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Check out Flametree’s genuine Bali yoga retreat reviews.

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Check out Flametree’s retreat testimonials, and Bali yoga retreat reviews, including Bali meditation retreat reviews & weight loss retreat review. Plus, see how much do retreats cost, and Flametree’s easy payment packages.

Flametree’s Bali retreat gets both a yoga retreat reviews, and Bali meditation retreat reviews… because the retreat has includes both yogic practices.

Pranayama is done pre-breakfast, followed by active yoga in later morning.

Then, restorative yoga and pranayama meditation are done in the later afternoon. On some evenings, there are also presentations about either yoga or meditation. For more details, see our retreat schedule.

Bali retreats, where you learn and do both yoga and pranayama meditation, have been proven by studies, to be more refreshing and relaxing than holidays.

You get a wide range of proven benefits of retreats, as well as a large dose of motivation and energy.

Plus, Flametree’s retreat is at the magical, and much loved, Pondok Pisang resort. There’s also additional rooms at the very nearby Sea Breeze resort.

So, here are some our our yoga retreat reviews. In addition, because all students are also doing my pranayama meditation classes every day, they are also Bali meditation retreat reviews. But, they include some specific comments on pranayama.
View from Sea Breeze Bali Retreat Resort
bali meditation retreat reviews

View from the Sea Breeze resort used for Flametree retreats, including one of the 2 swimming pools available for guests.

Retreat testimonials from Flametree’s 2024 Easter retreat

At the most recent retreat at Pondok Pisang, at Easter 2024, here are just some of the very appreciative comments people wrote to me (Chris Lalor), about.

Each of the lines below is from one individual person who attended the recent yoga and meditation retreat, and then put their comment to me in their own handwriting. (I’m happy to send you a copy if you wish).

  • “Fantastic experience. Thanks.”
  • “What a fabulous, relaxing retreat. Thanks.”
  • “Thanks so much for your excellent care and teaching.”
  • “An amazing retreat. Heartfelt gratitude.”
  • “Thank you for all your fabulous teaching.”
  • “Your teachings have been so wonderful. I will never forget what you’ve done for me.”
  • “Loved the retreat so much.”
  • “Thank you for all your guidance and teaching.”
  • “Many thanks again for a wonderful retreat.”
  • “Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.”
  • “Loved the retreat so much”.  

There were also other very appreciative and positive comments given to me that are specific to the particular retreat attendees.

More Bali Yoga Retreat Reviews in 2023, & earlier

Follow these links to see other recent Flametree Yoga retreat reviews.

  • Several reviews of Flametree pranayama meditation classes (exactly as taught at Retreats). For example, Nico says:
    • You will feel more grounded, focussed & energised by doing this practice. Thanks.”
  • Retreat reviews from Flametree’s 2023 Bali yoga and meditation retreat. For instance, Helen said:
    • An experience never forgotten… to be repeated again!
  • Several reviews from Google and Facebook that are LIVE on those sites. Among much more, Jill says:
    • Great teachers Iyengar style and good for all bodies no matter how stiff.” (Jill).
  • For the purposes of Bali weight loss retreat reviews, a long review by a student who lost 30 kilos in 12 months, using typical yoga and meditation, taught by me, Chris.
  • Flametree Yoga and its classes are holistic (both physical and emotional) says Salome, as she prepares to attend her third Flametree retreat.
  • The story from a Flametree student of how he used Flametree classes to heal stiffness and a back injury. Among much more, he sums up by saying:
    • I am now light and full of joy at the world around me. Yoga fixed my back and my head! 
  • A long, very appreciative review of my teaching by a student currently doing online classes (and now teacher training), from a remote area. She said in an email to me:
    • Your classes have made a big positive difference to me through your patient, humorous and concise teaching.
  • Gillian, who’s been to several retreats at the same Pondok Pisang resort in the video above, also says:
    • The yoga, location, accommodation, company, & food are amazing.

How much do retreats cost?

The prices depends on the number of stars, yoga quality & amount, & hassle, you want. Inclusions vary over teaching fee, accommodation, food, transfers, tours. Flights are up to you. Studios get group deals. AUD$275 a night, for over 4 hrs of teaching, 3 delicious meals, & delightful rooms, are good value.

To learn more about how much do retreats cost, and the retreat package options, or to pay a deposit for a retreat, go to Flametree’s page about it’s upcoming 6-night (7 day) Bali yoga retreat from 27 July 2024.

Flametree Yoga Pondok Pisang Retreat Resort In Bali

Those writing our yoga retreat testimonials love what you see in the video.

In this short video, you can see some of the other reasons behind Flametree’s enthusiastic retreat testimonials.

Or, to see how much do retreats cost, use the orange links on  Flametree’s current retreat. 

Paying for a retreat via instalments

In one or more of Flametree’s retreats, please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Flametree retreats can be paid via a deposit and several instalments, or just bought in one payment.

Immerse yourself in yogic learning and practise, including pranayama meditation.

The benefits you’ll learn and do will flow into every corner of your life.

So, check out how much do retreats cost, and see Flametree’s affordable instalments.

Candidasa Bali

Palm trees on the shore of the lotus pond lagoon in Candidasa, Bali… a short walk from Flametree’s Bali retreat.

Please put down a deposit to attend a 6 day Bali Retreat with me, Chris Lalor.

By the way, there are both shared and single room options.

Many spots are gone already, and retreats with me always sell out early.

Please don’t miss out.

Bali Retreat Deals.

Chris demonstrates a pranayama meditation technique

(so-called Bumble Bee Breathing, or Bhramari).

pranayama for anger management

Pranayama meditation is also a significant and powerful part of Flametree retreats.  So, if want to discuss how much do retreats cost, and instalment options, then please contact us. 

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