametree’s studios in Darwin, Australia). Join us for a mindfulness meditation yoga retreat.

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