Family Friendly Retreat.

Family Retreat Bali.

Flametree’s family friendly yoga retreats, including a family meditation retreat.

Giving a retreat family plenty of wonderful options in delightful Bali.

See our main page on Bali Retreat Deals.

Want family retreats near me? Check out our family retreat Bali deal. It’s perfect for a retreat family where one or more do yoga, or if you also want a family meditation retreat. Flametree’s family friendly yoga retreats have the flexible packages below. Come to our family friendly yoga retreat Bali, via one of these top value family yoga retreat Bali packages.

What is a family retreat?

A family retreat can be a wide range of retreat activities and combinations. It depends on often diverse, family member preferences. So, it’s best to look for combinations allowing a relaxing, delightful time for each family member, with one or more being involved in yoga, or whatever.

Below, in our family friendly yoga retreat Bali options, check out how you can get the type of family retreat outlined above.

Flametree Yoga studio’s certified Senior Yoga and Breath Meditation teacher, Christine Lalor, is running a Bali retreat for 6 nights and 7 days from 27 July 2024, until 2 August.

It’s at the beautiful Pondok Pisang resort, just outside of Candidasa, and beside the traditional village of Sengkidu. See the Bali map below.

family friendly yoga retreat bali

One of the 2 cottages available at Flametree’s family friendly yoga retreat Bali.

Family friendly yoga retreat Bali options

Flametree’s core package includes meals, accommodation, and yoga and meditation retreat classes for the person doing the retreat.

Our family yoga retreat Bali package is based on the idea that one partner may want to do the yoga or meditation, and the other partner, with one or more children, may want to otherwise enjoy themselves with the range of activities outline on our Bali activities page.

For the yogic partner, the high value schedule of our yoga and meditation retreat for families (or at least parts of them), is on our Information Page.

However, this family retreat Bali package can be adjusted to whatever works for your family.

family retreats near me Bali

A single bedroom cottage available for our family retreats involving yoga and meditation, and whatever else you choose to include.

Family retreat venues: Option ONE

There are 5 packages in total, as on our main Bali retreat page. Two of them, as outlined here, are best for a retreat family.

The yoga room, dining room, ocean swimming beach and other retreat activities are at Pondok Pisang resort.

The first option for our family friendly yoga retreats are 2 modern, family retreat, self-contained cottages about 300 metres away. One is a large two bedroom, and the other is a large one bedroom.  Both have one or more ensuite toilets and bathrooms.

Both have kitchen facilities, especially the larger one. They’re both also beside a local, good quality restaurant. Plus, there are several other restaurants nearby.

By the way, we can also put you in touch with an experienced local Balinese person who can provide child minding by they hour or day, at your location.

family meditation retreat

Room interior at Sea Breeze resort for Option 2 for our family retreat Bali. See Option 2 below.

Family retreats: Option TWO

The second option for a family yoga retreat only works if you’re just a couple.

In short, your non-yogic partner can stay for FREE at your suite at the sea front Sea Breeze resort. Again, it’s only about 400 metres from Pondok Pisang.

The Sea Breeze has a delightful, full service restaurant overlooking the sea and swimming pool. Again, there a wide range of activities to entertain a partner.

Our suggestion is that the partner doing the yoga and meditation have their meals at Pondok Pisang, with the others doing the retreat.

The retreat activities take 4 to 5 hours a day. So there is ample time to be with the partner when they’re not otherwise involved in their own activities.

The Sea Breeze room could obviously accommodate a baby in a cot.

family yoga retreat

Outdoor cafe beside pool at Sea Breeze resort.

Package price for Cottages option

The all-inclusive cottage price for the one doing the retreat is AUD$2095. A partner, and one child is included in the accommodation. Plus, meals and all teaching is included for the person doing the retreat.

More details of this particular family retreat Bali package is on our Bali Retreat page. On that page, this retreat family package can be booked with a $299 deposit, or paid in full.


Showing Candidasa half way up the east coast of Bali

Package price for Sea Breeze option

The Sea Breeze package at its 4 star venue is AUD$2,490 for the 6 nights and 7 days.

Again, that includes the meals and retreat teaching for the person doing the retreat, with a partner staying in the room with no extra charge.

They simply buy their meals from the a la carte restaurant at the Sea Breeze, or others in the local area or beyond.

Much more about the Sea Breeze family retreat Bali rooms are on our Information Page, including many pictures.

As mentioned, it’s also possible for the yoga or family meditation retreat partner to have a price without some mix of all their meals at Pondok Pisang. If you wish, contact us more details.

Otherwise, you can place a deposit or pay in full for this family retreat Bali yoga deal at our Bali Retreat Page, or via the orange links.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

liver cleanse

Another way to do or practise back bending, or to learn it, and more. In the custom built yoga room at Pondok Pisang resort, with Chris Lalor.

Some other pictures from around the yoga retreat venues

bali yoga retreats

The view from the yoga and meditation room at Flametree’s retreat.

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

pranayama meditation

Alternate nostril breathing demonstrated by Christine Lalor, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Therapist.

detox fasting retreat

At every meal, there’ll be plenty of delicious, healthy food. An partner can choose at the a la carte restaurants.

Learn yoga, meditation, and much more. Plus get many other benefits as well.

Spend time with a highly informed yoga retreat teacher.

So, use the other orange links, or here, to see Flametree’s current retreat details, or to book. 

Reviews, FAQs, & updated schedule

At the links below, there is also some other retreat information that may interest you. It includes:

  • Things to do on the free afternoon at the retreat, or before or after the retreat, including local cultural sites, like temples, Balinese palaces, and traditional villages. They’re great options for partners, and children, or both.
  • Some Flametree Yoga Retreat FAQs, with further useful links, including what to pack.
  • Customer reviews about our classes or retreats.
  • A detailed schedule of all yogic activities, including presentations, at the retreat.

Sunset at Flametree’s Bali retreat

Candidasa retreat sunset

A sunset in Candidasa Bali, from the beach front where Flametree Bali retreats are held. Time in an awesome location is a key part of your stress reduction, and getting the most from everything else we’ll be learning and practising. 

Paying for a retreat via deposit, or in full

Please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Flametree retreats can be paid via a deposit and one instalment, or just bought in one payment.

You’ll get huge benefits from immersing yourself in yogic learning and practise. Plus its a wonderful holiday and yoga vacation.

The benefits you’ll get, and the practises you’ll implement from the family retreat, will flow into every corner of your life.

Flametree’s family retreat in delightful Bali.

Candidasa Bali

Palm trees on the shore of the lotus pond lagoon in Candidasa, Bali… a short walk from Flametree’s Bali resort. 

To learn more, or make an easy, low deposit, use the orange link.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

bali yoga retreats 2024

Enjoy, relax, and learn at Flametree Bali yoga retreats 2024

Don’t miss Flametree’s 7-day family retreat, including yoga, meditation, tours, & more

yoga and meditation retreat bali

Individual, tropical, bungalows, located among gardens, right on the beach front, at Flametree’s magnificent Bali retreat. This is looking back, from the sea front, to the cottages at the Sea Breeze.

yoga and food detox Bali

One of the Bali cultural sites you can visit on the half day off during the retreat. See more on our page about local Bali tours, and the many things you can do that are in easy reach of this retreat.

Gentle yoga

The yoga taught at the retreat is at any level that works best for you. Props are used as needed, so as to help you maximise the benefits you get. Chris Lalor demonstrating.


Flametree’s yoga & meditation retreat.

Bali Retreat Deals.

(More pictures on our Facebook page.)

pranayama for anger management

Pranayama meditation is also part of it.  So, if you’re still unsure about if it suits you, then please contact us. Put a deposit down on your 7-day family yoga retreat.

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