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Carnivore Retreat 2024 In Bali.

Why can’t I eat meat on my yoga retreat? You can!

A meat retreat deal that’s a top non vegetarian yoga retreat option.

See Bali Retreat Deals.

Carnivore retreat 2024? Why can’t I eat meat on my yoga retreat? See how you can with Flametree’s top non vegetarian yoga retreat deal. Check out the best meat retreat option in Bali.

Why can’t I eat meat on my yoga retreat?

Some vegetarians or vegans consider those at a retreat should all try non meat options for  short period, including as a detox. Sometimes, they also don’t like non vegetarian food odours. But, others are fine with each person pursuing their preferences.

Some reasons to consider that those wanting a non vegetarian retreat can do as they wish are:

  • Doing the yoga and pranayama meditation at a non vegetarian yoga retreat is more important than anything
  • People are unlikely to change their preferences before hand. Instead, they just won’t attend, and will miss a wonderful, possibly transformational experience.
  • It’s quite possible to set up both a carnivore retreat option and a vegetarian yoga retreat option concurrently, and thereby give choices.

So, at the Flametree Bali Retreat 2024, that’s what we’ve done. Right now, we’re not going to take more time to talk about questions like why can’t I eat meat on my yoga retreat.

Instead, read on for more details of how the our carnivore retreat 2024 option works.

But, first, here is a quick story about how I (Christine Lalor) arrived at this view about providing a concurrent non vegetarian yoga retreat option. Then, I’ll outline how we do it.

Flametree’s carnivore retreat 2024 option

One of Flametree’s regular students recently attended one of our vegetarian yoga retreats.

He said he loved it, but found the vegetarian “rabbit-food” (his words), to be a challenge.

Then, at the most recent non carnivore retreat, another of our regular customers stayed in the Sea Breeze Resort single room option we provide.

She told me she sometimes had breakfast at Pondok Pisang (after the 6.30am pranayama class). Then, she had bacon and eggs at the nearby Sea Breeze Resort (where she was staying in a delightful, 4-star single room, with easy access to a full a la carte menu).

You can see the dining room in the picture below. It overlooks one of their two swimming pools, and has awesome ocean views.

Sea Breeze Dining Room & Pool

Carnivore retreat 2024

The pool & dining room at the Sea Breeze Resort with the carnivore retreat 2024 deal. It has a full licensed restaurant with magnificent ocean views. So, try our our non vegetarian yoga retreat option.

Non-vegetarian option in the Sea Breeze package

I get it. Some will never be keen on vegetarian food.

Of course, others love it, including for what they consider is its de-tox, health, longevity, and other advantages.

So, I and many other vegetarians especially also love the wide range of delicious food at Pondok Pisang, where your 18 vegetarian meals are included during the retreat.

However, for those wanting a non vegetarian yoga retreat, the Sea Breeze single, twin, or double rooms, are also a good option. Then, if you wish, you can get Flametree’s carnivore retreat package. (including partners free as outlined further below).

At the Sea Breeze, you get all the other benefits of the vegetarian retreat at the venue just a few hundred metres away, but can also mix and match extra a la carte non vegetarian meals if you want.

Their food is also clean and safe. Let me know if you’d like to see their extensive menu.

You obviously pay by the menu item. But, by Australian standards, it’s low cost and more great value.

There are also at least two other delightful, full a la carte menu restaurants, within 400 metres of Pondok Pisang.

A La Carte Full Menu at Sea Breeze Restaurant (Veg & Otherwise).

Plus, have a partner in your Sea Breeze room for no extra room charge.

So, don’t let the vegetarian food issue get in the way of having a wonderful week at our 7 day retreat, from 27 July 2024.

Partner option too

With the carnivore retreat deal, partners can stay in your room for free, in either twin or double room set up.

Partners for free in your carnivore retreat package

If you have a non-yogic partner, then also consider having them stay for free in your room at the Sea Breeze. They just buy whatever meals they want, there, or elsewhere.

If by chance you want to be a family group with children too, there are some bigger cottages where we could work out a special package for you. Just email [email protected]

While you’re doing yoga, there’s a wide range of things your partner could do (with any children who may also be with you).

Swimming at Sea Breeze Pool.

non vegetarian yoga retreat

Flametree’s carnivore retreat 2024 option, including partners for free in your room, gives you the best of all worlds for a non vegetarian yoga retreat.

Options and activities for partners or children, include:

  • Enjoying the many facilities and offerings of the Sea Breeze resort (as above).
  • Golf day trips to some outstanding Bali golf courses, on the coast or in the mountains.
  • Diving at some wonderful spots along the local coast, like Padang Bai
  • Snorkelling locally, or over soft coral sites like the shipwreck of the torpedoed USS Liberty
  • Fishing, including from outrigger fishing boats hired from the main beaches in the Amed area (to the north).
  • A wide range of full day, or half day tours, with groups, or with our touring taxi
  • Several local gyms in Candidasa, within walking distance
  • Getting clothes made with local tailors. (Ask for our recommendations).
  • Watching seasonal ceremonies
  • On the free half day, they can also come to the Balinese cooking class already included in your package (or go with you on whatever tour you may do).
  • Getting great value Balinese massages at Pondok Pisang (about AUD$15).

Sea Breeze Room With Sea View

At the Sea Breeze resort, your package includes a delightful room overlooking one of the two swimming pools, and the ocean. One option is pictured below.

Part of the Carnivore Retreat 2024 package

why can't i eat meat on my yoga retreat 2024

Modern double or single rooms with porch and ocean view, via our Sea Breeze option. Plus, see more pictures at the Flametree Facebook Page.

See more about the carnivore retreat package at our Information Page.

Obviously, before or after the retreat, you can also go further afield, so as to include the major surf beaches, mountains such as Mt Batur and its hot springs, longer tours, or extensive shopping.

Reviews, FAQs, & updated schedule

I’ve also just added some other retreat information that may interest you. It includes:

desserts as Sea Breeze

All packages, including the carnivore retreat deal, include delicious deserts at both lunch and dinner, at the Pondok Pisang meals that are included. In addition, if you wish, you can also buy more at Sea Breeze a la carte restaurant.

Early bird finishes soon

Remember, the early bird prices end at midnight on 1st June.

So put down a deposit, and then pay by 3 instalments right up until a week before the start date of 27 July.

Please consider what you (and maybe a partner), could get from a retreat or Bali trip, or pay a deposit now.

By the way, you can attend the Bali Yoga Retreat if you’ve done 3 months of yoga by 27 July, so long as you do at least a class a week between now and the retreat.

You’ll also learn pranayama meditation at the retreat, but no experience is needed for that.

The early prices for the retreat are only available until midnight on 1st June. They’re now about half sold out.

To learn more about how much is a yoga retreat package of different types, or to pay a deposit for a retreat, go to Flametree’s page about it’s upcoming 6-night (7 day) Bali yoga retreat from 27 July 2024.

Learn & improve yoga asanas, and meditation techniques, & get many other benefits as well.

Try our our non vegetarian yoga retreat option.

This video shows the yoga room and bedrooms at Pondok Pisang resort. Everyone has meals and yoga at Pondok Pisang.  See these options, and the carnivore retreat option at Sea Breeze resort, via the orange links, or this page, or via Flametree’s current retreat. 

Paying for a retreat via instalments

In one or more of Flametree’s retreats, please consider getting some of these many benefits for yourself.

Flametree retreats can be paid via a deposit and several instalments, or just bought in one payment.

You’ll get huge benefits from immersing yourself in yogic learning and practise.

The carnivore retreat benefits you’ll get, and the yogic practices you’ll learn and do will flow into every corner of your life.

Book now for Flametree’s carnivore retreat option

sausage & eggs options

Direct from the Sea Breeze a la carte restaurant.

Please put down a deposit to attend a 6 day Bali Retreat with me, Chris Lalor.

By the way, there are both shared and single room options.

Many spots are gone already, and retreats with me always sell out early.

Please don’t miss out.

Bali Retreat Packages.

Check out the Flametree’s Carnivore Retreat 2024 Option.

non vegetarian yoga retreat

Pranayama meditation is also part of Flametree retreats.  Get the power of a non vegetarian yoga retreat in your life. Or, please go back and have a look at our answer to the question of why can’t I eat meat on my yoga retreat. (Answer: you can. We have an option for you.)

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