Indonesia Detox Retreat

Yoga And Detox Retreat In Bali.

7-day detox retreat of various types.

Plus, what is a detox retreat, including for sugar.

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Here’s an outline of Flametree’s 7-day yoga and detox retreat, including a food detox retreat, and detox fasting retreat. Plus, it’s a sugar detox retreat. So, here’s more about this Bali Indonesia detox retreat. Read on for more about Flametree’s delightful yoga, detox, meditation retreat.

What is a detox retreat?

A detox retreat has whatever detox you want. Popular options vary among sugar, meat, alcohol, devices, food, fasting, & more. Along with reducing, cutting, or implementing these options, you learn & see how yoga & meditation are top techniques to support detoxing.

But, before I (Christine Lalor) continue, you’ll see a quick story about my own life changing retreat of this type in Bali.

indonesia detox retreat

If you so choose, and at whatever size works for you, making some changes to the waist is very do-able with more mindful eating we will discuss at this retreat (and implement to whatever extent you may choose).

You choose what mix you want

I also stress that this yoga and meditation retreat, will be just the same as all of Flametree’s other retreats.

I mean that, if you choose, you don’t have to do anything of a detoxing nature.

At the retreat, you simply get on with your yoga and pranayama meditation, and enjoying all of the delicious 18 vegetarian (and very largely vegan) meals you’ll get as part of the package.

Everything else will look after itself.

Meanwhile, you’ll get a huge range of retreat benefits (plus whatever detox retreat benefits you may also choose to implement a little more, or less!)

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

liver cleanse

Another way to do or practise back bending, or to learn it, for internal cleanse, and more. In the custom built yoga room at Pondok Pisang resort.

My first

I, (aka Chris), led a Flametree yoga and meditation retreat in Bali, Indonesia, just before the pandemic. For me personally, it turned out to be my first sugar detox retreat, and much more.

At the retreat, surrounded by delicious vegan food, I decided there and then to do a bread detox. It was easy, because there was no bread!

Plus, I spoke with the retreat venue owner, and we decided to make it a no or low sugar detox retreat. There was already very little sugar in the delightful vegetarian food, but we wound it down even more.

As usual, the students at the retreat still had plenty of awesome desserts, and oodles of tropical fruit. But, I even kept the most sugary fruit out of my diet, and there were still other good options.

Then, when I got home, I found I was able to maintain my new habits, as well as add some intermittent fasting. Essentially, I had the experience and learning (as a result of the retreat), to also implement an ongoing detox fasting retreat in my everyday life.

bali yoga retreats

The view from the yoga and meditation room at Flametree’s retreat.

I learnt to practise mindful eating

My ability to do the fasting was helped by the mindfulness that flowed from my yoga and meditation practice. In particular, it helped me implement ongoing mindful eating.

In turn, all that supported me in essentially carrying on and implementing the food detox retreat practices I had first experienced at the yoga and detox retreat in our Bali Indonesia detox retreat.

So now, years later, I’ve maintained all the habits I learnt, and expanded them. (Elsewhere, I’ve told my quitting sugar story in more detail).

At the upcoming Flametree 7-day detox retreat, I’ll present about what I learned before, after and during what turned out to be my first sugar detox retreat.

Plus, I’ll also teach you these food detox retreat skills, and much more.

In addition, both I and my assistant teacher, Stuart, will be available for one to one conversations and advice on these detox fasting retreat issues. (Stuart also ongoingly implements what he learnt at yoga and detox retreats, & over 40 years of mindful meditation).

sugar detox retreat

Yoga and meditation, plus some the other practices we’ll discuss, and implement to the extent you choose, to help you lead a more balanced life, and thereby deliver you many other benefits.

A great yoga and meditation retreat, plus more

So, if you’re thinking about what is a detox retreat, or you’ve already decided you want it, then please see more about Flametree’s Bali Detox Retreat, and detox meditation retreat, below. It has vegetarian or vegan food that gives you:

  • a yoga and detox retreat
  • a 7-day detox retreat
  • a food detox retreat, especially from inflammatory food
  • a detox fasting retreat option, with advice
  • a sugar detox retreat with options
  • a digital detox retreat option if you choose (but WIFI for others).

In the evening of the first full day of the retreat, I will give a substantial presentation that further explains these yoga and detox retreat issues, and how to maximise the benefit of your 7-day detox retreat. See the next section on some of what I’ll cover.

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

pranayama meditation

Alternate nostril breathing demonstrated by Christine Lalor, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist. It’s one of the powerful techniques to build more mindful eating.

Resting in peace, right NOW!

At my initial evening presentation of this food detox retreat, and elsewhere over the retreat, some of the matters I’ll cover include these.

  • How does yoga and meditation help with detoxing
  • How some classes and poses will be taught so as to support detoxing
  • Using protein dishes while on a vegetarian / vegan retreat, and after
  • Options for a detox fasting retreat option at whatever level of intensity you choose
  • How poses such as backbends help an internal cleanse.
  • Using wholesome food, and low or no sugar food
  • Importance of reducing inflammation, and ways to do it
  • Mindfulness, and its impact on thoughts and actions
  • What is mindful eating, and how we get there
  • How to use this Indonesia detox retreat to come back to self
  • Restoring energy, especially when doing a detox fasting retreat, and otherwise
  • Using yoga and meditation to re-balance your nervous system
  • Looking at your wholistic bodily system, including the impact of a sugar detoxing retreat
  • How your gut is your second brain, and the yogic connection with that, including developing more vagal tone
  • Why your “body holds the score” in terms of encasing your emotions and any past trauma
  • The critical importance of stress reduction in your life, and ways to do it
  • Your biome gut balance, and the role of vegetarian and vegan food in rebalancing
  • Flushing what you don’t want
  • Choosing among fruit options (as part of the sugar detox retreat suggestions)
  • Restorative yoga, including for anger reduction.
  • Getting more at peace with yourself.

You don’t have to die to rest in peace. It’s a skill that can be learned and practised NOW!

Of course, as I said, at the retreat, or after, you can choose to implement as much or as little of any of this detoxing as suits you.

You’ll simply have the knowledge, and supportive practices, to do whatever you may want, whenever.

detox fasting retreat

At every meal, there’ll be plenty of delicious, healthy food… and no hardship!

7-day detox retreat (& 5-day if needed)

It will also be an alcohol detox too, and one that also lets  you detox bread. So, with no alcohol at all, it also counts among retreats for alcohol detox.

It’s 6 nights and 7 days, so as to make a week retreat.

But, if you need, you can cut it to just a core 5 day detox retreat.

To make it a 5 day detox retreat, we suggest you just leave a day and night early. Among other things, try your best to be there for my presentation on the evening of the first full day of the retreat.

So, for instance, you could choose to come one night later than the first night, of 27 July 2024.

However you set this up for yourself, you’ll get an excellent Indonesia detox retreat that is the best detox retreat South East Asia has.

The focus on the issues and options we’ve outlined, together with being a yoga and detox meditation retreat, also makes it a great Bali detox wellness retreat.

As a result, it ticks all the boxes you need for the best of health retreats Bali detox options.

Desserts included at Flametree’s yoga, detox, meditation retreat!

5 day detox retreat

Optional, and delicious deserts at lunch and dinner. YUM!

Digital detox retreat option if you wish

If you wish, you can also include the digital detox retreat arrangements we have.

Among other things, that can involve surrendering your phone to us when you arrive.

But you can choose to be less draconian in terms of it being a digital detox retreat. Even without surrendering your phone, you can simply put it in cupboard, or just minimise its use.

Everything you need for the food and detox retreat will not involve digital devices.

But, for instance, we all enjoy taking pictures to keep for our memories, and to share with friends, and others in the Retreat WhatsApp group.

There’ll also be plenty of good company, and things to do. So you will have less inclination to resort to your digital communications.

Just tell them you’ve gone on a yoga holiday escape. In Australian slang, say you’ve “gone bush”, in the banana plantations surrounding the magical Pondok Pisang Retreat Resort Center.

Learn yoga, meditation, and detoxing. Plus get many other benefits as well.

Spend time with a highly informed yoga and detox retreat teacher.

In this short video, you can see some of the other reasons why people enjoy  yoga and detox retreats at this wonderful Bali resort.

So, use the other orange links, or here, to see Flametree’s current retreat details, or to book. 

Reviews, FAQs, & updated schedule

I’ve also just added some other retreat information that may interest you. It includes:

  • Things to do on the free afternoon at the retreat, or before or after the retreat, including local cultural sites, like temples, Balinese palaces, and traditional villages.
  • Some Flametree Yoga Retreat FAQs, with further useful links, including what to pack.
  • Customer reviews about our classes or retreats.
  • A detailed schedule of all yogic activities, including presentations, at the retreat.

Sunset at Flametree’s yoga, detox, meditation retreat

Candidasa retreat sunset

A sunset in Candidasa Bali, from the beach front where Flametree Bali retreats are held. Time in an awesome location is a key part of your stress reduction, and getting the most from everything else we’ll be learning and practising. 

Yoga and detox retreat summary

In summary, you get all of this:

  • a relaxing, transformative, and memorable yoga and meditation retreat
  • a do-able 7-day detox retreat, and 5 day option
  • a food detox retreat (still with many delicious meals), with a fasting retreat option at whatever level of intensity you choose
  • an easy bread reduction arrangement (there’s none!)
  • a sugar cutting retreat, via very low sugar, with additional options for cutting it further. (E. G. Less of the desserts and most sugary fruit)
  • a digital minimisation retreat.

So, come along to our Bali detox wellness retreat, and get:

  • a great Indonesia retreat
  • one that’s among the best of retreats for alcohol reduction
  • one of the most effective health retreats Bali detox available in July August, or any other time, and
  • one of the best detox retreats South East Asia has.

Paying for a retreat via instalments

Please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Flametree retreats can be paid via a deposit and several instalments, or just bought in one payment.

You’ll get huge benefits from immersing yourself in yogic learning and practise, especially with respect to all the other issues outlined.

As a result, the benefits you’ll learn, and the practises you’ll implement, will flow into every corner of your life.

Flametree’s yoga, detox, meditation retreat in delightful Bali.

Candidasa Bali

Palm trees on the shore of the lotus pond lagoon in Candidasa, Bali… a short walk from Flametree’s Bali resort. 

Detox program for weight loss, low energy levels, health issues, & more

At the retreat, your yoga practice will deliver a fresh start.

So, hit the reset button and start one of the best international wellness experiences.

With the free time, you can also use the daily activities to de-stress further, including enjoying special events like Balinese ceremonies, and the FREE cooking class that included in your package.

Plus, you can take in more of the beautiful place that will surround you at our 2 adjoining yoga and detox retreat centres.

​Apart from the 7-day detox retreat program, there’s no need for any additional fitness classes. Our yoga and food detox retreat program will steadily build fitness, toning, calming, and much more.

Meanwhile, you can do a more intensive detox retreat, or a detox as a slow pace. Just being there, working through this program, will deliver for you. As a result, there’s no need to do anything special or additional, unless you want to.

Plus, the massage therapists at the retreat centre can give you very low cost daily massages if you want. There’s also one FREE massage included in your package.

Your yoga teachers, and friendly staff, can advise you on what works best for you. They’ll also, ongoingly, give you a lot of individual attention, including any nutritional consultation, or other advice on good food, that you may want.

​While your yogic detox is happening, you can of course enjoy the delicious food, tropical fresh fruits, and nutritious meals included in everyone of your 18 meals included in the package.

Flametree’s wonderful staff have years of experience running retreats, including daily yoga classes.

So, you’ll quickly be agreeing with the hugely positive reviews our that our detox yoga options and deals have received.

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

bali yoga retreats 2024

Enjoy, relax, and detox at Flametree Bali yoga retreats 2024

The perfect place for a Bali retreat detox

This yoga and detox retreat will deliver all of these benefits to you.

  • ​more mental clarity
  • a present moment retreat
  • immune system detox and improvement
  • blood sugar issues improvement
  • whatever amount of the benefits of weight loss retreats you choose (with the practices we’ll advise further on)
  • massage therapy to the extent you choose (including the first massage for free)
  • the joy and relaxation of a beautiful view every moment of being there
  • whatever nutritional consultations you need (from a teacher with extensive ayurvedic knowledge)
  • a variety of juices included for detoxing, healthy meals, and enjoyment
  • as much of the benefits of vegan retreats as you choose.

So, join us in this absolute sanctuary for a yoga and detox fasting retreat, of whatever mix of activities suits you best.

Don’t miss Flametree’s 7-day detox retreat, including yoga, meditation, tours, & more

yoga and meditation retreat bali

Individual, tropical, bungalows, located among gardens, right on the beach front, at Flametree’s magnificent Bali retreat.

Detox programs, including for yoga beginners

You can do this detox programme even when you done a month or two of yoga classes at some point.

The teacher will work with your individual needs and abilities in a personal needs program to suit you.

At the same time, you’ll get all the benefits of Flametree’s holistic approach, including via daily meditation sessions.

As a result:

  • your digestive system issues will improve, exactly as described in this retreat story
  • ​you’ll enjoy every moment of the retreat daily life
  • benefits will flow almost immediately from the heathier lifestyle practices
  • ​greater inner peace will also flow from this yogic wellness journey
  • the detoxification process will help you lead a healthy lifestyle ongoingly.

For all these reasons, this detox holiday, combined with the huge benefits of yoga retreats, is a great place to pursue and learn additional healthy habits.

At the same time, you can make it as much of a weight loss retreat as you choose, via a range of options we’ll discuss with you. You’ll also see more in our opening presentation on the healthier lifestyle practices our wellness experts recommend.

So, our luxury wellness retreat (with 5 optional packages, including budget and family packages), is a great way to enjoy a wellness resort, activate holistic therapies, pursue healthy living, and maximise your overall health.

yoga and food detox Bali

One of the Bali cultural sites you can visit on the half day off during the retreat. See more on our page about local Bali tours, and the many things you can do that are in easy reach of this retreat.

Other health benefits of a healthy life

In addition to what you’ve seen already, your Flametree 7-day detox retreat is the right retreat to also deliver to you:

  • ​greater physical health
  • the calm and de-stressing of 7 days (or longer if you choose), of a serene environment
  • ​a decrease in the body of toxins that comes with a Western life, including less heavy metals
  • greater mental well-being
  • a healthy diet, and a detox diet, that you can build on and sustain
  • daily routines and wellness programs you can take with you for an ongoing process of detoxification.

For all these reasons, Flametree wellness resorts are the best choice you can make for doable wellness treatments, and entering the powerful world of detox.

Please join Flametree’s yoga, meditation, and detox fasting retreat. It’s easy and doable, at whatever mix of intensity suit you best.

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

Gentle yoga

The yoga taught at the retreat is at any level that works best for you. Props are used as needed, so as to help you maximise the benefits you get.

Solid food, fresh vegetables, and gentle exercise

We don’t believe a detox fasting retreat has to be an intense experience that you can’t enjoy or sustain.

As a result, this retreat program will not include practices like an only juice fasting retreat, or water fasting retreat, or raw food, or colon hydrotherapy.

​But, you’ll still get plenty of great results, both immediately and ongoingly.

​In addition, our yogic fitness holiday will give you a delightful detox experience, and greater holistic wellness.

Yoga sessions for all body types & medical conditions

Your certified Senior Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist, (Christine Lalor), will adjust the particular yoga program you do, session by session.

In other words, she does discrete, individual adjustments and yoga sequences, so it works best for whatever level you’re at.

If needed or desired, you can also have a private consultation so as to further adjust retreat programs, and detox programmes, to your situation or preferences.

By the way, it can also be a fasting detox retreat to whatever extent you want, including not at all. (Again, if you go that path, Chris can advise you on her own, successful journey with intermittent fasting).

Whatever package you choose, you’ll get:

  • huge amounts of additional positive energy
  • a healing process to whatever extent you seek
  • whatever deep fasting, or otherwise, that you wish
  • a safe space for your journey
  • the perfect opportunity for extra personal growth
  • complete flexibility about whatever health retreat program you prefer.

So, join our bliss sanctuary in this beautiful yoga retreat among the rice fields and tropical gardens.

​Remember, at our yoga and food detox retreat, we only take so small numbers, so put down a deposit on your great experience today.

7-day detox retreat

If it’s right for you, the individualised yoga classes will also teach you more advanced poses.

Flametree wellness retreat, including meditation

​It’s been shown in retreat studies that both yoga and meditation are essential and powerful ingredients effective wellness retreats.

​So, as you can see in our retreat program, it includes powerful pranayama meditation each morning, as well as some in the afternoon restorative yoga session.

​Some of the outcomes that meditation is especially good at delivering to you include:

  • greater mental health
  • improved stress management (that you can also use after the retreat)
  • whatever specific needs you have (which you can discuss with your teacher)
  • improved spiritual well-being.

So, take your first step, or more steps, with meditation. You can be a total beginner at it. Everything you need to know will be taught at the retreat.

But you can also build on whatever meditative skills you already have.

By the way, before or after your Bali retreat, your local tours can include the hot springs, and many other delights, of the stunning setting of Bali landscapes and coastline.

Last, as soon as you place a low deposit, you get access to 4 FREE video meditation classes, and 10 LIVE, FREE meditation classes. (Access details will be in the email thanking you for your deposit).

7-day detox retreat

One of several retreat bungalows right on the sea front, surrounded by a beautiful, tropical garden. (Studies, such as those reported in the second video in the Netflix mindfulness meditation series, prove the importance of a nature setting for events such as this retreat).

Make an easy, low deposit, before we sell out

So, please put down a deposit to attend this 6 night, 7-day retreat Bali Retreat with me, certified Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Chris Lalor.

By the way, there are both shared and single room options.

Many spots are gone already, and retreats with me always sell out early.

Please don’t miss out this learning and practise, and much more.

Flametree’s yoga, detox, meditation retreat

Bali Retreat Deals.

(More pictures on our Facebook page.)

pranayama for anger management

Pranayama meditation is also part of it.  So, if you’re still unsure about if it suits you, then please contact us. Put a deposit down on your 7-day yoga, meditation, wellness, and detox retreat.

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