Yoga And Anger, & How Retreats Help.

Does yoga help with anger?

See how to control anger by yoga.

Plus, get yoga asanas to control anger, & pranayama for anger management

Immerse In A Bali Retreat For Faster Anger Solutions.

Does yoga help with anger? Yes, so see how to control anger by yoga, & yoga asanas to control it. Plus, get the best control anger yoga poses and solutions, as well as pranayama for anger management. See also how an anger management yoga teacher can help. Plus, consider a retreat to accelerate your learning and practise.

Among other things, consider what anger may drive you, or cause issues for you, that you are not even aware of. For instance, are you sometimes “explosive” in ways that you later regret?

Maybe ask those who know you well, including a good quality yoga or pranayama meditation teacher. Such teachers are especially trained to observe these issues, and respond with appropriate teaching, learning, and solutions, as discussed further below.

As well as doing regular yoga and meditation, also consider the depth of learning and immersion that you get at retreats, such as the Flametree Bali Retreat. The Flametree retreat includes new depth and practise of powerful yogic learning for anger and other issues, including pranayama for anger management.

But first, as a guide to what I’ll discuss, here are some of the common anger related questions I get:

  • Does yoga help with anger?
  • How to control anger by yoga?
  • Also, how to control anger and stress by yoga?
  • Plus, does yoga help with anger issues?
  • What is pranayama for anger management?

Does yoga help with anger? Yes.

But include pranayama for anger management too.

pranayama for anger management

In pranayama for anger control, Theta & Alpha brain waves are relatively expanded, & Beta & other waves are less dominant. So, you get the many benefits of pranayama meditation & its powerful techniques, including pranayama for anger management. (See more in my retreat presentation on pranayama practices and brain waves).

Yoga asanas to control anger

So, before I go into greater depth, here are my quick answers to the questions I listed above.

Does yoga help with anger?

Yes, yogic activities, like poses & pranayama meditation, help hugely. They work via your parasympathetic nervous system. It’s especially activated via yogic work to quieten your mind. The more you do, the better it works.

How to control anger by yoga?

Control anger with yogic activity, using both asanas & breath meditation (aka pranayama) techniques. Do restorative yoga, including forward bends. The meditation includes Alternate Nostril breath, Ocean Breath, & Staircase Breath.


By the way, Flametree’s Bali retreat is a wonderful way to learn pranayama skills, as well as do deeper practise of yoga asanas to control anger.

How to control anger and stress by yoga?

Consider what anger & stress you have, & negative issues in your past that maybe drive your hidden wrath. Learn quality yoga & pranayama meditation, & do it regularly. Then, awareness & calm unfolds fast.

Does yoga help with anger issues?

Yoga helps greatly with anger issues. Conventional approaches like boxing, jogging, & cycling don’t. “Yoga” includes meditative activities. Yogic activities work via parts of your autonomic nervous system, in unique ways.

What is pranayama for anger management?

Pranayama for anger management teaches the most powerful techniques of pranayama meditation. Classes coach in using them, & let you practise to proficiency. As a result, you get immense calm, relief from anger, new energy, & much more.

On all these matters, there is much more below.

autonomic nervous system

Yoga works more evenly with both your sympathetic and parasympathic nervous system, both of which are parts of your autonomic nervous system. It thereby reduces stress and anger. So, its a key part of understanding the answer to does yoga help with anger. Consider yoga as a system of yogic techniques and learning, including pranayama for anger control.

Common examples of sometimes hidden anger

There is anger all around each of us, and in each of us (to greater or lesser extents).

For example:

  • We probably know especially self-righteous types who flare up at a moment’s notice. (As a yoga teacher, I periodically get angry notes from some of them!).
  • We also know folk who are clearly angry most of the time, due to some issue in their past, like the occupation of their country.
  • There’s plenty who are angry at some aspect of the world not being a better or different place (as they see it).
  • There are daily individual or large scale acts of violence nearby, and beyond.
  • Some of us have also been unfortunate enough to need to step gently around a boss who quickly angers.

Sadly, these examples are just a tiny fraction of the anger all around us.

control anger yoga

By all means work to make the world a better place, but there’s no need for it to drive what can be become habitual anger… which then can also have negative consequences for you at work or at home, and more.

We know not what we do!

Many or most of these angry types, are not even aware that they have a relatively angry disposition.

They’re also not aware that they are especially prone to using any excuse to get upset with someone or something.

Clearly, you need some awareness of a possible anger issue before there is any chance of managing it better, avoiding being someone you may not want to be, or avoiding health issues you don’t want.

That’s also why I’m interested to see a new study that even very short bouts of anger is not at all good for you.

In particular, the study shows that even short term anger damages your cardiovascular health.

Even brief anger is bad for your blood vessels (and cardiovascular health), according to results from a randomised trial.

In short, anger is likely to reduce your health span, and lifespan.

how to control anger by yoga

What upsets could you maybe avoid… via less maybe hidden anger?

Anger often also makes you a relatively difficult person to be around, and you lose out on opportunities, career options, and love.

Time for reflection

In addition to helping avoid the health impact of anger, yogic practice also gives you more space to be reflective.

As a result, you become less explosive, and prone to outbursts or actions you may later wish had not happened.

In other words, yogic practices give you more response time.

That means that you may get angry, but you’re more able to calm down before you respond.

In your reflection, you have more ability to also work through, or reflect on your so-called samskaras.

In yogic learning, samskaras are negative psychological imprints arising from events in your past.

Ideally, over time, you can also get to replace such samskaras with more positive imprints.

I spoke and wrote about this process in the slides of my so-called 8 limbs of yoga talks, at Flametree’s recent retreat.

As a result of being aware of samskaras, you come to appreciate that anger is full of so-called I-ness… or ego (which is one of the so-called Kleshas).

In the slides, you’ll also find more about Kleshas. They’re also summarised in the diagram below.


Ego is one of the states that often drives people to search for answers to questions like does yoga help with anger. It’s part of the learning you’ll get with an anger management yoga teacher.

Avoiding angry ways of being

In particular, if you habitually respond in any angry way, it becomes increasingly difficult to change such patterns of behaviour.

Then, you may well acquire an angry way of being.

For instance, my now deceased neighbour who, every night, I could hear shouting at the news on his TV!

I also think of a local parliamentarian I knew, who habitually spoke to people, especially his staff, in an angry manner.

Plus, at least in places like my local city of Darwin NT, many people can reel off a list of well known and large toxic workplaces. In most cases, they have been like that for many decades.

how to control anger by yoga

Sadly, toxic workplaces, run by angry bosses, or containing too many angry people, or both, are all too common.

In this regard, it’s no accident that an inquiry found Australia’s national Parliament House to be a highly toxic workplace. But, of course, studies show it’s far from alone in this attribute.

Among other things, if you’re using yogic practices, then even when you get upset, or you need to protect yourself from others, then you’re more able to deal with it.

For instance, with time to reflect, you might start with apologising (even when YOU think that you’re not the party at fault)!

Getting to be more aware of the need to apologise, is a learnt skill. Apologies often defuse situations, and help open up initial communication.

But, the awareness and insight that you’ll get from regular yoga and pranayama meditation, will help you have the humility, insight, and calmness, to be able to take on such learning and practices.

As a result of managing anger better, for example, our relationships are also stronger… at home, at work, and beyond.

(Another good option that helps is for workplaces to at least initially subsidise staff and management to learn yogic skills, including what can be yoga asanas to control anger.)

how to control anger by yoga poses

Does yoga help with anger? Yes, but start by looking at negative issues that could be buried deep in your past. They could underlie your now habitual anger. Check out the issue with an anger management yoga teacher. Don’t be like my neighbour stressing out daily at his TV!

Developing a sattvic mind

Mr BKS Iyengar, a highly expert yoga teacher who’s been accredited with being one of the top 100 influential people of the 20th century, said that everyone, at times, has problematic emotions.

For instance, he said:

“Anger that is not constructive, arises when the ego senses that it has been affronted or offended in some way….

If allowed to run out of control, anger can become very destructive“.

(see “Light on Life” at page 108).

But, he proposed we each constantly look at how we can turn emotions around, into positives. Hence, for instance, the potential for yoga and pranayama for anger management.

In particular, yogic practices makes you’re less reactive, via the process of developing a more sattvic mind (as I also outlined in another of my yoga retreat talks about the vagus nerve).

As a result of developing a more sattvic mind (or moving towards it), we have more intelligence about the impacts and effects of our thoughts and actions on our own happiness, and the happiness of those we relate to.

So, yogic practices help you be part of the solution, and not the problem. (Maybe especially when you think or thought that you were not the problem! In other words, when you felt that someone else was the problem.)

In particular, if you’re looking for how to control anger by yoga, or yoga asanas to control anger, then the poses I showed in the yoga retreat sattvic mind talk PDF, are excellent options. Below, in the pictures I’ll cover some of them again, and add some more.

Where any of those yoga poses appear too much of a challenge for you right now, remember that beginner yoga classes and deals will give you introductory versions of these yoga poses for anger.

Does yoga help with anger? Yes, because it leads towards a sattvic mind.

pranayama & yoga asanas to control anger

A sattvic mind flows from sufficient yogic practise, classes, and / or retreats. It’s yoga poses for anger in action, so you get control anger yoga solutions. A sattvic mind (illustrated on the left in green), contrasts with the Rajasic and Tamasic minds illustrated on the right and middle of the diagram)

Studies prove yoga poses for anger

So, given what I’ve outlined, it’s no surprise that yoga and any type of meditation, have also been shown in scientific studies, to reduce anger.

In other words, studies prove the power of yoga poses for anger, and pranayama for anger.

As I’ve mentioned, when asking “does yoga help with anger?”, then consider “yoga” to include yogic practices like pranayama meditation for anger. I stress this issue, because too many people overlook the immense power of pranayama.

Plus, even where yoga poses may be a challenge, pranayama skills can be acquired and practised by virtually anyone.

By the way, the above study, and others, also show that yogic practices are better for anger control and management, than are some common tactics for managing anger, such as hitting a punching bag, jogging and cycling. They aren’t at all effective at helping people cool off.

In short, they are so-called sympathetic nervous system “rev up” actions. (See the diagram of the autonomic nervous system).

The sympathetic nervous system is also known as the “fight or flight” nervous system. This nickname tells you a lot already.

In contrast, yogic activities work more via your more calming parasympathetic nervous system.

It’s nickname is the “rest and digest” system. But, as I’m outlining, it is also responsible for much more than just those processes.

In particular, the parasympathetic nervous system is central to having a more Sattvic mind, as well as what’s been called “vagal” tone (as outlined further in my retreat talk slides).


Yogic practices work principally via your vagus nerve. As a result, they deliver so-called “vagal tone”, and a sattvic mind … thereby giving you more calmness, insight, and happiness. See more in my retreat presentation on the vagus nerve & developing a sattvic mind.

Does yoga help with anger? Have you felt it already?

Of course, if you’ve been doing yoga or pranayama for a while, you probably already know that it makes you calmer, and less prone to upsets or anger.

In addition, this calmer state of mind is actually a much more pleasant place to be… for you, and those around you.

It’s a necessary and fundamental part of feeling happier.

Yogic practices can also make for a much safer world for all of us.

By the way, other studies have shown that yoga poses for anger, and yogic anger management in schools, also work well. Ideally, it should include basic techniques in pranayama for anger control.

So, being less prone to even short-term anger, via yoga and meditation, is yet another good reason to maintain your regular yogic practise and classes.

If you already do it, you already know that the more you do so, the better it works.

Pranayama for anger control via alternate nostril breathing

pranayama for anger control

Alternate nostril breathing demonstrated by Christine Lalor, accredited Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist. It’s one of the powerful techniques of pranayama for anger control. So, spend time with an anger management yoga teacher, & pranayama instructor.

A more effective way of being

By the way, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work against injustice, or in favour of all of the many good causes in the world. Of course we should support such things, as we each see fit.

But spending time angry is definitely not the most effective way to  pursue such issues, or be able to do it for a longer time than average.

Among other things, reducing anger will also help you build the networks and relationships that are essential to existence and effectiveness in the wide, wide world that we all operate within.

Calmness, with less or no anger (even for short periods), feels good, helps you live longer, and be more effective.

So, please consider a relatively fast track for anger reduction, and related learning via my presentations, and come to our next retreat.

Water palace

Water Palace in Bali, not far from Flametree’s Bali Retreat venue in Candidasa

If a Flametree retreat is not possible for you at the moment, then start Flametree’s high quality yoga classes, online or in-studio, or both.

Maybe get prepared to attend a retreat in the future.

If you’re new or lapsed, at any level, you can get started with our half price deals, for online, or in-studio.

Feel free to get in touch, or check out what others have said about Flametree classes and retreats.

Candidasa retreat sunset

A sunset in Candidasa Bali, from the beach front where Flametree Bali retreats are held.

Remember, one excellent and very pleasant way to accelerate your anger reduction, or improve your calmness, is to attend our next retreat.

Even better, you can attend the Bali Yoga Retreat if you’ve done about 3 months of yoga by 27 July, so long as you do at least 2 classes a week over that period.

At retreats, I give you individualised programs that work powerfully for whatever level of skills you have.

Plus, no pranayama meditation skills are required at all.

At the retreat, I’ll teach you introductory pranayama skills, and then the daily practises will take you much further.

I find a lot of my students start pranayama meditation at my retreats, and thereafter powerfully incorporate the powerful practice into the rest of their life.

Learn yoga asanas to control anger, & get many other benefits as well.

Spend time with an anger management yoga teacher.

In this short video, you can see some of the other reasons why people enjoy retreats at this Bali resort. So, use the orange links to see Flametree’s current retreat. 

Outcomes I’ve seen retreats deliver

Here are some retreat trends and outcomes I’ve noticed people get at Flametree retreats with me.

  • Many of the attendees have profound breakthroughs about some aspect of their inner self, including control anger yoga solutions.
  • People find a new inner peace, which then improves their mental and physical situation, especially via yoga poses for anger (that they didn’t even know they exhibited!)
  • Afterwards, students find it easier to maintain or build their yoga practice, and yoga asanas to control anger.
  • Many start breath meditation on the retreat, and then continue it, with a new knowledge of how to control anger by yoga.
  • People develop new, long lasting friendships.

Of course, many other legitimate and powerful benefits of retreats have also been written about, including how they have been also proved by science.

Bali Retreat For Faster Anger Solutions.

Immerse yourself in control anger yoga “fixes”.

Including pranayama for anger management.

Best online yoga teacher training Australia

One of the many benefits of having an accredited Senior Yoga Teacher lead your retreat, especially someone with Iyengar training, is that they’re both very accomplished at teaching, and using yoga poses for anger. Try an anger management yoga teacher.

Yoga poses for anger & for angry feelings

We’ve talked about how restorative physical postures are some of the best ways to help manage feelings of anger and negative emotions, as well as create more peace of mind.

As mentioned, some of poses for the physical body are in shown the retreat presentation on the vagus nerve.

Other various poses to help manage the potential for angry outbursts are:

  • Child’s pose
  • Corpse pose
  • Forward bend poses of any kind
  • ​Hip openers like supta baddha konasana
  • downward-facing dog pose with head support like a block

Build deep breaths, and deep breathing into all of your regular yoga practice sessions. In the process, use the yoga breathing technique of breathing via the nose.

Ideally, at any time, including right after such restorative yoga, while you’re still on your yoga mat, a great way to go further is to do some specific breathing exercises such as discussed above. (See more on such meditative practice in a section below.)

Your certified yoga teacher can also give you a specific anger management practice that will helps with specific goals you may have, such as:

  • ​a more positive outlook
  • having more positive emotions
  • heading off aggressive behaviour
  • being more in the present moment
  • breath control
  • handling intense emotions
  • reducing high blood pressure.
  • realising other benefits of yoga.
  • improving blood circulation, and reducing heart rate if needed
  • other yoga practices for anger management
  • any other anger-reducing yoga sequence you may prefer
  • yoga nidra
  • improving energy levels
  • dealing with any feelings of depression.

Yoga sequences for the entire body

A yoga asana may, for example, have a focus on the lower back, or the upper body. But, it is always of course also working on the mind.

​Modern yoga research is now proving to be an excellent opportunity o confirm what ancient practice had worked out via observation and practice.

In this regard, for instance, the emotional release that often flows from a yoga routine like a forward fold, has been carefully refined for the sense of calmness it generates.

But, as we know, the positive outcome of yoga asanas to control anger only happens reliably if there is regular practice.

Breathing techniques

A daily routine for the regular practice of pranayama, and implementing practices such as those in the 8 Limbs Of Yoga Philosophy, is another major part of anger control.

Among other things, it is a direct antidote to the fight or flight response..

The importance of deep breathing in any yogic relaxation technique, cannot be under-estimated.

For example, the nadi shodhana pranayama is an immensely powerful tool.

But, for those who have not begun, it is hard to believe that a breathing pattern involving the manipulation of the right nostril, and the left nostril, can be such an effective process for anger release.

But, all we can add at this point, is to try these great strategies to release anger.

Cross bolsters

Cross bolsters, including more gentle versions with less of a bend, are highly calming poses, and hence are in the list of yoga asanas to control anger.

Paying for a retreat via instalments

In one or more of Flametree’s retreats, please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Flametree retreats can be paid via a deposit and several instalments, or just bought in one payment.

You’ll get huge benefits from immersing yourself in yogic learning and practise, including pranayama for anger management.

The benefits you’ll learn and do will flow into every corner of your life.

Candidasa Bali

Palm trees on the shore of the lotus pond lagoon in Candidasa, Bali… a short walk from Flametree’s Bali retreat.

Please put down a deposit to attend a 6 day Bali Retreat with me, Chris Lalor.

By the way, there are both shared and single room options.

Many spots are gone already, and retreats with me always sell out early.

Please don’t miss out on learning yoga poses for anger, and much more.

Bali Retreat For Faster Anger Solutions.

See does yoga help with anger.

Get the awareness & skills to fix it, & much more.

pranayama for anger management

Pranayama breathwork training is also part of Flametree retreats.  So, if you’re still unsure about does yoga help with anger, then please contact us. Get the power of pranayama for anger management.

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