Budget Yoga Retreat Bali

An Affordable, Delightful, Budget Yoga Retreat.

Flametree Yoga retreat Bali budget deal | 6 nights, 7 days from 27 July 2024.

Budget yoga retreats that give you a week’s royal treatment.

Learn more, or pay a deposit on our Bali Retreat Deals payments page.

Budget Yoga Retreat Bali Package

Budget yoga retreat Bali deals. See a delightful yoga retreat Bali budget option. Plus, hear from our customers why Flametree has the best budget yoga retreats. Then, consider a deposit to secure your Bali yoga retreat 2024 budget package.

Flametree Yoga studio’s certified Senior Yoga and Breath Meditation teacher, Christine Lalor, will be teaching a Bali retreat for 6 nights and 7 days from 27 July 2024, until 2 August.

It’s at the beautiful Pondok Pisang resort, just outside of Candidasa, and beside the traditional village of Sengkidu.

There are 5 different packages. In particular, one of them is an excellent budget yoga retreat outlined further on this page.

Plus, with any of the packages, if you’re new to Flametree, or lapsed 2 months, you get an extra $900 of bonus extras, including lots of FREE classes.

See more below, or go direct to the deposits and retreat payments page. Or, when you’re ready, follow the orange links on this page.

First, see why it’s worth doing a yoga retreat, with or without using a yoga retreat Bali budget package.

Roomy, multi-room bungalows, surrounded by tropical gardens.

bali yoga retreat 2024 budget

You have your own room, such as this one, in the magical, Pondok Pisang multi room Bali yoga retreat 2024 budget deal. In the 2-story bungalows, there are a range of upstairs and downstairs rooms, with each one different and delightful in its own way.

Should you do a yoga retreat?

Top reasons to do a yoga retreat are that it intensifies all the benefits you get from yoga & meditation, & rapidly increases your yogic skills. Plus, you get a delightful yoga holiday, in a beautiful venue, with delicious meals 3 times day, relaxation, tours, & wonderful company.

So, that’s all why its worth considering a Bali yoga retreat 2024 budget package, or any other package you want to afford.

On the Flametree Retreat Payments page, you’ll find details of all the packages.

Plus, at the links, or further down this page, or on our blog page, you find details of special retreat packages and variations like Flametree’s:

  • family retreat package, with a partner and child free.
  • the beginner level deal, including many free classes
  • local tours and activities for you, your partner, or children
  • a carnivore option, including free accommodation for partners
  • the 4 star option, including non-yogic partners for free
  • the detoxing opportunities
  • how retreats help anger management
  • what Flametree customers say about our retreats.
  • the many, proven benefits of retreats.

Or contact us if you have questions, including via WhatsApp or our CHAT button.

The view from the Pondok Pisang retreat venue

budget yoga retreats

The whole Pondok Pisang retreat resort is right on the water’s edge, with these decks overlooking the sea, plus sun rises, and sunsets. The stairs you see in the foreground lead down to the swimming beach and crystal clear ocean. Plus, there’s a sandy beach, which is more exposed in non high tides.

Best budget yoga retreats package venue

Flametree’s budget yoga retreats package gives you 6 nights and 7 days at one of the two shared multi-room bungalows at the Pondok Pisang yoga retreat venue.

These two-story bungalows are also shown in the pictures on this page.

They’re very comfortable, well-equipped bungalows, including their own toilets, bathrooms, porches, and air-conditioning.

They are also surrounded by beautiful, tropical gardens so as to create an immense sense of privacy and seclusion.

The bungalows are also within 50 metres of the sea front where you can swim in a crystal clear ocean.

In addition, you’re just a stone’s throw from the delightful dining room, and large yoga and meditation room.

The pictures of the bungalows also demonstrate the unique and magical Balinese architecture and construction with which the whole of the Pondok Pisang retreat resort is built.

Plus, your budget yoga retreats package also includes:

  • A free Balinese cooking class
  • A free first massage
  • An afternoon off where you can take local tours or otherwise do what’s outlined on our retreat activities page.

Learn more, or pay a deposit on our Bali Retreat Deals payments page.

best budget yoga retreats

One of the verandahs of the bungalows reserved for the best budget yoga retreats packages. The greenery is typical of the extensive tropical gardens around each bungalow, and across the whole Pondok Pisang retreat resort.

Price of the budget yoga retreat package

Flametree’s budget yoga retreat Bali package also includes 18 delicious meals, and 30 hours of Senior Teacher instruction in yoga and pranayama meditation.

The instruction is made up of LIVE classes in a beautiful, custom built yoga room overlooking the sea.

Details of the yoga and pranayama meditation sessions, restorative yoga, and presentation on yogic issues, are on our Retreat Schedule.

So, you get all of this for just AUD$1,395. (See the currency conversion on our Retreat Payments page).

You can secure your spot with an AUD$299 deposit at the Retreat Payment page. (Or, pay the full amount if it’s close to retreat start date)

In addition, many more details of the retreat, and all packages, are at both the Retreat Payment page, and the Retreat Information page.

Don’t miss Flametree’s budget yoga retreats deal.

budget yoga retreat

The whole retreat resort, is immaculately clean and well maintained. with wonderful touches like this bath in one of the multi-room bungalows.

Learn yoga, meditation, and much more. Plus get many other benefits as well.

Learn more, or pay a deposit on our Bali Retreat Deals payments page.

Reviews, FAQs, schedule, tours, & additional options

At the links below, there is also some other retreat information that may interest you. It includes:

  • A detailed schedule of all yogic activities, including presentations, at the retreat.
  • Things to do on the free afternoon at the retreat, or before or after the retreat, including local cultural sites, like temples, Balinese palaces, and traditional villages. They’re great options for partners, and children, or both.
  • Family retreat self-contained cottages option.
  • Options around retreat detoxing, mindful eating, or both.
  • Some Flametree Yoga Retreat FAQs, with further useful links, including what to pack.
  • Customer reviews about our classes or retreats.

By the way, anyone with just some yoga can attend, and no meditation skills are required. If you wish, contact us about the special extras via the retreat package for beginners.

Alternatively, see more pictures, or the details of the up to $900 worth of bonus extras in Flametree’s all inclusive retreat.

See more at the links, or go direct to the retreat deposit and payments page.

Sunset at Flametree’s Bali retreat

Candidasa retreat sunset

A sunset in Candidasa Bali, from the beach front where Flametree Bali retreats are held. Time in an awesome location is a key part of your stress reduction, and getting the most from everything else we’ll be learning and practising. 

Paying for a retreat via deposit, or in full

So, please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Remember, Flametree retreats can be paid via a deposit and one instalment, or just bought in one payment.

Then, you’ll get the huge benefits from immersing yourself in yogic learning and practise.

Plus, its a wonderful holiday and yoga vacation.

In addition, the benefits you’ll get, and the practises you’ll implement from the family retreat, will flow into every corner of your life.

Flametree’s budget yoga retreat in delightful Bali.


By the way, there is a masseur on site at Pondok Pisang. Best of all maybe, your first massage is included  for free in your budget retreat package. Plus, more are highly affordable by Western prices.

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

So, learn more, or pay a deposit on our Bali Retreat Deals payments page.


Learn and do yoga & meditation at a new and wonderful level.

(More pictures on our Facebook page.)

pranayama for anger management

Pranayama meditation is also part of it.  So, if you’re still unsure about if it suits you, then please contact us. Put a deposit down on your 7 day budget yoga retreat.

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